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Stranger Things on Netflix


My previous post is about my email issue. I don’t get any email subscriptions of the blogs that I follow.  Some bloggers say to wait for the problem to resolve itself. Okay, I’ll wait.  So, to bloggers that I follow, I’ll be AWOL temporarily.  At the moment, I have  Norton  on full scan mode.  They better do their job. I’m paying them $75 a year.

Random pic….. my dog.  She’s a pitbull.


I adopted a pitbull because they are getting such a bad rap nobody wants to adopt them.   (  That’s why I  got  a pitbull  from the shelter. They are such underdogs, pardon the pun.  Nobody wants them .) That pitbulls are vicious is a myth. My dog is very sweet  and intelligent, and very protective.  And believe it or not,  a  pitbull’s temperament is just  .04  below  a Labrador’s.

Anyway, this  post is not about my  beloved dog. It is about  Season 2 of  Stranger Things on Netflix, the show that  I’m so hyped up to watch  since last year..  I binged watch Season 1 ( 8 hours ) before I watched  complete Season 2.  Is there anyone here who likes Stranger Things ?

It is of the supernatural, horror,  adventure  , thriller  genre,  and what I like about this series is that events are   viewed , experienced , and explained by 12 year old school kids, not by adults.   It’s up to the  TV viewer to make sense of  what’s going on,  and  not have science type people  explain it to us. The kids’ points of view are simple,  direct and straightforward, as kids are wont to do. ” Our friend has disappeared , let’s find him . Let’s go ! !” , unaware  their friend and classmate  ( Will Byers ) is somewhere underground hiding from flesh-eating monsters, and that they are in great danger themselves.  So they take off   on their bikes ,( reminiscent of the movie E.T.) with just  a slingshot, walkie talkies, flashlights , and yes, snacks, ! in their backpacks..  I also love that THERE ARE NO CELL PHONES yet. The series is set in 1983-1984, so  landlines are the only means of long distance communication,( besides their walkie talkies )  and  people  actually physically communicate with each other.  So refreshing ! !


Because the series is based  on the kids’ POV, Season One ends with so many unanswered  questions and mysteries .  Why are there monsters underground, and why  does the underground have a duplicate of their small town ? … fictional Hawkins, Indiana . (  like a mirror image with monsters as inhabitants ).

Stranger Things Season 2 Trailer: What Is The New Spider Monster? | moviepilo...





Season 2 does not answer all the mysteries . I’m happy to learn they have started shooting Season 3, and maybe another season more.  After all, the kids are growing up so fast.  The main character , El, ( short for Eleven , 011 tattoed on her wrist )  now looks older than her age ( girls mature faster ) . Eleven or El, is a 12 year old girl the boys found in the woods, ( instead of their friend, Will  Byers ) ,  who has been experimented on by the CIA  for her supernatural abilities .


Okay, if you want spoilers, check out Wiki…. or just watch the series on Netflix.  I don’t recommend movies and TV shows, but I assure you, this one is truly thrilling, and highly recommended. I rate it 9/10.


Another one that I just watched and liked is ” ARRIVAL ” , available on Hulu Plus. It’s one that is quite different from other sci-fi movies.  I rate this 8/10.  There is some sort of time travel here,( only in the main character’s mind )  which means, paradoxes, and I ‘m not keen on paradoxes.


Before I end this post, let me say this……. the man whose name I will never utter , is in big trouble.  * sings To Russia with Love  *  I should be seeing   a light at the end of the tunnel . Instead, I see the shadow of a man whom I believe is even worse than the one whose name I shall not utter.   So, no , my depression will not go away anytime soon. And , yes,  this is what  I feel towards  this person whose name I shall not utter, so much so that I feel  I should see a therapist.

Okay, thanks for reading .  Peace, and stay green.