Versatile Blogger Award Part 2, Thank you ! !

Hi ! !

Great ! I managed to publish 3 posts this month.  ( Good job, Ren. * pats head  * ) . Well, school’s here again.  I have to work harder this semester. But then, that’s what I always promise myself  every beginning of semester. I guess my best efforts have plateaud.  Seriously, though, how else can I work harder than last year’s?   Like, don’t sleep anymore?  Four times a week I work up to 10 PM,  study up to the wee hours of the morning, ( friends/ bloggers  who see me online are not surprised  when they see me  at 3 AM, right , Rob?   We do our homeworks online, and we have to pay the website  to do them, can you believe that ?  We also take tests online, sometimes. I find that really weird. ) So, anyhow,  I do household chores, don’t date, don’t hang out….. ….. Ha ! I’m a freakin’ Mary Sue,  !. . So, what am I yapping about? I don’t know. I’m just frustrated. I tried  getting into a course that I desperately need the whole day today. There are 54 of us  waitlisted.  Do you know what happens if I don’t get this course ?  Alright, in a fantasy world, I should be graduating this semester, but in real world, if I don’t get this one?  I graduate next year, or the year next, or the year next, next, darn it.  Am I the only one with this school problem? Tell me, please ?  Misery l0ves company. Okay, I’m done ranting.

On a happier note………..

I recieved  more Versatile Blogger Awards… my 11 th.  I’m so happy and honoured , guys. Thank you.  I have already thanked Becoming Bitter, Topiclesbar, laurenrantnrave, twisteen, therhymingmedstudent, and  zendictive. I now have to follow the rules again. I’m not going though the motion, mind you. I really want to do this again.

I’d like to thank the following awesome bloggers who honoured me with the Versatile Blogger Award. Please check them out.

7. Koopa


9. trjensen

10. jeninesilos


I’ve already posted 7 things about me here . Well, I  wrote there that I was a fan of Michael Jackson, and still am.  I bought 2 cds of him to play in my car, ( Off the Wall  and Bad ) and you know what , there’s a song in Bad that I really like, and I keep playing that, over and over again, just that one.  It’s the Spanish version of  I  Just Can’t Stop Loving You…… Todo Mi Amor Eres Tu.

Oh, and here’s MJ and me.

Kidding aside,  he was just a look – like.  Rest in peace, MJ. 

Anyways, I’m adding a few more ” about me “, if I may…….

1. I’m 80 % social liberal, believe it or not. I’m for gay marriage, partly pro-choice ( this is where  10 % of my conservatism comes in ) approves legalization of marijuana for medicinal purpose, a tree hugger, pro-gun control….. However , I don’t want to be called a  bleeding heart liberal .  Twenty percent of me calls for social responsibility and plain common sense values.

2.  My favorite colors are aquamarine and red.

3. I put choco syrup or Nesquick choco in my coffee. Both sugar-free.

4. I   dream of playing the violin in a full orchestra. But I  think I’m not good enough.

5. I find political shows more interesting and entertaining than regular Tv shows . I actually watched all the Republican debates. Ahahaha ! They’re killing each other.  What a bunch of …. never mind.  Alright, those on the other side of the political fence, don’t hate me. But one of  the  guys, Newt Gingrich, promises to establish an American colony  on the moon by 2020, and  with about 16,000 Americans up there, the colony can become a US state. He says this is going to happen if he becomes the President. ( He said this 2 days ago in Florida ) * Earth to Mr. Gringrich, hello, how would you like to solve some  problems here on our planet  first, like , poverty?  Or add more classes and teachers  *.  And all of them, most particularly Rick Santorum, want to ban The Pill, and condoms   * crickets *  Really ? What the heck .  .   Sorry. I hate to be political but I couldn’t resist.  I’m supposed to be writing ” about me”. lol

6.  If I could afford to buy a car, I’d buy a BMW.

7.  I want to have an online business, mostly for ladies’ accessories. I think I have a flair for fashion and stuff like that.

Well, I have nominated 15 bloggers already……. I’m  glad though that I can nominate a few more.  Please check out these bloggers.

1. DearLora    Very interesting ! It’s like Dear Abby.

2. Goneflyingakite

3. bunny teeth no more

4. theworldofwilma

5. PM

6. simpleek  if you’re a manga and anime fan, this is the blog for you


8. belleofthecarnival

I’m allowed to nominate 7 more bloggers, but I think I’m stopping on the 8th and continue on  my next post.  Actually, I started writing on Jan.23. It’;s now the 28th and I’m not done yet.  There are just so many distractions. For instance, at this very moment, I’m watching , again, the Republican debate in Florida. I have to stop what I’m doing to  listen to them, more attentively,  this time. ………. Aaaargh ! ! I don’t know if I’m going to cry or laugh at the ludicrousness of their issues.  For instance……. Rick Santorum is accusing Mitt Romney of flipflopping regarding the health care issue. As Governor of Massachusets, Mitt Romney patterned his healthcare policy after Pres. Obama’s health care … and it was successful. 98% of the people in his state now have health insurance. Rick Santorum’s mouth is frothing over this fact. Do you know what he said ? ” It’s the Republican’s policy to change /repel/ take out so called Obamacare , so how can you, Gov. Romney , defeat Obama when you have actually used his Obamacare ?  It’s unacceptable  ! “, or something along this line.  What Santorum had failed to mention was that, Obamacare was successful  in Massachusets and THAT  was anathema to the Republican’s agenda of  taking Obama down at all cost, and if the country would  go  down with him, so be it. Party first, before country. Friggin’ idiots.   When Detroit automakers were about to go bankrupt, and Pres. Obama wanted to bail them out to save the icons of  US industry, the Republicans yelled in unison, ” Let Detroit Go Bankrupt. ! ! ”  Pres. Obama bailed them out , just the same, and now, the motor industry  and  thousands of jobs  have been saved,  and  guess what, GM now is the biggest – earning auto manufacturing company in the world.  Isn’t that the height of  irony?  Democrats aiding ailing corporations,  and corporate-loving Republicans wanting the opposite . Do you know why? I know why …. the Republicans want these icons  of America to go down under Obama’s watch, and  who cares what happens. Their objective is to make Obama a one – term President.  The rest of  those who would be affected  by their agenda  are  mere collateral damage.

 Eh. I better stop here before I offend anyone. 

Ah, here’s something that I found  from my archives. It was a word for word online chat with a friend from England ( not Rob ) that made me laugh for days… nay, weeks. I know you wouldn’t find it funny, and I don;t even  know why I did.  Maybe I have a weird sense of humour.

Friend: opens ya page and takes a gander in a few

Me: what does that mean?

Friend:gander to look at something

Me : What’s the origin of the phrase, why gander?

Friend: to stretch ya neck and gaze like a gander?

Me: how does a gander gaze?

Friend :  don’t know, like this  ??

      * stretches his neck and looks around *

Alright, this is all for now. PEACE and be happy.


52 responses to this post.

  1. Congratulations, you deserve it…


  2. congratulations on your 11th nomination. You deserve it. I also want to thank you for nominating me. It was an honor.. even though i didn’t follow the rules I still want to thank you.
    I too get frustrated with school. I graduate with my AAS in Operations Management this spring. YEA!!! I then start to work on My BS… it will be fun. I have not had the same situation you have, all of my classes have been open. Although I am not in such a specialized field as you are. I admire you so much for taking the classes you are and pursuing your dream job… good luck


  3. Thanks Ren! Oh and the gander bit made me laugh out loud. My twin thought I was choking. 😀


    • Ahahaha !

      Come to think of it, it wasn’t really that funny, as is, but that time, I just burst out laughing and really lost it. And Frank, the Brit guy, had a display picture, and it looked like he had a long neck, and I imagined him doing the gander thing. LOL

      Eh, you have a twin? Geez ! You’re the 3rd twin I know here on cyberspace. ! ! Rob has a twin brother too !


  4. You are a blogging superstar!


  5. just remember to not overstretch yourself with everything that you do! congrats on publishing more posts, keep it coming! that is a nice photo of you and mj 😆 i didn’t get the gander thing but i am sure it was funny to watch your friend stretch his or her neck 😆 thank you for the award, that was unexpected but thanks. i love your explanation about why you are 80% socio liberal. i am on the same boat with you girl!


    • I need to study and get at least a certain grade. A grade of B minus means I have to repeat the course. B is from 80 to 89 points out of 100. B minus is 75 to 79. A failing grade is F, but all my major courses have a standard grade that have to be maintained. It sux.

      I wish that was the real MJ, he he he.

      You deserve the award, you know.


      • you can do it! eat chocolate while studying too. at least you are happy while doing all the work right? i am too young to appreciate MJ. but at least you have that replica photo to savor! aww, thanks, you are sweet.


  6. Hahaha… I also dream of playing the piano with a full orchestra…

    hey there’s something I want to give you.. I enjoyed reading this..


  7. Majalove ! What was that link about ? I don’t want to download anything. Just tell me what that is, and maybe I’ll check it out !


  8. Thank you for the nomination Renx! I’ll write about it tomorrow. 😉

    You totally deserve to win that award for a gazillion times. That’s how awesome you are 😉


    • You’re welcome ! You deserve it !

      Thanks ! LOL I don’t know why I get nominated. I have no theme, no specific topic, just write down whatever….. it’s embarassing .^_^ “


  9. You like the color, but what are your feelings on the mermaid film Aquamarine?


  10. Congratulation on your 11th award, that’s fantastic and truly deserved! And a big THANK YOU for your kind support, I really appreciate it 🙂

    Great pix of you and the King of Pop! Hang in there with school — classes are so hard to get these days, I’ll send good vibes your way!

    Keep the blogs coming — I love how you write exactly what you’re thinking!


  11. Hey Ren thank you very much for the recognition. I see that you are very busy but still you manage do this. I’m not sure how this nomination thing works out but I really appreciate it. Congratulations on your awards as well.

    And oh by the way, high five to your political views 😉


  12. Hi Kyoko! Its me again, haha. Can you change my URL in your blogroll page. You have, replace it with please. ^_^



  13. Posted by WordsFallFromMyEyes on January 31, 2012 at 7:56 pm

    Your pictures are so great – really gorgeous.

    Thank you very much, sincerely, for thinking of me. I’m stunned – this is your 11th VB award?!! That’s just wonderful – amazing!

    You started writing on the 23rd & only got to halfway through your nominations. I think you DO understand me post about awards!!

    Your conversation about having a gander really amused me.



  14. Posted by Rob. on February 1, 2012 at 4:06 am

    You really ought to get more sleep. And I really you’re not up reading this comment at three in the morning. Hope to speak to you soon though.


  15. Oh, my goodness ! Hi, Rob !

    Hope to speak to you soon, too.

    Laters, k?


  16. Congrats for the award! 🙂 yeah real life always gets in the way… and in a very hard way. Wish you to be strong! 🙂 all those awards should make you realise that you and your blog are loved and that if you could have those awards, you can graduate! 😀 Just believe in yourself.


  17. hello, renx, congrats on your nth number of versatile blogger award. ikaw na! ^^

    anyway, glad to have found your link at diwangtanglaw’s site. it’s always a pleasure to read your entries. masaya kang makipagkwentuhan, ahaha.

    btw, you used to drop by my old site every now and then (dpsa) to punish yourself understanding my oldish tagalog, haha. old site has been suspended, na-virus daw (hikbi). anyway, do come and visit my temp, new home. it’s in taglish, hehe.

    i liked your political narration here, though. nah, they’re not blabber. :):)


    • Hey, thanks ! Ah, natandaan ko yung blog mo. nawala sya, di ba ? Pati link mo nawala na rin kaya hindi na ako makapunta.

      Super deep Tagalog yung sa yo at diwangtanglaw. Pati title kelanga kong ipa-translate sa parents ko.

      Yeah, I sure will visit.

      Cheers !


  18. Congrats on getting one more award. You really deserve this, as you are doing a great job with your blog. Keep on spreading your words through your blog. 🙂


  19. And that’s why I don’t follow politics.

    Very interesting stuff you ‘ve got here. 🙂


    • Thanks !

      Politics is such a pain, isn’t it? Except it’s hard not to stop and take notice the stuff going on here. It’s election so that’s the only news we hear about .

      Hey, thanks for passing by ! Would love to hear from you again .


  20. Hi Rn. Congrats on your award!!! I wanted to let you know that I was going to nominate you for a Leibster…but you already had it. You’re just THAT good 🙂
    Have a great day and KEEP WRITING!!!!!!


  21. Congrats on the award!


  22. I just passed on one more award to your blog. You can check my blog for more details.


  23. Congrats! You take a great pic, young lady!


  24. eww… all through it you sounded so geek… (look even i consider u a geek now, and i spend 40 hours a week in Microsoft’s office, coding for windows 😛 )

    “don’t date, don’t hang out, read manga, social liberal, find political shows more interesting, want to have an online business ” – symptoms of being a standard nerd 😀

    P.S. less manga captions lately ? weren’t u on vacation ?


    • Ahahaha ! I’m officially a geek ! Whoa ! And now, I’m a nerd ? LOL Keanu Reeves, save me !!!!!!!!

      Uhm, I didn’t even have time to read Eragon this vacation ……. longer work schedules, y’ know….


  25. Hi girl, it’s been a while I know. Lots of changes in your personal life recently it seems. I’m happy for the great things happening to you.
    That’s one cool photo of you and MJ. You watched “This Is It”, didn’t you? I was never a big fan of The Gloved One until I got convinced he’s one hell of a talent after watching that film.
    I continue to be impressed with the visual appeal of this site you deserve every bit of recognition you’re getting from the blog world.
    Keep up the great work!
    You’re so pretty. You call yourself a geek. Then you’re one gorgeous sexy geek for sure.


  26. […] Versatile Blogger Award:http://ponderingprocrastinator. wordpress. com/the-versatile- blogger-award/my-fifteen-nominees-are/ http:// […]


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