Happy Valentine’s Day

Hi !

It’s 12:35 AM, Feb. 7, I’m starting to write here, at the same time, watching a Charlie Rose interview with the Russian ambassador to the UN. Don’t worry, I’m not going to make a political comment. I think  my political rant on my previous post  had offended a few , so I’m lying low  this time, but I can’t promise I won’t say something  later .  As you very well know, I write down anything that comes to mind.  Have thoughts, will write.

It’s February, the month of  LOVE………I know I won’t be able to post another one just before Feb. 14, so may I greet you now  a ….

And a Valentine kiss from me and my  BFF……  I  altered the exposure, but the shadows above my lips ( that look like a moustache, aaaargh ! ) are still there.  Never mind. He he he……


It’s LOVE month, so let’s talk about love, shall we ?

Isn’t that sweet ? The girl is sad that the guy is transferring to another school far away, starts to walk away, then guy pulls her back and kisses her. One of the best kissing image I’ve seen in a manga.

So, okay, I’m not an expert on  matters of the heart.  If you want to learn more, check out  Coupletastic ‘s blog. She gives  helpful tips on anything that concerns  LOVE.

As for me…. well,  I know I’m a pathetic  zero, but don’t count me out yet.  I’m not really  a total zero, y’know ?  There’s this guy who hasn’t given up , I guess. During the holidays and   last week, (  his birhday )I attended several parties with him. I was with him on New Year’s eve. I wrote about him before, and here’s what I wrote. I just copied and pasted it from my previous post. ……….

 “I had a classmate last year ,  a Filipino, too, whom I liked, and I was very sure he liked me too.  Even our classmates thought we had started dating. But then, one day, he told me, oh, so  casually , that  he used to live with his ex girlfriend. I don’t remember how that came up. …… Oh, I remember…..  our tenants were moving out, and I thought he was living alone in an apartment, so I asked him if he wanted to rent the house, and he could just get roommates, like our  current student tenants.  ( The house is located near the university.) And he said, “Oh, no, I live in a  house now with my cousins as roommates, and the house is owned by a relative. I used to live in an aprtment with my ex.”  I was dumbfounded and went into complete shock. Do you know how it was like? Icy chill crept from my head down to my toes. He was still speaking, but I couldn’t hear it… the sound seemed to come from far far away. In a second, I went into total  ignore mode. .  Good thing school was almost over.  “ sorry. It’s me. Can’t help it.  it’s not your fault. “

So yeah, that’s one of my major issues.  I’m not a prude, really. I know it happens, especially in this day and age, and so, I shouldn’t be looking for a guy who’s pure.  Otherwise, I’ll be looking forever. Right?  That sux.

This is the third time I’ve used the image above, but it’s  just so spot on. ( Btw, read it from right to left, the Japanese way ) Anyway,  that’s  really how I look everytime I imagine him with his ex. It really bothers me, big time. And I can’t stand that feeling. Someone told me I’m indulging in mental voyuerism, , like, imagining stuff, y’know ? But look at it from my point of view………. I think I really wouldn’t mind if he had an ex somewhere,….. I can accept the thought that most probably it was an intimate relationship, too. But the fact that he actually lived with his ex,  slept with her every night for goodness how long…… to me , that’s really, really hard to swallow. I do believe no man would ever forget a girl with whom he had that kind of relationship. It would bother me. It would trouble me. It would haunt me.  It wouldn’t be smooth- sailing for me. So, no.   It’s a pity coz he’s really a nice guy ( and cute too ).  ( But why did he and his ex break up anyway, if he was  such a  nice guy ? ? ? )  I just hope he stays friendly  and nice and not ignore me after the second rejection.

Ha ha ha… You know, he wears glasses, too.  Tee hee.  But there’s really no way.

I’m the one who has a problem, huh.  Oh, well. ……….. back to  romantic manga reading……..

I’m not reading manga as often as I want to. I only go to the websites ( Manga Fox, AnimeA , etc ) once a week  to check out new releases and chapters. There are stories that I’ve been following since 2007, and I’m elated that finally, a few of them are now completed, and some are about to finish. Finally !  * sigh of relief ”  I’m at the end of my tether,  there’s just too much drama going on, so much so that I have actually decided to drop some of them.  I’m also a weird reader coz I read spoilers. If I don’t like where the story is going, I drop it. So, yeah, I read the forum first to check out what the others are saying, and more often than not, I’m like, ”  Nooooo ! Really ? He cheated on the main girl  with his ex ? Nooooooo ! ! That doosh ! !  Where’s my rifle !!! ”    @___@  My heart can only take so much. They’re just so heart-wrenching.  Like, in  L-DK, one of my most favorite romance mangas….  On this chapter, the main guy rejects the heroine…….

I felt kind of moody for several days after reading this chapter.  LOL  I feel the pain, Aoi ! !  Well, I was rejected once……  I confessed and got rejected,  * sweats *. Man, it wasn’t pretty.  Here’s my post the day I was rejected………


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  1. Posted by pHiO_cHaN on June 28, 2010 at 5:12 am  edit

    and this too! what entry is this? @___@


  2. Posted by renxkyoko on June 28, 2010 at 5:54 am  edit

    (^__^)”;;  Don’t know.


LOL ! Yeah, like that . Oh, by the way, that wasn’t on WordPress. All my posts though were transferred here on WordPress.  My original site was very cozy.  Only close friends could read the posts…. we read each others’ posts and wrote crazy comments. He he he   When I moved here on WordPress, I had to delete a lot of posts when I saw  some comments from people other than my friends’, and  I was like , ” Eh ?  Other people can read my posts?  No way ! ” Hahaha !

Anyways, the kissing image above is the best, but the sweetest kissing image is the one from Strobe Edge ( Gawd ! I love this manga ! ! ) . Check this out… Ren, the guy , is blushing. Awwwwww !

The ending that brought tears to my eyes, was the one from Rockin’ Heaven. The story is……  The main girl transfers  to a high school and there she meets Ren, ( LOL Ren again ! ) a nasty,  rich, spoiled student whose family owns the school.  She falls in love with him, and though he’s such a nasty guy, she doesn’t give up. Later, they go into a relationship , but, it’s so rocky. Ren has so  many issues and later breaks up with her. (  It’s  gut wrenching ).  The issues get resolved, they get together, and years after, they get married.  Ren becomes a teacher at their former high school ( which his family owns, hahaha ) and here’s the last 2 pages of the ending. \

I want some of that love ! !

I have followed  these series ( Strobe Edge , Rockin’ Heaven and L-DK ) for almost 3 years.  L-DK is not done yet, but I’m sure it’s going to end soon.  The main characters in LDK  have already resolved their issues, and are now living together …… the love rivals are gone, thank goodness, but then, here come the parents of Aoi, the main girl. Her father comes to Aoi’s apartment unannounced, and finds Shuusei living there….. then later finds a box of condoms in the drawer… he almost faints, lol…. it’s a hilarious chapter. Ah, I’ll miss LDK .  I don’t want it to end yet.

I suspect  romance mangas have blurred my vision of romance and love in real time.  I walk on Cloud 9.  * sweatdrops *

And while I’m at it……… The Wall Street Journal, wholly owned by right winger Murdock, grudgingly admits economy is looking up, rate of unemplyment has gone down to its lowest level compared to 4 years ago.  So what else can Pres. Obama’s  haters say to bring him down ? Ta Da !!!! Lo and behold ! * trumpets blaring, drums rolling * Some narrow – minded catholic bishops are now picking a fight with Obama regarding contraceptive pills. And the Repuglican politicians have latched onto it.  War on Freedom of religion ! Now it’s a religious war. Several years ago, Republicans ‘ war cry was , War on Christmas ” !  * sigh * Do these Catholic bishops know that almost 98 % of catholic women of child-bearing age  have used or are currently using  contraception in one form or another ?  My family’s Catholics, but I know for a fact that Mom used birth control pills to plan her pregnancy. , especially when she had a second child 11 months after the first one.  Geez. There are 365 nights of being lovey dovey with the husband.  It’s almost impossible, especially for young married couples, to hold back for fear of  yearly pregnancy.   And  it is unhealthy and risky to women’s health to be pregnant every year. To ban the pills is stupid, pardon me. What are they thinking?

* sigh *  The issues are getting ridiculous.


I’m supposed to finish  my Versatile Blogger  Award  on here. Fail.  Next time , okay ? I got 2 more from  Undreamt Terrain and Arindam, my 12th and 13th.

This is all for now. Good day to all and PEACE. ( Don’t hate my politics, ok? )

78 responses to this post.

  1. Well seems like this time I’ll be like you only, single on a Valentine’s day, we broke up sometime back.. Anyways, mention of Valentine’s day reminds me of that guy you one mentioned… the one who used to send weird texts… any chances of hooking up with the poor soul ? 😛
    and yeah can you gimme the link to this manga where the main guy rejects the heroine… this one seems interesting. Did he came back to her ??

    P.S. your GFF is cute, is she single ? In case someone want to indulge in inter continental hook-ups… will sound cuter in a mange 🙂


  2. Oh, that guy ? Creepy… no way. LOL

    It’s from manga website MangaFox and the manga is L-DK. Another one is Manga Here. yes, he came back……. but I’m not satisfied with the way it happened. If you’re going to read it, you’d know why I wasn’t jumping for joy.

    He he he…. She’s very much hooked…. sweet boy friend.

    Ah. You’re a potential member of Lonely Hearts’ Club. Wanna join? LOL


  3. Ren! This is one of the wackiest Valentine’s posts ever! To summarize: you’re not going to start dating a particular individual even though you like him, you get emotionally involved in mangas, and you very much support birth control. Haha – this is the kind of post that makes me LOVE your writing…it’s all over the place but I get a perfectly coherent idea of what’s going through your head, I think.

    Anyways, enough about that, let’s get to the real substance. I don’t really get why you’re so taken aback about this dude living with his ex. I mean, how long ago was this? As long as he’s not STILL living with her, what’s the deal Renxkyoko??? What do you want, some late bloomer guy who still lives with his parents or something? I’m not saying go for this dude, cause you’re obviously too bothered by the past for it to work, but maybe in the future chillax a little bit!

    I dunno…someone told me recently to be patient with romance…I think that’s good advice. : D


    • Wackiest ? Ha ha ha I’ll take that as a compliment ! Wooo !

      Okay, okay, in the future, I’ll chill a little bit…. I don’t wanna be an old maid, he he he.


  4. I’ll put in my two cents here:

    I think there’s a line we need to make, which is sometimes difficult to draw. Here’s one side of the line – finding someone who fits the qualities you’re looking for. If it’s very important that the person you want to be with be a virgin, then make that a priority. I don’t know how common this is where you live, but while it’s certainly becoming a quality that’s harder and harder to find in the U.S., there are still some who wait for marriage. My wife and I both dated extensively before marriage, but were virgins when we married, and I’m sure it strengthened our marriage in too many ways to count.

    On the other hand, we have to leave room for grace. Sometimes the person we’re meant to be with won’t fulfill our expectations. Sometimes he or she just isn’t that romantic or doesn’t meet the laundry list of items we’ve created. But that’s okay, because we’re imperfect, too. I think that the disparity between the heart-thumping love of anime, manga, television, movies and novels and “real life” is God’s way of showing us that that nothing’s perfect, not even us.

    On another note, I don’t think you’re wrong for feeling weird about the guy having an ex he slept with. This stuff can come up over and over again and haunt a relationship. It leaves scars that may never fully heal. And his heart will always have a deep connection with her. So yeah, it’s a big deal if you want a boy who will give you all of his heart.


  5. I love how you incorporate manga images to reflect your feelings and the situations you are going through. I’m also going to be solo this Valentine’s Day. To be honest, I’ve never had a boyfriend ever. I just never seem to find the kind of guy I want to invest time on to get to know. I’ve had guys interested in me, but they end up being good friends. I wonder if that’s bad? O.o

    I did have a crush on one guy last year. I decided to take the initiative and try to ask him to hang out with me for lunch. He said yes. It seemed to go fine for one afternoon of being chatty and trying to get to know each other. I don’t know if he thought it was a date since I didn’t say it was one. I guess maybe he mistook it for one because he paid for my lunch and then he had to leave soon after we browsed a comic book store. I tried keeping in contact with him by text, but it was always me initiating the text convos with him first. Eventually it just died off. Probably too awkward for him too. *sighs*

    He has a girlfriend now and I’m over my crush with him too. It sucks to be rejected, considering we never really dated? Boys are confusing. Sometimes I think with stuff like what you experience and this experience I told you about would make for a good shojo comic. XD


    • That’s good, being friends with a guy, until he gets a girlfriend, then we go to the corner and curl up. o.Oa

      Awwww ! Really? Geez…. Oh, well, we have to wait for the destined one, huh? I tried doing it the japanese way…. didn’t work, either, ahahaha ! What an experience. I guess the Japanese way won’t work in the US. We can’t give chocolates on Valentine’s day, confess, like this…. ” I like you ! Please go out with me ! ” Darn it, it didn’t work ! Foiled ! LOL

      Simpleek… I wrote a story…. except, I don’t know how to draw , manga style. i can make it a long one-shot , or up to 2 volumes. Next time, I’;ll post the synopsis.

      I know right ? Our experience will make a good one shot…. but it needs a happy ending. Most shoujos should have happy endings , right ? Ours can be called tragedy. LOL


      • I think the Japanese way is hard to pull off here in the U.S. It’s very cute and subtle though if the guy catches on with the chocolates on Valentine’s Day. 😉

        I’d love to read the synopsis for your story. Definitely post it up next time.

        I agree. With experience like ours to be made into a shojo we need a happy ending. A new guy comes along and sweeps us off our feet and then…BOOM…instant love connection. We can dream, can’t we? 😀


        • Hey, simpleek, don’t you think it’s so cool to confess ? Ha ha ha…. Oh, yeah, over here, guys would think it’s weird to get chocolates on VDAY. Or better, on regular day ? Unless he’s a manga reader , he wouldn’t catch on, and that would be fun.

          I think I’d send over a box of chocos to that guy I always see in the library, anonymously ! ! Make him sweat or something…….


  6. I totally get you and I understand when you say it’s hard getting it out of your head. Until youre not comfortable with it there’s no point moving forward.

    Although no ones to blame here it’s a shame it’s ended up like this.

    Love your pics as always. Totally fab and funny… You are one crazy chic. 😉


  7. I can totally relate! I get way too attached to fictional characters, I get turned off easily and sometimes by something so petty : ))), and I back down. LOL

    I was reminded of how I crush on anime and manga characters sometimes. lol



  8. That’s what blogging is all about – keep sharing your thoughts and we’ll keep looking forward to your posts 🙂


  9. You put so much work into your posts; I admire the heck out of you, do you know that?


  10. Keep on posting cute manga character, I really like it. Nice work and perfect as a Valentines post!


  11. take advantage of the love month Ren. Love will be in the air so try to breathe some in. Easier said than done, though. ^_^


    • Oh, VDay is any other day. I guess I’m not ready for any of the love stuff, ha ha ha. I always find something lacking, and it;s so easy for me to bail out of the situation,….. that means, I’m not ready, huh.


  12. happy valentines day renx! that photo with your bff is awesome. i do hope you get the love that you want. i enjoyed the copy-pasted story. yes, it really happens. but what can we do right? i hope you have a wonderful v-day celebration anyway 😀


  13. The kissing scene looks like it came from The Girl Who Leapt Through Time.


  14. Happy Valentines Day………..:)


  15. Happy Valentine’s Day! Yeah…there’s definitely a lot of weirdness and issues out there (and being rejected sucks)…but every once in while things work out (I think)!


  16. Happy heart day Ren!


  17. You should watch this episode of Fairy Tail. You probably don’t know it but this episode is a bit stand alone so you’ll get if you do watch it. It’s funny and the face Lucy makes at the tree is so you lol.



  18. Posted by REBECCA DAWN on February 14, 2012 at 11:33 pm

    Happy Valentines Day!
    That one caption from L-Dk…is like the story of my life.
    why me?! I dont know.
    oh well thats why i love manga, anime and books. i can live my life through my characters! ^_^
    why do i need a boyfriend when I can have a anime boyfriend or a manga one? right?


    • Aaargh ! An anime and manga boyfriend ! You’re making me cry, Rebecca Dawn. TT.TT

      But it’s good. I’m okay with that. he he he


      • Posted by REBECCA DAWN on February 15, 2012 at 1:03 am

        no no no youre going to have the real boyfriend! im going to have the anime boyfriend… so no crying! i will be crying! 😦


        • I think I’m going to have a manga boyfriend. You know, the reason why the authors draw really hot manga guys is for fan girls like us to obssess and read and buy the series….. basically it’s all about business.

          Eros of THE ONE….. TT.TT Darn. That’s one really hot manga hero. Have you read this? But I’m more interested in the main girl, Lele, and the world she’s in, the fashion world.


          • Posted by REBECCA DAWN on February 16, 2012 at 1:17 am

            its crazy but i love byakuya from Bleach. i havent read Eros.
            I agree with you, I think I want a manga boyfriend too. what is it about them that make real guys pale in comparison? I dont know. reality is just too cruel ^_^


            • Waaaa! You haven’t read THE ONE ? Eros is the main character, and if we make him the model of our dream guy, we will be single for eternity, ahahaha. Damn, that guy is hawt ! ^ sweat ^ Go read THE ONE, Rebecca ! Although I think it’s already on iits 86 th chapter, one chapter a month. I’ve been reading this since 2007, I think.

              I haven’t read Bleach since last year. Well, we have 5 box sets of the anime, and we have the manga volumes too. But, It’s never ever going to end, is it ? This is my problem with Bleach, Naruto, One Piece, etc. There’s no ending.

            • Posted by REBECCA DAWN on February 16, 2012 at 11:54 pm

              I think Bleach ended already. With Aizen being defeated by Ichigo. I still have to read that one! so excited!
              I know im crazy i havent read the One. what was I thinking! ^_^

  19. hello, renx,

    ahaha, it’s amazing, two likes above and both registered. didn’t know that’s possible.

    love this post. you have so many kwentos. i like this – “have thoughts, will write.” ang saya… yes, your manga love pics are nakakilig. ^^

    hey, love will find you one day. it’s looking for you right this minute, ahaha. 🙂

    happy valentines and cheers from the philippines!


    • Oh, gosh, I think I’ve ran out of stories to tell.

      I don’t know anymore what to post after this. Well, something that’s interesting, at least. ^ sigh ^

      Oh, my Dad is obssessing now on news about the President and his girl friend? That Korean lady named Grace Lee ? Ha ha ha he’s always on the Internet checking up on news about this. Don’t know why. Is that really big news there now ? It’s cute that the President of the Philippines is a bachelor, huh.


      • hello, renx. nah, you’re not the kind to run out of stories and we appreciate you for it. you always have something running in your manga-filled mind, haha… ^^

        hope your valentines was peaceful and easy, if not love-filled, hehe…
        when i was younger, it was usually a group hang-out night on the 13th of feb and on the 14th, a male friend and i would usually go out for a drink and chat. recently, it’s normally a date with the family on valentines, haha. lame…^^

        oh, am not even aware that the korean girl is already his gf. before, i could hear it on the news that they’re dating. btw, the girl is pretty and poised and perhaps a bit gaga, haha. he isn’t gwapo except that he happens to be pedigreed and well, sitting there, haha. ang sama ko. ^^

        you know how personalized things could be for pinoys. people want unhitched persons to hook up with somebody, all the time… it’s as if by goading one to have a lovelife, they are sincerely looking after the victim’s welfare, hehe. the president and his personal life are no exception, i guess…

        good luck with grace lee, haha. regards to your dad. tell him the pres is kinda suplado when it comes to women. “)


        • Oh, gosh. I’ve reached the bottom of the barrel. I’ve got a routine, day in and day out and I seldom divert from it. So, really, there’s not much I can tell. This is the reason why I can only post 2 or 3 x a month.

          Uhm, I did go out to dinner, a family restaurant, not romantic, he he he, but that’s okay. I’m relieved actually.

          OMG, you can say that again. When I went to the Philippines, my relatives tried to hook me up with some guys. They were okay, but , well, long distance relationship just wouldn’t work.


          • yes, that’s so pinoy. they can’t rest until they see everyone’s nicely paired off. haha, you’ve read my recent post, anyway.^^

            your course sounds scary, hehe. ain’t that keeping away the guys, huh? they seem to prefer women who are into arts, culinary arts and health care, haha. is the dating scene in america more liberal, in a sense? opps, sorry for asking serious questions, my bad. :c

            anyway, get yourself a serious date. you’re young and pretty and all manga heroes are taken, see? ^^

            cheers to you! 🙂


            • Oh, gosh, I just watched Contagion last night, and yeah, the people who work at CDC are microbiologists and they a bunch of them died. * Oh, this is a movie starring Matt Damon * And I’m like, * Whoah, I’ will be handling contagious viruses too ! Wait a minute…….. * lol. So yeah, i guess it’s scary.

              I don’t know if it’s liberal or not….. straightforward, I guess… I really don’t know… I have no comparison…. Oh, and that’s rhe reason why I like romance mangas …. the atmosphere is sooooooo different ! ! Really sweet !

  20. The pain will always be there…


  21. Bleach ended already ? Huh ? Really ? What I want to end already is Naruto. BTW, who did Ichigo end up with, romantically?

    If you have more time, I can give you a list of some good ones. The One, L-DK … oh, and this other one…. Oh, my word…. It’s so perverted but I love it, but I can’t remember the title at the moment. And it’s on-going. Wooooo ! * sweat * Girl, you’re gonna love that. Remind me to look for that title. he he he


  22. LOLOLOL. oh valentines day…many stories pop up on that day haha


  23. this is one of my fave post on this season, and I enjoy reading all you shared in here, although a little bit late my dear my apology happy Valentines day… 🙂


  24. Tol naghahanap ako ng tagalog na comment ng bigla kong maalala na nasa States ka nga pala haha! Pero alam mo, hm yang love na yan, nako e sakit talaga ng ulo yan! Nung nabasa ko yung tungkol dun sa Pinoy na nakipag live-in sa ex nya, medyo nawindang ako e hahaha! Iba nga siguro talaga ang kultura diyan. Basta tol, relax lang pagdating sa love na yan. Hinay lang. Minsan kakahanap natin, mas lalo nating di nakikita e. Tas pag hindi naman natin hinahanap, saka naman dadating at mang-gugulat! Hahahaha belated happy Valentine’s tol! Halos isang buwan nako late bumati haha! 😀


    • Talagang sakit ng ulo ! Dami kong nababasa, maloka na yung na – in despair. Mas masaya yung single, no hassle, diba ? Eh, hindi ko kaya yung nakipag live – in na. Para sa akin, masiado heavy ang experience. Lagi kong ma-remember yun. Sasakit ang ulo ko… tsaka heart, T.T . Huwag na toy.


  25. Ang sagwa kasi ng live-in e. Parang nagpo-promote sya ng pagpapabaya sa responsibilidad. Kasi nga naman di kasal yung mga nagli-live-in, so wala talaga silang responsibility at obligation sa isa’t-isa. Pag nagsawa na yung isa, pwede na sya umalis. Wala namang pipigil sa kanya e. Walang habol yung partner nya kung gustuhin nyang umalis. Di ba?


    • Para sa akin, whatever floats his/her boat. Kung okay sa couple, go ahead, as long as they are prepared that one of them will walk away, someday. . Suerte kung derecho sa altar, that means, they got over the hurdles and that they are in fact emotionally and physically compatible enough to make it permanent, and sign on the line, if you know what I mean. It’s really up to them if they want to do that. Common ito sa US. Wala akong problema dyan. I’m pretty open – minded dito. Ang problema , ako. Hindi ko kaya to accept a guy who has done this, personally. Maybe I’m overthinking or over imagining… but I will always question his …. I don’t know what I will question, come to think of it. Bottom line is, purist ako.


  26. Posted by 25pesocupnoodles on February 12, 2013 at 12:04 pm

    nagbabalik tanaw at nakiki-usyoso (gossiping) lang.


  27. Hello Ren, Happy Valentine’s day.
    A year gone, seems the world has changed, within and outside. No more questions, curiosity, scratching head, wondering about whys and why not but a grownup dealing with life as it is.


  28. Posted by Jean-Paul on August 11, 2014 at 4:01 pm

    very good post 🙂


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