All About Nothing, as usual….

Hello ! I’m here again, musing.

Eleven days have passed since my last post. I really wish I could write more often, but, there’s really nothing to talk about. So okay, I say this all the time and I end up writing more than 1000 words, lol. My brain is like a jet taking off, from zero to lightning speed. I guess this is the way I am. Well,  I’ m just hoping for a modicum of  coherency here.  But I’m sure you’re all smart enough to make sense of what I’m blabbering  about, which is all about nothing, to be honest.

On my previous post Versatile Blogger Award, Part 2, Thank You, I managed to list down 8 nominees. I want to add 7 more for the required 15 nominees, but I’m simply overwhelmed  by the sheer number of good bloggers.  I cannot choose anymore. So, I won’t. I stop at 8.  But of course I have to acknowledge 4 more who nominated me for Versatile Blogger , my 13th and 14 th, namely Undreamt Terrain and Arindam. and my 2nd Liebster Award from trjensen. I got another award from Rebecca Dawn, but couldn’t find the link , so I don’t  really know what she nominated me for, lol. Thank you, guys. I really appreciate it.

I posted something about my major relationship problem on  HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY. I left my story with a sort of  cliffhanger, didn’ I? So, did I have a Valentine date ? Yes, I got invited…. to an early dinner at an Italian family restaurant… Olive Garden. Well,  we both had exams the next day.  So, did he confess ? No. It’s a good tactic, though. No confession, no rejection.  I’m relieved coz I really need to deal with these issues first.

And he gave me these.

Why do guys always think girls like stuffed toys and chocolates ?  Cuddly and cute though, but my li’l cuzin got the chocolates.  I had a hard time shedding off 4 lbs of excess fat I piled up from my eating spree during the holidays.

Oh, pls . read from right to left.

Topiclessbar  says I should chillax. So, okay,  I’ll try to erase inappropriate stuff from my thoughts. Maybe, I’m really indulging in mental voyeurism. Or maybe I’m just a pervert. lol Or a masochist.  In this day and age, being a purist is a losing proposition. We have to be realistic , otherwise……..


Speaking of valentine dates,  my sister  and her boyfriend  had an odd one. His grandma came here to our city from San Diego for a visit and stayed at the house of his uncle. ( His father’s brother ) So sis went with the boyfriend to meet the grandma, at a family gathering, for the first time, on Valentine’s Day.   Sis was shocked to see a big German flag and a small Confederate flag at his uncle’s house. Although everyone was nice to sis, she couldn;t wait to leave the heck out of there, especially  after  his uncle showed my sister his Third Reich coin collection ! ! ! Sis freaked out and beat the crap out of her BF  coz  he didn’t  warn her about his American Nazi uncle. WTH was that all about ?   * cringe*

While I’m at it……. my brother also had a valentine’s date with his GF.  They had dinner too. It was my Mom’s turn to freak out when she found out dinner with his GF was like $ 110.oo per person. Ahahaha ! What  was the dinner, we wondered….. Russian Beluga for aparetif and Kopi Luwak for the afters ? Well, it was his first with the GF, so I understand.  You know, my brother’s GF was a former model , and was a contender at Tyra Banks modelling TV show  3 years ago. She didn’t win. I haven’t seen her but bro says she’s prettier than a Hollywood actress. My sister has seen her and says she is indeed gorgeous… tall, blond, green eyed. And most importantly, not a bimbo. She actually teaches Environment something at UCLA and owns her own design company. When she joined the modelling contest on Tyra Banks’, she told them she worked as a bartender, lol.  Btw, bro and her have been roommates  for 2 years. She owns the apartment he’s been living in in San Francisco.  It’s still a mystery to us how he managed to hook her. My brother is a geek , a hardcore gamer,  ( even goes to video game conventions with his friends ), wears glasses,  etc. * scratches head *  .  My brother’s co- workers were stunned when he brought her to the office party and was introduced as his GF.  Weird. Aaargh, I don’t like her taste in guys then. Muahahaha !

Oh, gosh,  a customer at BCBG said I looked like that cheerleader on Glee, Naya Rivera. This was the 3rd time someone told me that. The first was a reader here on WordPress, second was at a party, and then , today, at work.  Hmmmm, I don’t know… maybe… I have  pics that look like her, I guess.  The one in aqua is me..

Naya Rivera

Me, Ren….. hmmm, do I look like her ? Don’t think so. But THANK YOU VERY MUCH ! 

I just received Vol. 1 Box set of Hana Yori Dango  ( Boys Over Flowers ) that I ordered from Amazon.  It’s a Korean drama, a one year TV series there, I think. I texted my brother to buy me Vol. 2 at Japantown in San Francisco, but he didn’t buy it. Too expensive, he said ( $ 70 ). Stingy !  He said he’d buy me the dvd if I’d do his laundry for 2 months and wash his car.  Sold ! ! ( He comes home 2x a month. No problem )

By the way, the courses I’m taking now are  Biology, Chemistry, Molecular Cell, and guess what, Criminal Justice. I don’t really need CJ, but I didn’t want to waste my full tuition fees.. I pay the same amount whether my courses are 7 units or 20. Above 6 units is flat rate(  $ 4, 500 a semester ) . It’s cheap, actually, compared to other universities. Mine is a state uni.   All my classmates in C J are going to be policemen, I presume. The main character in CSI ( TV show ) is a microbiologist.  I’m thinking Forensics is a potential career I can go into, just in case.

Okay. This is all for now. I thought I could publish at least 3 this month. I guess not. Till next post then. Good day and PEACE !

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  1. OMG!!! You look sooo much like her!!!!!


  2. I thought you posted two pictures. Hehe! I have a suggestion. Try to remove the picture captions and let your readers guess who are you among the two. Hehe! Just kidding. 🙂

    Now, I have a label for your blogging style: “Bahala na” blogging. 🙂


    • Bahala na…. I haven’t heard this phrase for a long time ! Ahahaha ! You’re right ! It’s really whatever comes out of my head, I write it down.

      Oh, I had to put a caption ! people might think I’m owning her pic, and sue me ! LOL


      • I was just inspired to use the term from a book about Filipino Psychology. Hehe! I also keep a “Bahala Na” blog in private mode. There, I’ll just freewrite for 5 to 15 minutes without editing.

        It’s okay to change the caption, just credit the image link. Hehe!


        • Don’t watch Glee. You do look a lot like her though. Awww you’d make a great cheerleader anyway 🙂


          • Ah, I missed this !

            Sensei, you don’t like Glee ? It;s very popular, though I haven’t really watched any episodes, except one , where there was a singer from the Philippines, Charize.

            In HS, I was recruited to join the cheerleading team, ( my best friends were cheerleaders ) but I was in orchestra, and there was conflict in schedule.


  3. What exactly is the meaning of Bahala na ? Come what may ?

    Filipino Psychology sounds interesting. I read a book… well, it ‘s more like a pamphlet… titled ” The Miseducation of Filipinos, by Renato Constantino. Mom brought it here to the Us when we immigarted here, including a Philippine History book by Felipe Agoncillo. She said it was her textbook at the University of the Philippines from where she graduated. I read it 3x back to back.


  4. Appropriately, I just watched the Valentine’s episode of Glee tonight. You look a little bit like her…

    Anyway, it was nice of the guy to but you a bear and chocolates. It’s not easy being a guy on Valentine’s – lots of expectations when most guys are clueless when it comes to gifts in the first place. 😛

    By the way, my wife and I did Olive Garden this year, too. We generally do sushi, but decided to go more low key. Nice dinner, nice atmosphere, nice price. 🙂


    • I’m a little bit embarassed to say I haven’t watched a single episode of Glee. Well, I did try 2x, but that was only to watch this girl from the Philippines Charize ( ? ) who was in Glee in 4 episodes, I heard.

      About the bear and chocolates….. I’ve been receiving these since HS, either these or a balloon/one rose combo. lol

      Not complaining, though. O.O

      Olive garden is cool. I like the eat all you can veggie salad and bread sticks.


    • TWWK, I think my comments on your blog go to your spam folder


  5. hello, renx,

    your all about nothing always has something. ^^ your posts are makulit, as in. very few bloggers would share about her siblings’ valentines dates as well as her own, haha. do they read your blogs? 🙂

    ah, there’s a head turner fil-am blogger and it’s her schooling that seems to get in the way of an exciting love life, ahaha. kapatid, after you’ve graduated, perhaps we’ll read about sizzling love episodes that aren’t lifted from manga series, hi, hi… ^^

    here you are telling us that no untoward incidents happened on your V-Day. shaks, i was hoping to come across kakilig stories, naman… cheers and regards! 🙂


    • LOL My siblings would kill me if they found out about this blog. Not even my friends know about this.

      Eh, school is more important than love. Meanwhile, I’ll just read romance stories and daydream, hehehe.


      • ahaha! so this is an escapeworld of sort, huh? it’s a classified site, by golly, naman… ^^

        for now, yes, school is more important. later, you wouldn’t want to end up like the 4th image above, huh? nah, you’re too pretty for that…

        my only agam-agam is, you’re brainy as well. as far as i’ve heard, that rarely augurs well for a sizzling love life, lols! peace, renx. ^^

        thanks for dropping by, every so often… cheers! 🙂 🙂


  6. I haven’t read the book by Felipe Agoncillo. But I have here a book by Teodoro Agoncillo. I’ll try to read it later.

    The etymology of Bahala is deep. It came from Bathala, the God worshipped by Filipinos before the Spanish came. So that means they aren’t Filipinos yet since it’s Pre-Spanish era. Bahala may also mean as responsibility. So if you’re bahala, it means you’ll be responsible whatever happens. There’s really no exact translation of the expression “Bahala na” in English or any language. It’s a complex expression that foreign observers claim it as fatalistic even tough it’s not. If you want a good book about Filipino Psychology, I recommend books written by Virgilio Enriquez, the father of Filipino Psychology. For the record, I’ve read Kapwa: The Self in the Other by Katrin De Guia. She’s a foreign visual artist with a Filipino husband. It’s her thesis in U.P.


    • Oh, the author is Teodoro Agoncillo ! My bad. lol

      I heard Filipinos smile away all problems that come their way. That’s the only way they can cope. So, yeah, it’s kind of fatalistic, isn’t it? But that’s a virtue in a way. Do your best, but accept whatever comes your way. Bahala na. Whatever will be, will be.
      It’s like, cross your fingers and hioe for the best.


      • Smiling is one way of coping. Like a defense mechanism for stress. Even though the condition compels a sad reaction, you just do the opposite. Maybe it’s because of our laid-back culture.

        About the bahala na, It is fatalistic but it’s not. It is but it’s not. Do you get my point? Like what I’ve said, there is no exact translation of bahala na in English or any other foreign language. But I’ll try translating. How about “I’ll do my best and God will do the rest”? Not even close. Because fatalism doesn’t really apply to the bahala na expression. Fatalism is being passive and accepting whatever will happen. In the bahala na, you will do whatever it takes, you’ll be responsible of your actions, and then hope for the best. You accept the situation but you’ll do some action. Whew! That was long. Sorry. XD


  7. You know actually, you do look like her!


    • Ah, that’s the only pic I can find that closely resembles her,,,, close up. I don’t see any resemblance though. But I’m happy, coz she’s pretty. He he he


  8. Posted by REBECCA DAWN on February 26, 2012 at 5:45 pm

    sorry, about that nomination thing…I nominated you for the candle lighter award and the sunshine award…^_^ oops dont beat me!
    You do look like Naya! maybe you can take over as Santana on Glee! and become famous! lol
    Aww your teddybear looks very cute!
    I wanted one for VDays too…but I didnt get one! sad! soo single… I only have my anime boyfriends! oh the injustice!


  9. As usual a wonderful Blog. I would disagree, you do look a lot like that person. It is rather uncanny actually.
    I borrowed an anime from the library last week called “The Heroic Age” have you see that. I was impressed with the message and complex plot twists. If you have not seen it I would recommend it to you.
    Have a wonderful day,


    • No, really ? I think it’s the shape of the face, and we do have the same lips… kind of. Other than that, I don’t really see any resemblace. But, then, usually, other people can see it.

      I’ll check it out. Lee Devine, while you’re at it, check out Summer Wars too… and Monster, Graveyard of the Fireflies is good, too.


  10. Posted by Zoe @ Pantry and Fridge on February 26, 2012 at 6:17 pm

    Ha, it’s funny – you’re right, you always say you have nothing and end up with interesting stories! 🙂 Love it.

    So, a Nazi dude? Creepy. Supremacy issues always get me pissed off. Nazis, KKK… The like. Just pure evil in my eyes. I don’t think I e ever met a Nazi. I’m pretty sure I’d remember that, but I’ve met lots of “Southerners” that have those beliefs and it’s all I can do not to club them in the face with whatever is in my reach. I used to see a guy at the club I worked at years ago that was covered in hate tattoos…what the hell? Anyway, I bet that was very rattling for your sister. :/

    I think you do kinda look like that girl – similar anyhow. You are super pretty! You’re the true meaning of “brains and beauty, too” 🙂 Did you ever consider modeling?

    I love CSI, watching NCIS right now 🙂 I always thought it would be a really cool job. Follow your heart!!

    Thanks for the post, as usual very entertaining, Ren.



    • I know right ? I stare at the monitor for an hour, and , nothing…. 2 posts this month, Ugh ! I think I should carry a notebook and write down stuff. I’m like, ” oh, I’ll write about that, ” then I forget about it.

      Super pretty ? *slaps face * This is so embarassing. (*~*) I wasn’t fishing for compliments when I posted that pic. I just thought that was the one that kind of resembles Naya Rivera. * runs off * * hides*


      • Posted by Zoe @ Pantry and Fridge on February 29, 2012 at 5:31 am

        Noooooo. Don’t take it wrong. I take it back! Ewwww, you’re horrible!!! Just horrible!! 🙂


        • LOL !

          Nooooo ! ! Give it baaaaaaack ! ! ! Ahahahah ! I want it back ! !


          • Posted by Zoe @ Pantry and Fridge on February 29, 2012 at 6:38 am

            lol … For the record, my first comment was the real one!!

            And, I don’t know who that girl is 😦 I’m so not up on current things – but there is a good resemblance.


            • Oh, gosh, same here…. I haven’t seen the girl. So many days have already passed and I haven’t seen her yet even though I’m so eager to see her….. I don’t know what time Glee is on, or what channel/ I’m so lame.

  11. Don’t knock the guy for trying with the stuffed animal and chocolates! But I agree, he could have been more creative.

    I say you look enough like her where I can see it. Now I looked again and you’re twins. I’m not sure anymore. You have the same exact lips. That much I do know. Is it creepy if I fully exam the situation further? Don’t answer that. I know it is.


    • I know ! Ahahaha ! I’ve have had flowers and baloons, too. But the best was a handmade card with a cut-out photo of moi pasted on a heart shaped drawing. That’s from my 6th grade classmate. Ahahaha ! Sweet !

      * whisper * You know, I cropped the photo of Naya Rivera . Didn’t want to show her , uhm, Cup Fs…. those definitely do not resemble me, I mean, mine. . O.O


  12. Posted by jakesprinter on February 27, 2012 at 12:48 am

    You have a great talent ,more power to your blog my friend 🙂


    • Awww ! gee thanks ! I’m wondering though what exactly is the talent, ahahah . Your site is awesome. Great photos ! Mine are all blurry. I can’t get it right.


  13. You do look like her a little actually, but you’re a little more beautiful 😀
    Good writeup here. I saw it earlier and read it, but got busy and returned now to comment. I hope all is going well there with the studies and relationship situation 🙂


  14. I agree with Allen remove the label and let’s see who can guess right … 🙂 you two really looks the same, eyes, lips … bahala na means come what may, interesting ….


    • Maybe I will edit it and remove the label…. but… too late ! Didn’t think of that… but then it’s so clear who is who. ^_^ #

      Willofheart, you’re familiar with “bahala na ? “


      • yes my friend because I am also a Filipino… this word used “bahala na” means you didn’t care what is the outcome, you just do what do you want to do and let the fate or time do the rest, here we have a saying ” okay I’ll do bahala na si Batman”

        By the way my friend I am nominating you for Kreative Bloggers Award pls. follow the link at… Congratulations…


        • Oh, gosh ! Thank you for the nomination ! ! I am totally overwhelmed now !

          I am surprised you’re a Filipino ! !

          Yeah ! Bahala na means what will be , will be, come what may. It’s really a good virtue.

          Cheers, willofheart !


  15. Good question. Why do men give us teddy bears? I never asked for one but I get one for every special occasion. No clue!


    • I know….. but what else can they give ? * thinks * O.O

      If I were a guy, what would I give ? * thinks * O.O

      Exactly. T.T


      • If they read your blog they’d have plenty to give you like animè boxed sets or manga. 😛

        You know, my boyfriend still remembers the exact date that we met and I don’t lol. That’s the kind of guy other girls *ahem* should be looking for…..


        • Here you are ! !

          I’ve been looking for your comment here… I thought it went to spam …. it’s weird coz quite a few have told me my comments went to spam, too.

          Oh, yeah, I could have asked for the second volume of Boy’s Over Flowers. LOL Kidding !

          Oh, I know , right. We girls should look for guys who love us more than we love them. If it’s the opposite, relationship will not last. The guys will dump us. They are so fickle. !!!!!!! Dooshes.


  16. I can’t believe how much you look like her! I had to look several times…great post!


  17. you do look like her! that is cool 🙂 i think the reason why the guy got you generic gifts is because men do not really like to think about these things, idk really 😆 the valentine’s day dates of your siblings are all interesting. at least they got to be with their special someones right? 😀


  18. I really love your anecdotes and stuff about your family. They always entertain me. I’m a huge Glee fan and I think I can see why people say you look like Naya Rivera. I have to say, you do kind of look like her. Then again, she’s gorgeous and you’re gorgeous so it’s a win-win in my book. 🙂

    I wonder if your brother ever wonders how he landed a model girlfriend that was a contender for Tyra Banks’s show. I wish I were lucky to land a hot super model boyfriend type. I’m not that lucky unfortunately. XD


    • Alrught…. to be honest, I haven’t seen her, yet. Is Glee still running ? I want to check her out. But then I know I won’t be the best judge of that.

      My dorky brother thinks he’s cute. Aaaargh. When my sister and I heard that, we were like, Eeewwwwww ! ! ! he should look in the mirror .

      OMG, a hot super model boyfriend ! ! We wish ! ! I have a higher chance of landing on the moon than landing a hot model boyfriend ! ! (^_____^) #


      • Yeah, Glee is still around. You can catch an episode one day if you want. 🙂

        Landing a hot supermodel boyfriend does fall under “when pigs fly” category but we can dream. ^_~


        • I know, right…. or, when crows turn white. T.T Guess we need to lower our expectations, and settle with whomever. ( or is it whoever ? ) ~.~ #

          Or just read mangas and pretend we’re the heroine who gets the hot guy. LOL

          Do you ever wonder why the manga guys are so pretty, and the heroines are plain-looking? It doesn’t happen in real life, but the authors need to sell to squealing fan girls and give them hope that even plain janes like them will live happily ever after with Brad Pitt look-alike. And who buy these shoujo magazines ? Girls ! The money machine.


  19. Posted by WordsFallFromMyEyes on February 28, 2012 at 9:19 am

    You totally made me smile – thank you 🙂

    First of all, it’s funny it’s 11 days since your last post because today for my boss I had to photocopy three huge lumps of pages 11 times!

    Next, love your writing,
    Next, love the picture,
    Next, love the cartoon!!

    I’m telling you, this post totally had me smile 🙂

    Congrats on the Versatile Blogger Award & good on you for stopping at 8. Do what you wish to, not what’s expected to 🙂
    Lucky you with your date. If my boy said he had an exam tomorrow, I’d be afraid I might commit carnal knowledge! It sure is a good line!

    Love your comments on realism, proposition, voyerism!

    A serious Nazi still breathing? Forgive me, on behalf of my Polish mother: where is justice?

    She was a contender – she didn’t win. So an $11 takeaway is enough…

    Goodnight!! 🙂


    • Awww ! Thank you ! I’m glad I made you smile ! ! That’s important to me ! ( Oooops, pardon the exclamation points ! )

      ” Lucky you with your date. If my boy said he had an exam tomorrow, I’d be afraid I might commit carnal knowledge! It sure is a good line! “……….. hmmm, I wonder what this means * scratches head * He he he I really don’t know what it means, and I wanna know.

      Oh, yeah, about that Nazi Uncle… that was horrible. My sister hopes she’ll never see him again, ever.


  20. Posted by WordsFallFromMyEyes on February 28, 2012 at 9:30 am

    PS: you don’t look like her – you’re prettier.

    She’d have to trade that naiive sparkle in her eye & quirk of her lips for wisdom, allure, intrigue and lustre in the gaze, plus lips poised for truth,
    if she wanted to look like you.


  21. Well, this post is absolutely ‘not’ nothing. Seems like school is keeping you busy, what with all the courses you had to take. Gosh. Sound like very difficult ones but I’m confident you can ace ’em.

    And Naya is such a gorgeous lady. Although I find her cheeks sorta ‘funny’. Or maybe, it’s just me. 😀


    • If I didn’t add Criminl Justice, I’d have just 13 units,,, it’s a waste of tuition money. I have 16 units now. I hope I can get good grades. They seem easy though, so far.

      She’s a pretty girl. I can’t see any resemblance, really. I think it’s the shape of the face. He he he


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  23. I was notified in my email about your new post. I just want to say hello and good luck to your love life. 😀


  24. the stuff toy is cute and cuddly 🙂


  25. About the Nazi uncle — that is really creepy. If I’m not mistaken guys like him are being hunted down up to this day. Unless he’s just a crazed fan of Hitler. But still, you know..


    • Creepy is an understatement. He’s a White Supremacist. But then he’s free to think that way. He has every right to his views. My problem with them is , majority of them are violent, and want to do harm to people who are not like them. he’s a white supremacist who’s also a Jew hater. Dangerous combination.


  26. When it comes to men, actions speak louder than words…the enormous bear and box of chocolates mean he’s digging your action sister 😉 Can you imagine what he must have looked like walking out of the story with that bear??? Love it!


    • Hello !

      This is the only way I can inform you that my comments on your blogsite go to your Spam Folder. Hope you can un-Spam me. * sad *


  27. * imagining * ( here I go again, imagining )

    Oh, yeah…. LOL Sweet .


  28. You don’t look like Santanna on “Glee” – you’re waaay cuter!
    Great title, by the way!


  29. […] would like to tag some of my favorite blog friends: lj, apollo, renxkyoko, lester, bagotilyo, little miss pataki, ayla, hoshi, javes, KG, and rob and ask them the following […]


  30. Never underestimate mental voyeurism. It’s how I spend a good portion of my day.


  31. (^.^) #

    At least there’s one who thinks MV is a good thing. * grins*

    Cheers !


  32. Posted by Jueseppi B. on March 2, 2012 at 10:21 pm

    Oh my….a stunningly gorgeous Goddess….who plays the violin….good to be following you, now keep us posted on your life.


    • * cough * Whoah ! Thank youuuuuu ! Goddess ! * palmface * I wanna be an ostrich. LOL * digs ground *


      • Posted by Jueseppi B. on March 3, 2012 at 4:47 pm

        An Ostrich would be good. But you don’t have a face only a mother could love…so it would be hard for you to fit in as an Ostrich I think….


    • Aaaargh.

      I did comment there a few minutes ago…. re ” Voter supression”…. I didn;t see my comment after posting it…. I guess it didn’t go through.

      I’ve been having this problem for a long time now.


      • Posted by Jueseppi B. on May 31, 2012 at 10:55 pm

        I will beat the heck outta WP for messing with you. Let me go look again in the spam folder….be right back.


  33. You’re gorgeous, honey and so is Naya Rivera!


  34. You do look like her! 🙂

    I tagged you on my blog.
    Have fun! 🙂


  35. Posted by REBECCA DAWN on March 6, 2012 at 4:14 am

    another nomination…for the abc award! oh my goodness..whatever shall you do? accept it! lol


    • Oh, my…. I have to take down notes ! ! I’m forgetting what else I was nominated for and tagged for !
      1. tagged by laffemeroar, you, PM, passiveaggressiveabuse…..

      2. abc award,sunshine, candle lighter award (yours )

      3.sunshine (?) zendictive

      Thanks, guys… I’ll do this on my next post….. kind of giddy already.


  36. Posted by Possibility Diva on March 8, 2012 at 7:07 pm

    Love your blog…thanks for commenting on my post. Please continue to share and I will do the same…please visit my other sites and share, too …


  37. Wow you have a lot of comments already… don’t know if you will read this

    Kopi Luwak your brother had, it’s a fancy beverage there in LA?.. I heard it’s the most expensive coffee… But it’s not at all my favorite… And you know where it comes from right?? right?? I’m pretty sure it’s imported from Indonesia

    Yes Ren your eyes exactly like Naya Rivera… She’s pretty.. then you’re pretty.. maybe if you tanner a little … You could play her twin on Glee 🙂

    Btw i just read your bio there… You like reading books?? I thought you only read manga.. seriously.. my friend who love manga usually hate ‘real book’ with lots of words…

    Hey just an idea, since you played violin, why don’t you post your video playing violin sometimes…


    • Lol ! ! I’m reading this now ……

      Yes, it’s supposed ti be the most expensive coffee, and I know how the beans are harvested, hehehe. I wish I could taste this coffee, just a sip , mind you, I’m not gonna pay $10 for a small cup.

      Tan a little ? I am tanned, actually….light brown….. the photo doesn’t show my tanned complexion.

      Ahahaha ! I love reading books ! Before I started reading mangas, I was a voracious reader. Almost every weekend years ago, I ‘d go to the local library to borrow or buy second hand books,. I always came home with 2 bagful of books.

      Unfortunately , I never had a video of me playing. I have a picture though of the orchestra. Oh, I do have a video that Dad took , but it is the old type of video recorder with a tape. I don’t know if I can transfer what’s in there to a disc .


  38. Hi!

    I think you may ‘resemble’ each other but your alot prettier! 🙂 I love your site. I’ve got to learn how to navigate around mine. Your site is beautiful and well-organized. Enjoy your day!


    • Hi, mewj !

      Thank you ! I don’t know about the well- organized though. I think my site is the most disorganized on WordPress. It’s been described once or twice as doped, lol. !


  39. @35andupcynicismonhold…… it’s going great in my neck of the woods.


  40. You really look like her Ren. And it’s a honest truth. 🙂 You have written this post beautifully. It was a funny and interesting one. Nicely done Ren. best wishes to you.


    • Awww, thank you, Arindam ! I’m starting to believe it, ahahahaha !

      And my eyes are also starting to play tricks on me. I look now and think we ‘re dead ringers, LOL ! ! !


  41. But surely you are far more beautiful than Naya Rivera.. 🙂

    Subhan Zein


  42. Posted by gelaikuting on March 20, 2012 at 1:16 pm

    wew! you really look like her! PRETTY much! 🙂


    • Hmmmm…..When women say that, I tend to believe it more, hahahaha.

      hey, uhm, there’s a Filipino actor Anne Curtis….. when I was there, my cousin said I looked like her, then yesterday, my gay Filipino friend randomly texted me and said he was watching a movie starring this lady, and he said she reminded him of moi. Know of her? I looked at her photo gallery, and I can’t believe she kind of does,,, I have photos of myself that do look like her… whoa. Naya Rivera, no, not really.


      • Posted by gelaikuting on March 21, 2012 at 12:07 pm

        well, maybe u really look like anne curtis! post more pics…hehe! you even look like another local actress here.. sarah lahbati… google her name! I think that one must be mistaken as your twin sister! lolz =)) your a filipino right?


        • Yep, yep, I’m Filipino.

          I googled her. Uhm, There’s not one pic of her that closely resembles me.

          he he he I’m getting interested. Two years ago, I actually contemplated making a portfolio, and joining the fray. Ahahahaha ! Well, that was after I had my photo on the cover of my uni’s handbook of schedule for 2 semesters. I felt so Hollywoodish when students recognized me. Maybe I can go to the Philippines and try my luck ? LOL Meh. * slaps self *


          • Posted by gelaikuting on March 21, 2012 at 1:05 pm

            You speak Tagalog? 🙂

            Really? You really look like her @.@ you should go here, I think they will notice you and get some autograph as Sarah Lahbati *giggles* nyahahahaa


            • * Daydreams *

              ^ slaps self * Wake up, Ren ! !

              Nah . I think I’m stuck working with microscopes, checking out DNA of dead people, or germs and microbes. * misty eyed *

              * gloom *

  43. Posted by Mars on March 23, 2012 at 2:50 pm

    Pretty face… You look like her I’d agree but of judging your way of writing, I think your personality makes you different (on a positive note) :))


  44. brilliant blog! Love your style


  45. Yeah, I do see the resemblance to Naya.


  46. see? i told do look like that glee girl..:) pretty! 🙂


    • OMG, Yramijin ! hello ! It’s been a while, huh !

      And yeah, you were the blogger from WordPress that I mentioned here ! ^__^

      Cheers !


  47. I just wanted to thank you for stopping by so often and reading my poems! Your kindness adds that extra something lovely to my day! May your life and heart always be blessed as much as you have blessed my poems and I…thank you Ren!


    • Awww ! You’re welcome. I really like your poetry, and I mean that ! The words you use are simple and direct, and no reader can ever misunderstand or misinterpret what you’re trying to say. Beautiful poetry !


  48. Fabulous post.Beautiful likeness .In the Middle East there is a saying(God creates 40 people to look alike) Wishing you success and bright future.(when will you take your next trip.?)jalal


    • Thank you, jalal !

      Oh, I’m sure more than 4o ! ! ! I can’t believe that our faces can be made to look different 7 billion ways !

      My next trip depends on my parents ! ! I’m at the mercy of their pocketbooks , ha ha ha !


  49. Thank you so much for following my site.l do follow your interesting blog.I wish you more wonderful trips.Greeting .jalal


  50. That Nazi lover Uncle guy seems a bit weird. Not sure what I would have said in that situation. Probably said something to irritate him like, “I’m sorry I can’t stay long, I have to go to the son of my friends bar mitzvah”


    • She was already in shock when she saw the Confederate flag ( flag of Southern states where racism is deely embedded to this day ) , but she didn’t expect the Nazi coin collection. Well, the German flag was fine… sis’ BF ;s family came from Germany.

      Bar Mitzvah… I wish she had said that… actually, my sister is capable of saying that, lol.


  51. Posted by WordsFallFromMyEyes on March 2, 2013 at 9:48 am

    Renx, you are so beautiful – do you realise that?? You are really beautiful!

    Anyway, you DO look like her, the only exception being that you look like her “a little more awake”. The only difference is in the eyes. Yours are settled, calm, confident – hers are a bit skewiff (in a highly attractive way) but also bright as a button (as the saying goes).

    I absolutely love your posts. I know I don’t get here like clockwork (I never revisit anything like clockwork) but you can rest assured that when I come by, I’m in the mood for Renx!! Your posts always have chic and cheek, and are varied, interesting.

    Cheers, beautiful 🙂


  52. Wow, I don’t know what I would do if I was in you sister’s situation. That’s incredibly awkward to say the least!
    Also, I love Hana Yori Dango! I’ve only watched the Japanese and Taiwanese versions though. They’re both really good too! I have trouble deciding which one I like better. They’re actually quite different from each other too. You should check them out if you get the chance, I think you’d like them!


    • It was ! Sis said she was trembling with anger, and lashed out at her BF.

      I watched the Korean version. Do you know the the end of manga is a bit different from the movie versions? More depressing, actually. I like the other guy.


  53. Ha ha ha! I think my favorite part of this marvelous post is your relationship with your brother. That you can just text him and ask him to buy you something and you two negotiate a deal. Very awesome. Always stay close!


    • He he… I’m the car washer in the family. $5 a wash, including vaccuum. $ 3 w/o vaccuum.

      Come to think of it…. Like him, I play video games too, but I’m a bad player. I get stuck in one place ( I always fall when I have to jump off a ledge , for example ) and I have to pay my brother $ 1 ( price depends on the difficulty ) to get me off that ledge.

      Hmmmm, that’s a thought. (6___6)


  54. Posted by WordsFallFromMyEyes on June 23, 2013 at 1:01 am

    Never about nothing, your blog, Renx 🙂

    Your photo is so pretty, just lovely.

    You know, I was sure I’d read this one before… hmmm.


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