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I’ve been busy gardening.  I take care of the frontyard. My mother takes care of the backyard.  I’ve already spent so much for pots and plants. I’m obsessing on bromeliads.


I also bought petunias to replace the dead ones.   Garden business   here in the US is a billion dollar industy.   Every year , we buy so many flowering plants for so-called instant garden.  Then they all die in winter.  6_6






I need to buy some more petunias for the hanging pots.


And I mowed the lawn this morning.  Do you know what we use to clean the pathways ? Nope, not a rake.  We use ” walis  tinting” , which we buy at the Filipino supermarket.  It’s very efficient and easy to use, for some reason.  The only drawback is that I have to bend a little while sweeping and it doesn’t take long before my back starts aching.


Walis means broom. I don’t know what tinting means.  It’s made of dried  “veins” of  coconut leaves.

Coconut leaf stock vector. Illustration of plant, vector - 28722098


I also bought a new iPhone, and ta dah  ! an Apple watch ! !  I didn’t have a mobile for almost a week.







This is all for now. Thanks for reading and peace ! !


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  1. Cool, we have the same stick brooms in India. I like them. They are efficient but you better be doing your yoga everyday since you have to stay bent over to use them. Actually, at this age I have to do yoga everyday just to get through life but that’s another story.


  2. My wife plants the annuals. I tend to stick with bulbs that bloom again each year. I’m lazy.


    • I planted more than 150 tulip bulbs last Fall. They’re all done blooming ( so pretty ! ) . We also have other kinds of bulbs , like irises, etc. They comeback year after year.


  3. No flowers since we don’t have a house but we used to do a lot. Probably too much when combined with the perennials we had, especially given the arid climate of Colorado and the cost of watering them.

    I see those brooms being used here. Lots of do-it-yourself materials here.

    Apple, eh? Lots of good qualities to the brand and you get a number of exclusive apps. I’m sticking to Android primarily because of the (integrated) stylus.


    • I remember the photos of your garden in Colorado ! ! Postcard pretty !. Do you miss the garden ?

      I’ve been using Apple since day one. And I like the watch ! It’s so convenient.


    • I miss the variety of photo opportunities and the various insects I could photograph on them. Not as much variety here.

      Not sure I miss working on the garden, but it’s not like I hated it, either. We’ll see how much we do when we own a house again.


  4. Walis tinting is very effective, even though it doesn’t look like it will be substantial enough. The noise it makes on concrete is very satisfying too.


    • Ste J, can you hear the sound of someone sweeping early in the morning? When I was there, I could hear ( most likely ) the helpers doing their early morning chore of cleaning up the grounds.


      • I can, people get up incredibly early here, I wake up at between five and half five but that still feels like half way through the day.


        • I noticed that,too ! ! My mother said people had to wake up early , and leave the house early for work because of the traffic. My sister’s school bus schedule from elementary to high school was 5:30 AM , without fail…. so much so that the sound of the school bus arriving became their alarm clock. Their class started at 7:30 AM. Then I’d hear folks sweeping their yards ( sound of walis tinting ) at 6 AM. Ah, Ste J , life in the Philippines.


          • I like the idea of getting up early, the transport is the main problem but hopefully I can work more from home and pull in some pennies that way. It is nice to know that people take pride in cleaning their own properties though. I wonder if there is a YouTube video with those sounds to lull me to sleep, should I be away from those sounds.


  5. Same brooms used in Bangladesh; fond memories of seeing them used and using them too – though like you they hurt my back!

    Good to read your blog, after recent events I confess I am constantly worrying about you and each blog post of yours confirms that things are actually ok at the moment – long may that continue 🙂 x


    • I was informed by common friends he was utterly devastated and broken-hearted, but had already accepted it. I feel sad about it because somehow I know how it feels. He’s not a bad person.


      • Hmm, I’m not quite sure I’d go so far as to say ‘not bad’. But if it was a temporary slip of character then fair enough – and believe me I hope it is!


  6. It’s so cheerful, but I’m completely inept. Want to do my front yard next?


  7. The best way to avoid back ache is to use a long bamboo stick of your height and tie it to the broom in between, these kind of Bamboo brooms were used by the health department in India for sweeping public places and roads before automation…… And congrats for your phone and watch…..


  8. I was just out planting in our yard this morning – I am close to done now. I definitely do my part to support the plant industry every year!


  9. Such lovely flowers and congrats on the apple watch….


  10. I just planted some unknown plants to a pot earlier, and then the flood came in. It a raining hard here in the Metro.

    Anyways, I love your flowering pots. 😍


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