If The World Didn’t Suck….

…… we would all fall off  this planet. Well, that’s gravity, our current topic in Physics.  ( ^__^)  Last week  had been kind to me. I got a fairly decent grade in my Physics exam. In Math, I got a 3 – digit score ( 100%, happy dance ) and I  just  feel, oooh,  totally blase about my straight  A ‘s  in Spanish. < flicks hair > Pardon my bragging. After all, I worked my ass off to get these grades.

And , my group garnered an enthusiastic  ooohs and ahhs from the class and a Magnifico from the  teacher when we had our cooking demonstration in my Spanish class. \(^_^)/ My class  was  from 6 PM – 7:20,  my classmates  ate the Fajitas that we had cooked, and I swear, for at least 4 of them, it was free  dinner. I saw them come back for more Fajitas 3 times. My group didn’t even get to taste  it. (~o^). And to think, I had promised mom I’d bring some home. After all, she bought the ingredients. The steak was expensive.

And, I passed my WPJ English exam ! That’s a requirement for graduation. Those who didn’t pass would have to take additional English classes. I was surprised  my Math classmate who is a Math major failed the exam.  He was whining like, ” That isn’t    f!#$%&*ing  fair ! They should also require English majors to take Math ! Let’s see what happens ! ! ! ” Geezuzz ! I thought I would fail myself. My essays were horrible and didn’t make any sense, and I swear, since I passed it, everybody should have passed the exam too, especially my Math major classmate. He’s the one with the logical mind.

I put up the Christams tree and  trimmed  it, all by myself.  In fact, I ran amok and decorated the whole freaking house,  including the toilets.  I even used up the decors mom had already retired. And ,  mom was , like, ” ehrm, aren’t you overdoing it, just a little bit? One more red thing and the house’s gonna explode, I’m afraid. ”  Ha ! I’m not even done yet . Wait  ’til you see the porch .  I’m gonna take pictures of my handiwork as soon as I finish this. ( drools )  Well, at least, my wild decorating spree shook off  my holiday blues.

Well, this is it for today.  As ever, be happy, be nice, be courteous, and be polite. Peace ! !

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  1. I don’t know if you’ve already read my reply but I’m reposting it here anyway. 🙂 Congrats to your good grades.

    Oh, thanks for dropping by. I barely have readers and it’s good to hear from you, I’m glad you enjoyed it. I’ve browsed your page before replying and I liked your posts about “you know you’re Filipino, if”. I think I’ve seen the book in our library at school but never had the chance to borrow it. Haha. I’ll surely find time to back read your blogs.

    Anyway, your mother is a Filipina right? She’s from where?

    I love having new friends, please keep in touch. (^^,)


    • Hey, you’re welcome.
      Here’s the problem though…….. Everytime I click your name ( that will normally direct me to your site ), I get this message …. Internet Explorer cannot open the webpage……

      My parents are both Filipinos, and they’re from Paranaque. I was born there and lived there til I was about 6 when we immigrated to the US.

      I hope you can give me a better link. I do want to read your blog, as well.


      • Posted by ks paminter on December 10, 2010 at 2:37 am

        I’m still new here and I don’t know what happened. Hehe. I’m trying to fix it, though.

        So you’re purely Filipina. Parañaque is just an hour away from our place, well, if it’s not traffic. Hihi. 😀


  2. LOL! Sounds like you had lots of fun decorating. I bet it looks awesome. 😀


  3. Posted by John Ryan Recabar on December 17, 2010 at 3:48 am

    hahaha. i love the cooking session.

    and this article is so fun to read. it reminds me of my high school days.


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