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Living it up…. LA Rose Café and a trip to Sta. Cruz, California


This is a record for me….. 12 days of  zero [ 0 ] blog reading.  And,  I can’t believe I have not seen , heard  nor  read any news about  that man living in the White House for 12 days, as well.   That’s amazing !  I’m sooo happy.


So , what have I been doing the past 12 days ?   Well, I went to Long Beach, California to visit my brother ( well, he insisted and paid for my plane fare…. otherwise , I wouldn’t go, he he ) …….that was on July 3 and 4, and came back home on the 5th at 10 AM, rested a bit at home, and went straight to work at 12 PM.  I thought I could swim at the beach , but it was cold, around 70 F ( ~ 22 C ) . Bro’s house is just a  15 minute walk from the beach. From Long Beach airport , we drove about an hour  to LA  to have lunch at LA Rose Café , an authentic Filipino restaurant  somewhere in East Hollywood.  This is my second time to eat there. My brother goes there at least 3 x a month so the owner , Lem, knows him already.  He’s a very friendly guy who talks to customers.  The area is a bit , well, ghetto-ish,  and the outside of the restaurant is kind of old and unpolished…. (  don’t judge a book by its cover, y’know ? ) but inside, it’s Old Manila  interior , with rattan chairs , chandeliers and elaborately designed mirrors, things one wouldn’t expect to see in that place.

Photo of LA Rose Cafe - Los Angeles, CA, United States

Photo of LA Rose Cafe - Los Angeles, CA, United States

Photo of LA Rose Cafe - Los Angeles, CA, United States

Photo of LA Rose Cafe - Los Angeles, CA, United States

Photo of LA Rose Cafe - Los Angeles, CA, United States

Photo of LA Rose Cafe - Los Angeles, CA, United States. They had a violinist playing filipino love songs

Photo of LA Rose Cafe - Los Angeles, CA, United States. cafe 3rd room

Photo of LA Rose Cafe - Los Angeles, CA, United States

Photo of LA Rose Cafe - Los Angeles, CA, United States

Photo of LA Rose Cafe - Los Angeles, CA, United States. The pianist

Photo of LA Rose Cafe - Los Angeles, CA, United States. Sunday brunch: live music mellow & soothing


Don’t think it’s pretentious to have live music  in this  Philippine restaurant.  It’s actually in their culture.  In the Philippines, some serenaders  are called combancheros , and they usually sing old  Spanish songs… * sings * Besame , besame mucho….. Good thing there’s no karaoke… thank God for small mercies, because Filipinos = karaoke.  I didn’t want to listen to some random guy singing, ” I , I who have nothing…” while I was eating grilled tocino, 2 sunny side ups and fried garlic rice.


Photo of LA Rose Cafe - Los Angeles, CA, United States. tocilog with easter eggs over easy... :P


My dessert of bread pudding was heavenly. oTNK9M05H


Lem, the owner , even gave us the secret ingredient for his pudding. They don’t use old , stale bread…. they use freshly baked croissant.  By the way, bread pudding is a staple in all bakeries in the Philippines.  ( for obvious reasons… all that old, unsold bread, y’know )  I always cook bread pudding from old bread. This time I’ll use croissant.  Oh, I know he has other secrets, ha ha !


So , am I promoting LA Rose Café ?  Yes, I guess so.  Filipino restaurants are few and far between, and most of them are cafeteria/carinderia style…. definitely the lowest in the totem pole of classic dining.  LA Rose Cafe has been existing for 35 years, and that says something about the place. ( By the way, it catered for the Grammy Awards 2x. )


This week, too, my co-workers and I went to Sta. Cruz, California for a 2 day R & R.  It’s a 3 hour drive from our city.  Tuesday and Wednesday, July 10 and 11. It’s a quaint, old  beach town . We had fun at the boardwalk and rode on one of the oldest rollercoaster ( called Big Dipper )  in the US ( circa 1926 ). It was a scary ride… sounded like it would fall apart at any moment ( while we were on it )


So what else did I  do the rest of the week ? I finished God of War 4 ! ! !   Holy mother of pink ! ! ! Woo ! That was an amazing game  …. insanely difficult, too.  The Valkyries… oh, goodness gracious !  I  posted about this video game on my manga/anime/video games blogsite @


This is all for now. Gonna start reading your blogs now…. bye, and see you on your blogs !







A Slice of Life




Hey, guys,  I’m sorry I haven’t been reading blogs these past few weeks.  Well, I have, but not that much..


Above is the number of blogs I read , everyday.  I’m weird, right ?  Well, that’s how I roll, he he.


Close up



I’ve been working 6 days a week. Two of  my lab- tech co-workers are on their  annual 2 – week vacation, so I have to take on their work on my off days.  The company has been extra busy this month ( which is a good thing ) , we are under – staffed, and I swear, I do the work of 3 people, which is a good thing, as well, because I’m well -compensated, thank goodness.  I just paid $2,000 for repair of our  broken air- conditioning unit. Folks, the temperature here is over 100 F, and 90 F inside the house without air-conditioning. Speaking of which,   I wake up at 5:30 AM  to beat the heat. I water the plants , especially the potted ones, and this chore takes about 2  hours .




That is one ugly backyard, but we do try to make it presentable . We need to buy some more flowering plants , I guess.  We focus more on the frontyard,and kind of neglect the backyard. I’ll try to make it nice …. after all, that’s where  I drink my  morning joe  and contemplate my role in the universe.



I did some tree pruning the other day.  Ah, I can’t do this anymore .. We need to hire some people to do this stuff.  The money we save is not worth the aggravation.  ( although I  do need the exercise…..  okay, so it’s worth it.  ~_~     )


Last time, I wrote that I was playing the video game God of War  4.  Well…… it’s insanely difficult. I try to play for at least an hour a day, right after work.  But an hour a day is not enough to kill even a  minor  boss. I did manage to slay a dragon ( and got a trophy ,Dragon Slayer… yay, me ) after so much strategizing and planning…. oh, and using the science of probability. Ha ha !  I mean,  don’t put down the controller and rest when your character dies. The statistical probability of defeating the enemy goes back to zero. Roll the dice over and over again… the probability that you’ll get it right goes up. Okay, so it also depends on the player’s skill.   * ponders  *     Oh, well, statistics is not an exact science, anyway.


I’m going to post a review of my lame playing skill   on my anime/manga/video games blogsite, hopefully, today. Check it out @


Okay, this is all for now.  Thank you for reading, folks, and peace !  Bye !






The Geek In Me Arises Again


As the title says, the geek in me rises again.  I just bought a video game titled  God Of War 4, one of my all – time favorite video games.  This is why I’ve been AWOL  on WordPress  these past few days.   When I play, nothing can interrupt me, except work, of course..  In fact,  I’d rather play my  favorite game than date a hot guy.  ^__^    ” Ren, you bailed on him ???  You kidding ? ”   Me:  “He can wait…. Kratos  can’t. ”



DSC00075 (2)

The game is heart attack difficult.  My character had to die more than a dozen times before I could figure out the way to defeat an enemy boss.


  • pondering *


I know some of you are thinking…. ” what’s so good about video games , and why do  people indulge in such unproductive , make – believe stuff ? ”   Those who love to play are the only ones  who can understand. But do you know  seniors  at retirement homes are actually encouraged to play video games ? Video games are almost all about strategy , quick  responses and reflexes, so when they play, they get to exercise their mental  and physical  faculties.  Do video games  make people dumb? I don’t think so.  It’s only when people do everything  excessively that  makes it a bad thing. Anything done in excess is bad.  Any food consumed  in excess is toxic, even water.  That’s the first thing a student  learns in Toxicology.  Don’t believe  everything that you read  especially those written by celebrities and science ” journalists”.


  • ponders *

There are so many bloggers here on WordPress who are so good in writing  down their motivational, spiritual, and  inspirational thoughts ….. and then they   let out they are  rabid  admirers and supporters of  that person  temporarily living at  the White House.   I don’t care who they support and admire…. it is their right. They can  be admirers of Hitler  and Mussolini for all I care, or  secret members of the Klu Klux Klan.  Each to his /her own.   But Jesus, Mary and Joseph,  don’t  talk and preach about honesty, integrity, truthfulness, kindness , fidelity, and all these saintly virtues ,as if they all come from their hearts  and the heavens, when , in fact, they all come out of their asses.


You :  Wait… what !  Where did that come from, Ren ?  Isn’t this post about God of War ?   Me : Well, my thoughts do tend to meander… from video games to politics, so don’t judge.


Alright, back to video games…..


At first , my gameplay is awkward and clumsy, ( sorry, Kratos )  but  I’m getting so much better as the game progresses…. not badass yet, but I’m getting there.  ( I always GoW on Hard Mode.  I love to savor each and every hard -earned victory. )


Well, that’s it.  I’m going to  post my review of the game on my anime/manga /video games blogsite  @


I hope to finish this very soon.  In the meantime,  my blog reading will take a back seat while video game playing  takes the front seat.  I’m on Cloud 9.


Bye and peace to all ! !