The Geek In Me Arises Again


As the title says, the geek in me rises again.  I just bought a video game titled  God Of War 4, one of my all – time favorite video games.  This is why I’ve been AWOL  on WordPress  these past few days.   When I play, nothing can interrupt me, except work, of course..  In fact,  I’d rather play my  favorite game than date a hot guy.  ^__^    ” Ren, you bailed on him ???  You kidding ? ”   Me:  “He can wait…. Kratos  can’t. ”



DSC00075 (2)

The game is heart attack difficult.  My character had to die more than a dozen times before I could figure out the way to defeat an enemy boss.


  • pondering *


I know some of you are thinking…. ” what’s so good about video games , and why do  people indulge in such unproductive , make – believe stuff ? ”   Those who love to play are the only ones  who can understand. But do you know  seniors  at retirement homes are actually encouraged to play video games ? Video games are almost all about strategy , quick  responses and reflexes, so when they play, they get to exercise their mental  and physical  faculties.  Do video games  make people dumb? I don’t think so.  It’s only when people do everything  excessively that  makes it a bad thing. Anything done in excess is bad.  Any food consumed  in excess is toxic, even water.  That’s the first thing a student  learns in Toxicology.  Don’t believe  everything that you read  especially those written by celebrities and science ” journalists”.


  • ponders *

There are so many bloggers here on WordPress who are so good in writing  down their motivational, spiritual, and  inspirational thoughts ….. and then they   let out they are  rabid  admirers and supporters of  that person  temporarily living at  the White House.   I don’t care who they support and admire…. it is their right. They can  be admirers of Hitler  and Mussolini for all I care, or  secret members of the Klu Klux Klan.  Each to his /her own.   But Jesus, Mary and Joseph,  don’t  talk and preach about honesty, integrity, truthfulness, kindness , fidelity, and all these saintly virtues ,as if they all come from their hearts  and the heavens, when , in fact, they all come out of their asses.


You :  Wait… what !  Where did that come from, Ren ?  Isn’t this post about God of War ?   Me : Well, my thoughts do tend to meander… from video games to politics, so don’t judge.


Alright, back to video games…..


At first , my gameplay is awkward and clumsy, ( sorry, Kratos )  but  I’m getting so much better as the game progresses…. not badass yet, but I’m getting there.  ( I always GoW on Hard Mode.  I love to savor each and every hard -earned victory. )


Well, that’s it.  I’m going to  post my review of the game on my anime/manga /video games blogsite  @


I hope to finish this very soon.  In the meantime,  my blog reading will take a back seat while video game playing  takes the front seat.  I’m on Cloud 9.


Bye and peace to all ! !




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  1. hey , big fan of Karatos, the God of war, they gave kinda viking look to karatos and gave him an axe instead of his legacy 2 swords chained weapon. How is the gameplay ? and is it the best game like old times ?


    • Oh, my I love the chains. That’s my favorite weapon . But here, it’s just axe, but it has long range reach, just like the chain, because he can throw it at the enemy, with bigger damage. It’s quite a different gameplay this time. He gets help from his son. Yes, he has a son ! Well, GoW has always been the best, in my opinion, and this latest one doesn’t disappoint…


      • but u do miss out on those chained swords. it was the signature weapon of karatos. Yes i have seen the 1st gameplay video, i was turned off by the axe thing, they totally turned him into a viking but he was a roman myth not the viking myth like ragnar. Yes we get it that the beards are in trends but karatos has his own kool weapons. never the less i hope the story gets epic with his son. and this time he doesn’t kill his family accidently.


        • He protects and trains his son to hunt and to fight, just I case. Much as he wants to live peacefully with his family, their world is still a very dangerous one to live in. So many monsters ! It seems Kratos is getting old, and he admits it…. I just wonder if he’s still a god, though. If he still is, age should not matter , right?

          I guess he follows the Nordic fashion trend. ^^

          I agree .His Greek weapons are way cool than the lone axe. It seems he has no other weapon.


  2. That’s so cool. Enjoy


  3. I’m planning on buying a ps4 after E3 2018. I’m thinking on playing on medium difficulty coz I heard the hard difficulty is a pain 😅.


    • To be honest, I soooo want to switch to medium….. but I think I’ll just start a New Game. The game is insanely difficult. I can’t even imagine what it would be like later in the game. I’m still trying the hard difficulty, but I’m about to give up, and start a new game.

      The super main difference between this one and the other GoWs is that every enemy that he fights here has a health bar ! ! In other GoWs , only the bosses have health bars. Shock ! And get this…. there are so many of them and all have health bars ! ! !


      • Ya I saw snippets of it online. I think you aren’t that far off coz there is one stage with some spinning monsters that has infuriated players all over… I think the “Balanced experience” should be a good place to start.


        • I did give up on Bloodborne, but I’m sure I’ll come back to play again. I paid full price for this ,after all. Maybe Bloodborne is a bit boring, compared to GoW ? Plus, I don’t like its storyline .


  4. Glad you have something to take your mind off things . . .


  5. I take in a lot of news from your country, and both the left and the right are an absolute shambles when it comes to journalism, the inconsistencies, hypocrisies and misinformation, if not lies is amazing. Not that I can speak as a Brit with all the crap going on in Britain with the Tommy Robinson case, and then of course another attack in Belgium. It’s embarrassing to engage in conversations about these events because none of it will get better at this rate and it needs to, quickly.

    On a lighter note, if you are looking for a cheap and relaxing game, Harvest Moon inspired farming sim Stardew Valley is a really good game, over PS4 and PC, I have clocked over 300 hours on it.


    • 300 hours ! Hmmmm…. I clocked more than 1000 hours on Persona 3 FES.

      I don’t know about God of War….. I’ve been playing for hours and hours and hours ( at least on my free time ), and I’m still on Level 1.


      • It’s a bit like life, then . . . I’ve been playing dang near 65 years and I’ve not even made it to 65 yet.

        Yes, that’s a stupid joke.

        Seriously, you need to play during work hours if you want to make any progress.

        OK, really seriously . . . is there a set goal as far as time? You know, something like “The average player will take 278 hours of play before advancing to Level 2” or something like that?


        • He he…. no, maybe I’m not a good player ….

          No set goal….. but in the game, there’s a set time where the player has to do something in 10 seconds flat….. this is mostly found in the in-game puzzles which GoW has plenty of. In fact, it’s well known for puzzles … like, hit 3 bells in 10 seconds to open a chest of treasures ….however, the bells are far away from each other. I’m stuck there now…. my character just got the ability to sprint, but I still feel awkward with the controls. It’s a bit frustrating. Even my character’s young son said, ( after trying more than a dozen times) ” I wish Mother was here. ” LOL


          • Kratos young son is a brat and amusing. I was surprised to hear ” I wish Mother was here ” after failing so many times. The game developer inserted that in the game, ha ha ! Sometimes the boy will say…. ” can we just get out of here? ” That’s when I get stuck in one area.


        • Sounds like he needs a smack. No respects, these youngsters have.


  6. What I have always enjoyed about you Ren, you are always yourself and that makes it easy to enjoy you! You are true to yourself…never change! Spiritual Hugs and blessings, my sister!


  7. I have no interest in video games – they make me sick, literally, like motion sickness, so Sean mostly plays while I’m at work.


  8. I do believe in ‘freedom of press’ and that everyone should have the right to at
    least say what matters to them. Much of what is said may not be of interest to
    others but at least the individual has had the right to say what was on their mind.

    It’s great that you enjoy your video games. I never took an interest an in them
    and/or had the time available to do so anyways. I did play some pak/man in the early
    days of the computer. enjoy your day


    • That’s true. It makes them fakes, though, and that’s my opinion,and I’m saying it, and I unfollowed them. It’s like the famous preacher who praised God to high heavens, but at the same time, prostitutes were coming in and out of his private room at his place of worship, and buying luxury goods for himself , and preaching that gays should be killed and executed… yes, I saw the video. That ‘s what on his mind.


      • I do agree with you to a certain extent. However, ‘freedom of press’, and hanging out with prostitutes while ‘praising God’ are not quite the same matter.


  9. I will consider the possibility of trying a game or two. 😉
    Hope all is well.


    • Yay ! My Mom is a very, very good video game player , Equinoxio…. been playing since 1980 when the disc was like ” cassettes” …. she started with Mario, then got hooked. She’s waiting for me to finish God of War. She’s never outgrown this ” hobby ” because according to her, it’s proactive , and extremely fun.

      I don’t know what kind of console you own, but this one I’m playing now, God of War 4 can only be played on PS4.


      • Compliments to your mom. As far as I remember the only “console” we have is a vintage Nintendo. 😉 With a few cassettes still working I guess. What I don’t know is whether the Nintendo is still compatible with the Smart TV. I guess we will wait when our grandson grows to buy a console. Cheers Ren


  10. I don’t really understand computer games I must admit, or computers for that matter, having recently struggled to come to terms with Microsoft Edge, but I share your thoughts about the fruitcake in the White House. I just don’t what to say anymore 😦 Always love your posts though 🙂


    • We are a family of video game players , including my mother who’s actually a very , very good player. The video game that started her love for this ” hobby” was Mario video games when she was pregnant with her first child, and was stay- at home- and had 2 maids helping her with household chores…. there was really nothing to do except stay healthy for the first born….. and then she got to watch a nephew playing a video game , Mario , …. then asked my Dad to buy her a game console ( she said it was called ” Family Computer ” )….. got hooked since then. That was in 1980. Oh, and it wasn’t a disk , then…. it was something like a ” cassette ” ???


  11. So in geek we trust? 😉


    • LOL But geeks don’t hide their geekiness anymore. I used to ,( ^___^ )


      • Maybe i’m a geek too or maybe not, but i love to play with console games since 1984 (reminds me Eurythmics song…)


        • It was only last year when I revealed that I play video games, watch animes , and read mangas. that I’ve been doing that since middle school. ^_^ And I finally created a blogsite solely for my guilty pleasures. He he I have different readers here , on this site. I can’ t write about Attack on Titan and Death Note . Ha ha ha


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