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It’s backkkk ! !


I know, I know. I’m whining .  In my previous post, I did say ,” problem solved … WordPress , take care of me. ”  Well, folks, it’s back.


The only solution now is to get a new email address . WordPress’s Reader is very unreliable.  Sometimes I see new posts, ( just 2x these past 2 weeks ), sometimes I don’t.


My old email  server doesn’t or can’t accept new posts from blogs that I follow on WordPress.  I still get email notications of LIKES and FOLLOWS, though.



I’ve actually never used Reader to read new posts from bloggers.  It’s so cluttered.  But I had to, after this email debacle.  And then this happened, and have been happening for 2 weeks now.




I thought renewing my Premium would solve the problem.  I was a happy camper for a few hours, then it came back.  No Reader. ( the photo above was taken an hour ago )


I solved it temporarily by clicking on the avatars of the bloggers who LIKED my posts.  However, some of the bloggers’ avatars do not have links to their websites, like @Gardencity’s .  ( I like to read posts on gardening )


So, yeah, this is what I’m dealing now.


I’m going to sign up with gmail, as per the majority’s recommendation.


That’s all.   Bye and peace.



I need help here, folks.

Any ideas?

I had a Free Plan 2 months ago, but  ran out of storage space. So I bought their Premium Plan of $99 a year.  I stayed with

So, I wanted  to post  music videos  from YouTube. I did what I was supposed to do….. copy the YouTube address  of the particular video that I liked,  clicked Add Media  here, then I was sent to my Media Library where I can either choose pics and videos from my library or upload  something new from somewhere.  I  clicked Add New, then clicked Add via URL,  I pasted the YouTube address, then Bam, the message  ” THIS FILE CANNOT BE UPLOADED BECAUSE THE FILE TYPE CANNOT BE SUPPORTED.”

I’ve been getting this message since months ago, and I thought maybe it couldn’t be supported because  I was out of storage space.

I tried other videos….. same result.

I tried using  the link  here…. didn’t work, either.

I used to post a lot of music videos before,  and I remember there was even a feature ” Post from YouTube “.  It was so easy and convenient.

My  latest entry is done, without the videos.  ‘Course I can’t post it yet.

Any ideas ?  I already emailed WP for support. I haven’t heard from them.

Thank you.