Update on my email problem





I’m not getting any new posts  from WordPress  in my email folder  ( Inbox )




I just found out Microsoft ( Outlook )  does not support   @live.com  anymore.  I am  computer -challenged, but I’m sure I will be able to figure this out somehow.  First step is to change my email address to outlook.com .  Aaargh . I’ve been trying to do that, but I’m not being prompted on how to go about this  cr*p.  In the first place, every time I log in , I’m actually logged into Outlook.  I feel like I’m just running around like a headless chicken.


It’ s so frustrating that @live.com did not even notify  its users.  Neeha, neeho.  We were just left high and dry. @live.com , you suck !


Meanwhile, I will just read the posts on WP Reader.   I was able to read 2 or 3 new  posts, but it was so inconvenient .  I guess there really was a reason why I never bothered going to the Reader.  I was like, what the heck is this !


Oh, well.


The upside is, I  finally found the time to  plant all 150 tulip bulbs that I bought at Home Depot last month.  Fall is the time to plant these beauties. See you in spring,  my lovelies.


Also, I’m so glad I’m not assigned to work on Thanksgiving Day.  Yes ! !  ( though, I go to work the next day )  Good thing there ‘s a laboratory technician  who volunteered. He is single and his family’s in Georgia.   Hey, it’s  x3  the regular salary for the day.  So , if his paycheck is  $250 a day, he brings home $ 750 for a day’s work.  Maybe I’ll just bring some Thanksgiving left-overs for lunch the next day and share the food with him.


This is all for now. This post is so boring, I know, so thank you for reading. Bye !





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  1. I love the WordPress reader because it puts all my follower’s posts in one place and I can look for specific tags to find new blogs. Always kind of fun discovering new things through the reader and keeping in touch with what other bloggers are up to.
    Hopefully you sort out your email issues soon.


  2. I recommend you get a gmail account for your WordPress stuff, Ren – once you have it, change your WP contact email to it – that should do the trick 😎


  3. Ren, your posts are never boring. Your thoughts about your co-worker working on Thanksgiving and you bringing some left-overs is so compassionate.

    I wish that I could help you with the email problem, but I’m pretty ignorant when it comes to web based email. I’ve used email clients since around 1997, and only use the email provided through my internet service provider. If I need help, I can call them rather than surfing through online forums looking for answers.


  4. Just change your email to hotmail. I use hotmail.
    Every time I go on my hotmail it will go to the outlook screen but it is fine.


  5. I think the technological frustrations will seem unimportant when the tulips flower. Beauty, Nature, Life…


  6. As long as you’re changing e-mails, consider going to an e-mail that’s on the web (GMail, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc.)

    You had one recommendation for Hotmail. I would recommend GMail, but it’s all based on personal preferences. If you have an Android phone, it makes sense going with GMail. Here’s an article you might find interesting.


    Personally, I would ditch Outlook unless you need it for work, but, again, that’s just me, but I get a lot of people like it.

    The reader is OK to use if you remember to actually go to the person’s website, but for just dropping in and giving quick “likes” it works pretty well. I’m usually on it when I’m on the road (once or twice a year) because the mobile browsers experience with many sites is not great.

    Good luck.


  7. Yes, I would definitely recommend getting a gmail account!


  8. yes, two different domains and email services. I would suggest you purchase your own domain from Go Daddy and professional email from G suite Google. This is the best solution!!


    • Hmmm, it looks like gmail is is highly recommended. I wonder if I can transfer my archived stuff to gmail. That would be a problem if I wouldn’t be able to.


  9. Try the reader Ren, it is easier.


  10. You posts are never boring and always charming. It just goes to show every cloud has a silver lining as your tulip bulbs will be able to tell you 🙂


  11. Nice job on getting the tulips in – it’s not always fun to plant them, but they are so rewarding come spring!


  12. Hi RenXKyoko, In case you planted the tulip bulbs on a lawn, I recommend you to mark the spots with little sticks (like plastic straws). This avoids cutting off the sprouting tulips early next year when somebody uses a lawn mower.
    Good luck, don’t forget to send some nice pics of the blossoming tulips (please NO COPIES from the Home Depot Website !!!)
    regards, Michael


    • Oh, yes, we marked the spots with bamboo sticks ( bought them at Home Depot ) before planting some summer annual plants like marigolds, zinnias, etc. Some tulip bulbs were planted in pots.


  13. $750 a day, Wow!!


    • Thanks to Teamsters Union, ha ha. That’s for national holidays, like Christmas, Thanksgiving, Labor Day, etc. It’s x3. But for regular overtimes, like working over 8 hours, it’s just x 1.5…..


  14. Technology is brutal, isn’t it?
    My phone keeps reloading a new version of Samsung internet that I hate!


  15. Microsoft suck, which is why I stopped using Hotmail when they bought the service. Right now I am using Gmail, although to be fair Google have turned into a pretty scummy company in recent times too.


  16. Probably too late now but I certainly recommend gmail over all others – very easy and safe to use and Google combines so many social media things together that it all integrates beautifully. Been with gmail for many years now and wouldn’t go anywhere else!


  17. I’m afraid the “powers that be” are putting more and more barriers to “outside” computer programmes, sites, whatever… I’ve heard of other similar problems. So far, I have a Gmail account that doesn’t block. But… I get repeated warnings that Google will soon not be compatible with my Mac… (And my SmartTV is not compatible with anything…) This is all on purpose and will become a major problem. 😦
    Anyway, congrats on the tulips. 150? Wow. You must have a huge garden.
    Be good…


  18. X3 pay? I thought we were lucky with x2.5 holiday pay!


    • Even if they pay me x4 , I won’t appreciate getting assigned on Thanksgiving or horror of horrors, Christmas Day. Ugh. But id be happy to work on, say, Memorial Day, or new Years day. I need the extra cash. ^^”


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