A Little Bit of Confession is a Good Thing

Alright, confession time.

I ranted a while back  about some hacker sending spam mails to hundreds of people using my account. The truth is, it was worse than that. My entire computer got corrupted. All my pictures are gone now. Everything. Wiped clean.  At first, I got this ” note ” while I was online. “ A user logged in with the same IP address.” Then I got kicked out of the Internet, and was forced to turn off the computer. I tried logging in again, but then a note popped out. ” Your User Profile cannot be logged on.”  The truth is, I am technology challenged, so I was totally clueless as to what was going on . I asked Dad to help me out  but I think I know more about PCs than he does, although , believe it or not, he has been working as a Computer programmer for 35 years.  So, on to my brother, the most unhelpful person in the universe. I promised to buy  his one week supply of meat buns we call ” siopao” just so he’d  fix my computer, and well, yes , he did fix it,  but I had to make myself scarce while he was doing it, or else, I’d be mercilessly  lectured on 1.  not turning off my computer, or 2. going to Manga Fox, which he says is notorious for viruses, 3. I’m an idiot  for not making a back-up file   4 . I’m an idiot, plain and simple. 5.  blah, blah, blah.

So, now it’s fixed. But no more pics. (6_6).   Bro said he didn’t delete anything…. check out your desktop, he said.  %$#!&*$# !!!  Zilch. Nothing. Zero. Nada.  I prayed to all the saints in heaven I’d be a good girl if I could have my pics back, ( I’m Catholic ^_^” ), but , I guess my prayer was not answered.  ( tears )  This whole nasty episode is like telling me life’s indeed a b*ich, get over it, go buy a disposable camera like you  always do, have the pics developed at WalMart, go to Kinko’s, then transfer your pics on to your computer.  Then , keep your pics in a nice album. Capice ?

Speaking of which…… Manga Fox, the subject of my second confession.  I read mangas, and in case you don’t know, mangas are Japanese comics. I watch animes, too, And in case you don’t know , animes are Japanese cartoons.    Do I hear someone snickering,  Asian Alert !!!  So, okay, I’m a little wary about letting some people know that I like to read mangas and watch animes.  I’ve heard a few unflattering things and I totally resent  them. But I will not discuss this further. Suffice it to say that it’s BS.  On second thought, perhaps I will make this a topic on my future blog.  o.O

This is all for now. Be nice, be polite, be happy, and Peace !

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  1. hey there.. thanks for reading my blog.. you’ve got a nice blog here too 🙂 cheers! Happy holidays!


  2. Ah, you’re very much welcome… and thank you too for coming over.
    Happy Holidays to you ! !


  3. Posted by dreamsending on December 5, 2010 at 5:49 am

    Hey, Anime RULES. Its just not Pokemon or Yugioh, but really good ones, like Wolf’s Rain and Cowboy Bebop. (Along with 100 other of titles.)

    But My most fav. is Sailor Moon, cause that show rocked and changed my life. So your not along girl!

    Now for virus. Try Hitman Pro. I have that and my computer is safe! I hope you get everything fixed soon.


    • OMG, I love Cowboy Bebop ! ! Except, girlfriend, he dies !!!!! Ahahaha ! Spoiler Alert ! ! Too late ! Oh, but I can’t wait to see keannu Reeves play him. Ahhhh, Keanu !!!


  4. Awww, I’m so sorry about your computer. Back on my old computer there were times when my computer was messed up and I had to do a reboot an lost everything. I hope your computer is back to normal and doesn’t do anything like that anymore.


    • Woah! You lost everything, too >? What happened in your case ? Did u get a virus ? Did you get back ur stuff ?
      My problem now is I’m back to square one…. I can’;t go to Manga Fox…. dang it ! Skip Beat’s Chapter 167 is posted and i can’t read it.


      • A few times it was caused by a virus, a couple other times my siblings did something stupid with the computer and caused damage.

        Most of the time I lost everything. But there were a few times when I did a, uh, what’s it called… system restore. And I got back my stuff with that a few times. But other times I wasn’t able to do that since my computer was so messed up.

        Awww, that bites that you can’t read manga on your computer. 😦


  5. It shouldn’t harm your computer, unless the virus somehow got into that program file and has system restore infected. That would suck. But I’m sure it can’t be like that, right? 😛

    But at least you should give it a try. It might work to get rid of your problems. 😀


  6. Sad about your pictures, but maybe this is a spark to go out and restart with a clean slate. Keep your happy smile this weekend.


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