DNA Technology and Crime




My previous post was about 23and Me , a DNA analysis   company that can give  a  client  info about where he / she comes from with 100% accuracy.  If you’re interested to know my ancestry, check it out  HERE.


Below is a photo of my father’s grandfather (  middle, left,  )   Hmmm,  nice moustache.





So, have you heard of the Golden State Night Stalker ?  He was a serial killer (  killed at least 16 ) , rapist ( about 45 )and burglar ( over a hundred burglaries ) who committed these crimes up and down California  and who remained at large since  his killing spree in the early 70’s,  up to the 80’s  . He was finally caught  in April , 2018  .  Although he had left  a pile of incriminating evidences at crime scenes ,  there was nothing from this pile that could lead them to the suspect.   Apparently, the suspect   knew how not to be caught because he was a cop.


How was he caught then ?  There was this police officer who got interested in  ancestry websites and figured he might be able to use them to compare the DNA of this person with others whose DNA profile are in the database of these websites ( like 23and ME and Ancestry.com. ) Unfortunately ( and fortunately for those who don’t want to share their profiles ) , Ancestry.com (  database at 10 million ) and 23andMe ( 5 million ) do not allow sharing of  information (  good ! ) with authorities  unless there’s a court order.  However, there’ s an open sharing DNA website ( GEDMatch ,  with just 500,000 profiles in its database ) ) where a person who already has his /her DNA profile on hand can upload the info in the website to look for relatives or anyone whom they share a significant DNA with.  ( cheaper than 23and Me , I assume ) . Anyhow, said police officer  uploaded the ( then unknown )  suspect’s  DNA profile , and bingo ! ! ! , it has a match  in the company’s database. ( or several matches , I think )  They tried to pinpoint  several profiles that also match the age of the suspect, ( he is now 72 yo )   where they lived  at the time when crimes were committed, etc, etc. etc.  Then they zeroed in  on one , placed him on surveillance,  managed to get  something from him at a public place, and BAM !  , his DNA profile matched the profile of the suspect 100 % .


It ‘s great that a man who had committed heinous crimes (  16  killings , more than 40 rapes ) had finally been caught using DNA technology. But…. here’s the thing…….. my Forensics professor  is totally against mandatory  submission of  the population’s DNAs.  ( there was an attempt to make this mandatory for everyone ) and he is publicly speaking against it.   Why is that, you ask ?  Won’t this make it easy for law enforcement to catch criminals ?   Yes, it will,   but,   it will also  make it easy for  a bad man to commit a crime and pin it on someone else. All he has to do is get  something from ” you”  (  cigarette butts, used tissues from your trash can  , etc. )  and plant these  at the scene of crime……. and if you cannot give a solid alibi, like, you can prove you were   in  Timbuktu  when the crime was committed, then , heaven help you, you . are.  totally.  screwed.  By the way,  the government uses CODIS,  the government’s own database, but the DNA profiles contained  in  CODIS are  only those with criminal records.


” It is far  better that   10 guilty men go free than one innocent man be wrongly convicted. ”


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This is all for now.  Stay  cool, and peace.  Bye !




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  1. Sadly, the same argument can be used against using DNA to exonerate someone.

    The criminal justice system has many imperfections related to forensic analysis, witness testimony, and sometimes ambitious cops and DAs.

    Don’t know what the answer is especially since the quote you have can easily be countered with a simple question . . . what if those ten guilty men you let off kill ten innocent people?

    Again, there are no easy answers but the bigger worry is we often don’t ask the right questions.


  2. This is interesting. There was a guy they recently convicted from a micro paint chip in his boot with DNA from 35yrs ago! He then led them to 16 bodies 😥 THEY CAN RUN , BUT THEY CAN’T HIDE 💉


  3. Glad for the good science can achieve but nervous about the potential for harm, too. Just talked to some people on the weekend who said they are strongly against DNA testing, citing insurance and medical profiling, etc. Never even thought of criminal “framing” with DNA. A cousin just told me a company collecting DNA just sold it. To whom and why, I wonder. Holy scary. Keep talking, we need to know these things. Thanks for this.


  4. loved crime stories. searching for Night Stalker in Google now.


  5. Very interesting. I’m not sure your lecturer’s argument is very solid. Anyone, at any time, can already plant evidence to frame you and, if you can’t provide an alibi, you’ll go down for it. DNA or not won’t change that. Innocent people whose DNA is held securely by the right authorities should have nothing to fear IF (big IF) the criminal justice system does its job properly.


  6. You look beautiful in the pics, yet a little different again….


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  8. How fascinating … real life crime catchers, thanks!


  9. DNA tech and crime together


  10. Posted by Ritesh Pathak on September 27, 2018 at 3:06 am

    A truley inspiratinational articke and i liked the way its content is framed…
    Also read and give neccessary suggestions


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