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Hey, it’s been a while since my last post   ( Aug. 8, 2018 )  . I haven’t been reading blogs for  11 days now , either.  ( zero reading for at least 9 days …. I tally my readings, so I know. ) Well, I also have a list of  mundane tasks  to do before Fall comes, with only  7 /25 , done ) , went  to a wedding (  actually , I don’t know the couple…. I was  just  invited by a co-worker  to be his date,  eh…..  surprisingly, the bride is half-Filipina, half white…..and she was such a gorgeous bride ) , then attended an engagement party,  and a baby shower . We also went to  Monterey , California ( a 2 1/2 hour ride from my city )  to ogle at the fishes ,

IMG_7052 (2)



Oh,my gosh, that little boy in the photo !

Then, not to forget our 2x a month ladies night out with my  lab tech co-workers .



As you  can see…..   we ‘re as happy as a lark  at  2 AM , he he he !

I’ve also been translating   mangas from Spanish  / Italian to English (  I can’t wait  for the English translation direct from Japanese to English to be uploaded on the Internet. It’s taking forever, and I really want to read the full story NOW !)  Thanks, Google Translate .






Check out my manga /anime/ videogames blogsite at

For my parting words,  I’d like to borrow @Brobubel’s ……




This is all for now. Thank you for reading, and peace.


VOTE ! !!   This is the only way.



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  1. Aw, the jellyfish! I want to go to an aquarium one day. ^^


  2. If you are doing full Spanish/Italian translations into English, that sounds like a service that can be monetized with your customers being others who don’t want to wait for the Japanese translation’s release. 💰👍

    Let us hope the November Blue Wave is a reality which will be a good check on Comrade Orange.🍊


    • I wish…. actually these manga aggregators are kind of illegal ( translations are uploaded on the Internet without the authors getting paid…… the problem is, majority of mangas are not translated and /or licensed/published in English, so those who know Japanese translate the mangas into English or Spanish, Italian, sometmmes French. Spanish / Italian websites are faster than the CEnglish translators. To be honest, I will buy the books ( to support the authors …. check out the photo of my collection on my manga website. My collection is my headline banner. ” A lot of Japanese authors are very popular in English speaking countries even if their works are not published in English.

      That unhinged president must go.


  3. You look beautiful in these pictures…. Seems like you had a great time….


    • Yes, we had….. we are making the most of what’s left of summer. Mornings are now kind of chilly, about 15 C , and it’s not even September yet.


  4. Loved all the pictures!
    I am envious you got to go to an aquarium! I’ve never been! Pouts!
    Ah sounds like you had a fun busy few weeks!


    • Hi, Rebecca ! Yes, my social interactions have been fun…… the rest are basically pretty routine , ,like ironing a mountain of clothes, spring cleaning for the coming winter ( taking out winter clothes from hibernation ) , etc. How are you, girl ?


      • Hi Ren! I have been doing well!
        Ugh cleaning for winter! Yes I have been doing that too! I finally had to turn up the heat! The last couple of days have been chilly. Its been +15 but my apartment has been a freezer box! ha ha!
        I have to start buying winter clothes, sad to say. I dont have any!


  5. No truer parting words were ever spoken.


  6. Thanks for sharing the pictures! Looks like you had an amazing time: oh, and welcome back!! 😊😊


  7. Hey, welcome back
    Nice post
    Beautiful photos


  8. Posted by marple25mary on August 31, 2018 at 8:52 pm

    I cannit believe Trump is still in office! What the ****?!


  9. We can only hope it’s a learning experience. Some people never learn. Election day (Nov. 6) will tell the tale….or, at least, start to tell the tale.


  10. I so agree with you about Trump and I always enjoy your refreshing posts 🙂


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