OK, an update on my WP problem

The only emails that I receive from WordPress are Notifications of LIKES and COMMENTS, but no new posts from blogsites that I follow.  That means, my email provider does receive emails sent by WordPress, but it seems the only ones that I get are the Notifications, and no new posts. (  no  email subscriptions  from  the blogs that I follow ) I also get emails from others sites , other than WordPress, no problem there.


Has anyone ever experienced this ?

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  1. It might be worth checking your email account hasn’t set itself to block emails from one of the WordPress accounts (there are two that send out notifications: donotreply@wordpress.com and also comment-reply@wordpress.com)


  2. I get the notification on likes and comments on the primary folder. The new posts on social.


  3. Hope it works out.


  4. I have my email turned off for new blog posts and just see the new posts in the wordpress reader cause I couldn’t handle that many emails. Is there any chance you turned off the notifications on purpose?


  5. Baligtad tayo Ren. I just delete my e-mail notifications. I just check my reader instead. Easier for me 🙂


  6. Ren, I had that problem once and after contacting my email provider, they instructed me to add “wordpress.com” to approved domains. That corrected the problem.

    Because I follow many blogs, and some publish numerous posts all day long, I use the Reader to see what is newly posted and opted for Daily Digests via email. Then when I get the Daily Digests, if I can remember visiting/reading via the Reader, I just delete them.


    • Oh…… wordpress.com

      Right now, I use megaworthit.com.

      Thanks, Xena ! !


    • Wait, Xena…. I do get emails from WP with just megaworthit.com….. however , they are just emails and comments… no actual posts.


      • Ren, see if there is a way to enter wordpress.com into the accepted Domain list in your email. I’m so sorry you’re having this problem. Because people have options to access the internet and email, and even how to follow blogs, it can be difficult finding a solution to a specific problem.


  7. You need to change the setting in the notifications of the WordPress. Than you are okay.


  8. I know You tried this 😉


    • Thank you very much. However , my computer does not have this kind of setting.

      I found out though that my email address at live.com is now NOT being supported by Outlook, my real email provider. So, I’m now trying to seek help from them. I’m not done yet. It’s too complicated for my technically – challenged brain.


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