New Year’s Eve celebration in the Philippines is the best in the world, second to none. Each Filipino household prepares sumptous midnight meals they call Media Noche ( Christmas midnight meal is called Noche Buena ), and this tradition comes from their beliefs or superstition that dinner tables laden with food will stay that way all throughout the whole year.  And Filipinos welcome the new year with a loud bang, literally. Here’s how………. I urge you to click and watch each video . Each video shows only 1/10 of what is really going on there. You have to be there to feel and to believe the awesomeness of how Filipinos celebrate the coming of new year. It’s not a pocket size, corporate sponsored fireworks display. It’s every Filipino household ‘s fireworks show. Listen to the sounds of NEW YEAR IN THE PHILIPPINES!

This one here….. Dad says this is the one that makes a lot of noise, not the fireworks display. It’s called Judas’ belt, and it’s expensive. He says he could afford to buy just 2 belts, and the rest would be triangulos ( triangle-shaped firecrackers that are as loud as the judas belt and are lit individually with a candle and tossed on the street ) By the way, firecrackers are not illegal in the Philippines, though thousands lose a finger or two every year. (^_^);;   The government cannot do a thing about it. It’s tradition.

So, here it is…. the noise on the ground, at GROUND ZERO, and it’s just on one short street…. multiply that by thousands of street s all over the city….. go figure….

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  1. Posted by dreamsending on December 30, 2010 at 5:47 am

    ah, fireworks, FUN IN MEXICO! (When its was safe)
    Still, I hope you and your family have a good year.

    Talk to you later girl!


  2. Posted by Jeremy on December 31, 2010 at 3:46 am

    I can see the draw of the fireworks. There are a few moments in time that seem to stop. A timeless feeling as it were. To see the brilliance of flashes along the stars of the heavens. Now I understand why the Philippines is the best place for New Year’s.


  3. Posted by Lin on January 2, 2011 at 1:19 pm

    Spending New Year in the Philippines is really fun~ 🙂


  4. If only you were here :p

    Hearing the might of firecrackers (if you could still call them that because they’re almost as powerful sa mini-bombs lol) like goodbye earth and goodbye universe would definitely leave your ears ringing long after the New Year celebration’s over! Nothing like a New Year in the Philippines! People here always seem to come up with bigger and louder firecrackers each year. Happy New Year! 😀


    • I still have some memories left of my New Year from when I was a little girl. I mean, how can anyone forget the noise ? hahah But I really wish I could go there during the holidays and experience it again as grown – up. I remember my parents didn’t allow me to go out on New Year’s eve , so i was just there by the window looking out and listening, and waiting for others to come back in so we could start eating the Media Noche.


  5. Posted by AngelaLoves on January 11, 2011 at 9:37 pm

    Ah, I wish I could go to the Philippines one day. My family is from there and they said that people start decorating for Christmas in SEPTEMBER!! Lol

    Angela xxx


    • Hello! Welcome to my blog!

      Do you know what they say in the Philippines? Christmas season starts from the first month that ends in “ER”…. so September is the first month with an “ER”, so that’s when the season starts. Hahaha.


  6. haha, Pinay ka nga. hello, Renx! busy sa school or sa work? sa school at sa work? ^_^ hope you’re doin’ well. antay ko ang bago mong post, dear. regards, 🙂


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