Favorite Quotes tag, an acknowledgement.





This is an  acknowledgement  of  The Finicky Cynic  ‘s  nomination of yours truly   in her  “Favorite Quotes ” tag.  Those in her list have been asked to write at least three of their favorite quotes . Although I don’t actually have favorite quotes, at least 3 immediately came to mind, and which I find very relevant at this point in American history.

a)  You get the government that you deserve.   I’m not talking  about the 35 % to 40% hardcore supporters  of this breathtakingly corrupt  ,amoral , treasonous , and criminal administration, nor those who  actually  found  , at most , an hour of their  precious  time  to vote for the other one, thank you……… here,  I’m pointing a finger at the rest, you know who you are , yes, YOU, the trying to be cool, hip, bandwagon, ignorant, stupid , effing  idiots. 


Take note … Hillary  Clinton worked  so hard on Universal health care , Medicare for All  , 22 years earlier than your Messiah! ! !  Clinton was reviled for that, didn’t you know ? And I couldn’t forgive that she was called a CUNT by one of the messiah’s speakers in public, on  stage, in the Messiah’s  presence, heard on national TV . [ By the way,  the Messiah’s campaign manager, Tad Devine, used to work with  criminal Paul Manafort, for the ousted Ukrainian president ,  both employed by the Ukrainian government.  Very enlightening.  I wonder how Sanders’  campaign managed to hack  the Democratic Party’s voter’s list during the Democratic Party’s primaries. …. had used the same Russian hack group? This Tad Devine earned a hefty  $10 M  for his work with  Sanders, while at the same time, asked poor supporters to contribute $ 27 each , touting himself as the candidate of the masses. …. then buying a 3rd house right after the primaries.   ] No wonder Bernie effing  Brothers and Sanders himself  have been , ohhhh,  so silent on this Russian collusion thing. They are part and parcel of it. Yeah, including Jill Stein. No wonder both Stein and Devine were in Mueler’s  list.  and yes,  Mueller’s team got to talk to these two. Am I spreading fake news ?  I read  about this a few months ago.  Of course, he effing denied it…. I guess Mueller didn’t bother to investigate him .  The stakes are bigger on the other side.



b)   A lie, told often enough , becomes the truth.  Who among you still believes  that former VP Al Gore said ” He INVENTED  the Internet ? ” 


c )  The enemies of democracy are indifference and cynicism.  (   Pres. Barack Obama , quoted  from his most recent speech )


This post is the  reason why I seldom talk about politics.  In politics, Dr. Jekyll , the amiable, sweet  me , turns into   Miss Hyde , the one who goes on a raging  rant and cannot control her anger and deep- seated resentment.


So, to redeem yourselves, get out of the basement, and vote for whoever is running against the Republicans.  This maybe   the most important and crucial election in your lifetime.


Vote and vote blue. The enablers must go ! 


PS.   I ‘m sure I’ll lose a lot of followers after this,  as expected.


PSS   May we all live in interesting  times. ( Bonus quote)


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  1. you can’t get rid of me that easy. I have this thing for good looking Filipinas 😉


  2. I sympathize with your frustration, but I think we need to get beyond the Bernie/Hillary/Obama split. We need to concentrate on building unity and getting out the vote. Obama and Bernie both campaigned hard for Hillary in 2016. They are far from perfect, but then so is Hillary. Those who voted for Stein or stayed home because they were “never Hillary” Democrats should go screw themselves – but they can redeem themselves if they vote blue in 2018 and 2020.


    • Yes, unity is my aim , as well. However, I just want to air some dirty laundry we can start with real HOUSEcleaning. ( cleaning the Houses , Upper { Senate } and Lower { Congress }


  3. Nope…still here, and not going anywhere 😊😊 I think it’s great that you let your opinion be known, so why would I unfollow you for that…no way!


  4. I heard from Brian Tracy, one of my favorite motivational speakers, the funniest definition of the word “politics.” He said that word was derived from the Greek word “poli” (many) and the English word “tick” (blood-sucking arachnid). He said (jokingly) something like “politics is where many blood-sucking people are.”


    • I’m okay with politicians and politics, to be honest. Good politicians, anyways, those that truly represent the will of the people, and those that make people’s lives better.


  5. “May you live in interesting times” is less a quote and more a curse. Often attributed to China, there is no version of this curse in Chinese (one somewhat along those lines but involving a dog).

    Basically, we live in interesting times and as evident when watching the news . . . and it’s definitively not a blessing.

    As for vote blue . . . well, you know my feeling on it; if you’re picking one team or the other, you buy into all their baggage.

    I’m voting purple if I bother to vote at all.


    • Vote purple, disperser… Capisco.. .( although I’m hoping for more of blue tint )

      Uhm, to be honest, I’m using that particular quote as a curse. It;s like saying, ” I sincerely hope you get what you deserve. “


  6. Very interesting post. The number of elections that I have been eligible to vote in and have not voted in totals one – and that was a calculated decision on my part not to participate in an election that I felt was simply a waste of time and money (for Norfolk police commissioner).


    • The consequences of not voting this time, here in the US , are dire. There is an extremely small number of honorable Republican in the country left, , and sadly one of them, Sen. McCain, passed on just recently. He was so outraged that he didn’t allow this president to attend his funeral .( not that Trump would, anyway. )


  7. Any candidate who makes the pledge of allegiance to Trump as a basis for your support, has given us all the reason we need not to vote for him or her.


    • That kind of candidate makes me shiver …….

      Anyway, I can’t believe Beto is making a dent on Ted Cruz’s numbers , in a super red district. There’s still hope yet for the rest. Sadly, I’m very sure Ted Cruz will win . That area is just too red.


      • Cruz has no shame, supporting Trump after all his personal insults, including the one in which Trump accused (as I recall) Cruz’s father of being part of some assassination plot, without a shred of evidence. But then Cruz is but one of many Republican candidates in the last Presidential campaign who Trump mocked outrageously, and then backed Trump. Have they no sense of honor?


        • Honor is not in their vocabulary. They say this kind of Republican politicians first appeared with Newt Gringrich in the 90’s . Everything went downhill after that.


  8. (Opens door to say hello)
    (Hears the speech from behind the podium)
    (Hides behind the table and carefully listens)


  9. I think it must be tough for the neutral to decide who to vote for. Constant vitriol against the government with every decision magnified to the Nth degree, and on the other a party that resembles a bunch of clowns.

    To those who didn’t exercise the right to vote, many were probably more informed of how bad both candidates were and chose to not bother voting because they did take the time to look into it.


  10. I’m in a heavily red area that went 2-1 for Trump. (And the state went for him too.) When I was eating out the other day, I overheard some older people talking about how Trump hasn’t sacrificed anything, he’s awful, etc. Here’s hoping this translates into a gov & senate pushback against him!!


    • Ugh, krystallina…. It’s not gonna happen in the south …. unless people who care vote en masse, like what happened in Alabama where , for the first time in forever , a Democrat was actually elected.


  11. Hoping something is done to stop this orange menace!


  12. The thing is, you always make me smile, and even in your anger and irritation there is an endearing freshness I never tire of reading. I can’t wait for the Mid-terms either, although I am worried about what is happening to the Supreme Court in the meanwhile


  13. At least you won’t loose my “followship”. No worry. (Sack the moron please!)


  14. Posted by marple25mary on September 15, 2018 at 10:17 pm

    I’m as frustrated as you are and rant


  15. Posted by marple25mary on September 15, 2018 at 10:19 pm

    For goodness sake! That enter key! Anyway, i rant often as my husband well knows. I keep hoping Mueller will get the goods on our treasonous good for nothing ‘President’, but it’s taking so LONG!


  16. I really really admire woman who aren’t afraid to shout out loud their anger. To quote Shakespeare: “Well roared, Lion”. I would bet that after the midterm elections, its Trumps turn. In case the GOP secure their majority, many of the representatives will find enough courage to support an impeachment. And in case the democrats take over, a petition for impeachment will of course be high on their agenda.
    This man is already politically dead,he simply does not know it yet.


  17. It was so interesting to hear that phone call between Trump and Woodward. It’s like Trump really does believe that he is doing a great job. It will be interesting to see how he feels having run for the presidency to up his brand and then ending up in jail for being an idiot. Nice post. Please keep up the ranting. I’m all for unity, but if our side doesn’t express ourselves then we just get run over.


    • Does he really believe he gets an A+ for job performance ? I think he really does… I can’t describe his personality…. somehow narcissism is not it… all I know is , everything he says and does is clinically pathological, borderline criminal, starting with his insistence that Pres. Obama was born in Kenya, and not a natural – born citizen . He doesn’t have an ounce of empathy in his bones..Trump is gross.


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