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Hello ………Renxkyoko Iglesias here.


It’s been awhile, huh.


I feel so bad for not posting  (  45 days AWOL ) that I’m almost embarassed to show my face on WordPress .


Well, I’d  been busy. I worked full time all thru the holiday and semestral vacation.  However, I spent my free time playing video games and reading mangas. There are over 10,000 mangas to read online, and I read them alphabetically. I’m now on letter K.  And my frantic reading does not even include this ( photo below ) …. hundreds of volumes we own that I haven’t even read yet.DSCN2275

I also bought 3 video games.  God of War Ascension ( the prequel to the GOW trilogy ), Skyrim, and The Walking Dead.  I had already played GOW trilogy , on HARD MODE.  But , oh, gosh, GOW Ascension was insanely difficult. It took me weeks to finish this game, no kidding.  At first , I played it on Hard Mode. I was already halfway through when I gave up and switched to Normal, and started a new game . It didn’t help that the game had a glitch.


So, anyway, my brother came home from LA  one weekend, and watched me play the Final Boss battle.  “ So, Ren, how many hours have you been playing that part ? ” [………]  ” Uhm, since Thursday? ”  O_O?       Okay,  I let him play, and , it took him just 10 minutes to win the battle. WTF !


Ha !  That was my game, and I wasn’t going to give up  and disappoint Kratos ! Kratos, fight-o ! !


So, I replayed the Final Battle  , and , at last, I did it ! ! I won ! !


For every battle won, the player is given  a trophy.  I did receive one for this final battle …….  A trophy  for having my ass kicked a hundred  times. How rude.

Anyway, if you want to see where I had my  butt handed to me over and over, click this.

If you clicked it and watched, you’d think it was freakin’ easy.  But as I said, the game had a glitch. In a battle, I couldn’t get out of situations, like getting strangled  or turned into stone, and I couldn’t use my other “powers” fast enough.  I was like, ” get out, get out ! Oh, shoot ! Why isn’t this workingggggg ! ! ! ” I  went to the GOW forum to see if other players had the same problem. Sure enough, they had. Some were able to return the game at Best Buy ( they know about the glitches), but I bought mine at WalMart. lol.  And the posters over at the forum were sarcastic.. Questions like  “what should I do ” got a response of ” Spit in your hand and  lick it.”  Freakin’ rude. It wasn’t as if I was a lame player. I did play the other GOW games on Hard Mode, and this one wasn’t even the hardest. ( so they say… GOW 2 was )

So, I’m a geek.  But, don’t look down on me. Geeks are chic, too. We rock !


.* turns off Geek button *

I’m at school now. I’m taking  Physical Chem., BioChem., Reproductive Biology, Cancer Biology, and Forensics Biology. Forensics Biology is sooo interesting. I don’t know if I heard it right, but our professor told us we were lucky to study this course this semester. This is offered only to students taking masters degree in Criminal Justice. And guess what, there are only 8 students, all Microbiology majors, like me. Do yuo know that the head of CSI ( original ) TV show is supposed  to be a Microbiologist ? I took Criminal Justice last year. The two courses tie up very well.  I wish I could have Forensics as my Minor…  My Minor is automatically Chemistry.  Not bad, but Forensics is more interesting, don’t you think so? Reproductive Biology is interesting, too. I don’t know if you’ve heard of “The Death of the Frenchman ?”  It’s interesting to see that my male classmates are the ones either looking down or blushing.  C’mon, guys. He he he.  As if.  I guess they’re not used to hear something so  straightforward about their stuff from a woman.

Hey, I already have this stuck in my car. Is it too early? That’s a $ 25 sticker. lol.


This is all for now. Oh, wait, this is the LOVE Month !


.Oh, well.

Good day to all . PEACE ! !

Musing on girls confessing, and other stuff


Renxkyoko Iglesias musing here………

…….. Second week of school. So far so good. Epidiomology looks like an an interesting study that I can share here.  We’re now studying about STDs, syphyllis, and gonorrheas.  Cool. (^__^)

…… My mom is like me. We’re both techie challenged, but she’s worse.  Dad gave her a nice cell phone, but she has never used the text feature. She doesn’t know how.  I think mom would be comfortable with this kind of cell phone.

………… Ah, Dreamsending….. it’s okay to be turned down. Haven’t we been talking about “No guts, no glory?” Ahahaha !  Dreamsending and I are both manga ( Japanese comics ) readers, and,  from our manga reading, we’ve learned so much about Japanese culture.  My name  Renxkyoko comes from my favorite romance ( shojo) manga  Skip Beat where the main characters are Ren and Kyoko. (^_^)”  Anyways,  correct me if I’m wrong,  but it seems it’s okay for a Japanese girl to confess  her  love for a guy. In fact, on Valentine’s Day,  the girls are the ones who give chocolates to guys they like . And, 30 days after,  they call it White Day, well, that’;s the day of reckoning……the girls find out if they are liked back.  Read from right to left.

 Oh, yeah, it definitely would be a blow to a girl’s ego and pride to be rejected.  ( tears )  Still,  no guts, no glory, yes?  On to the next one, until we girls hit the jackpot. LOL  Well, at least we get to choose . Now, question…… have I ever confessed to a guy ?   (@___@)  * sweat *  Ehrm,   didn’t  know the guy had a GF, waaaaahahaha.  


 Oh, well, ( flicks hair), better luck next time. \(^_^)/

Oh, finally. Finally ! I’m done with God of War 3. Whew! Awesome game !  I’m supposed to be play it on Hard Mode now ( I played it on Normal ), but I decided to play another one, Unchartered 2.  Aaaargh.  It’s stealth and aiming and shooting and I ‘m really bad at aiming, but I swear I’m gonna finish this even if it takes me months and months.

Here’s where I ‘m at  at the moment….. I love the game.

This is all for now. Be good, be happy. Peace !!!!




From laundry to movies to law of thermodynamics

There’s really nothing on my mind right now, but it’s been a while since my last blog, so I’ll try to write something.

So, okay, renxkyoko Iglesias here… musing 

I got this Stats email from WordPress. My stats figures are pitifully low since they include the whole 12 months of 2010. I started blogging in May 0f 2010 on Live Spaces. Live Spaces did not give stats figures, and it, in fact , decided to junk its blogging site and move all its bloggers to WordPress. I ” migrated” to WordPress on Oct. 1 , 2010.  Anyway……. I’ve made my own stats for the 3 month period , starting on Oct. 1, my first day here on WordPress, and this is what I have…. I average 24.6 readers a day. The most number of readers I had was on Dec.30, 2010, on blog entitled ” Last Random Thoughts Before the Year Ends “, with 91 readers and 28 comments.  Is that average of about 25 readers a day  a good figure or what ? (^__^) ” . In my first month of blogging here, there were days when I only had  1 or 2 readers, or none at all.  So , I guess my readership has improved.  But , frankly, I’m not aiming for great stats figures. I just want to write down my thoughts, 99% of which are totally random, and , I have to admit, boring. I mean, like right now, it’s 5:58 AM, and I’m actually doing my laundry, and while waiting for my clothes to dry, I decide to blog.  Now, I don’t know what I find more interesting at this moment,  blogging, or  staring at my clothes  getting cleaned in the washer .  At this very moment, believe it or not, I find doing the laundry more interesting. Why is that , you ask.  Well, I am thinking of how , with just a small amount of soap, and a little agitation, clothes get cleaned.  Common sense, right? Of course, it is.  Soap molecules get hold of the dirt, then are washed away by water.  But then, I’m always  thinking of a more complicated , scientific explanation than plain common sense, because, to be honest, I find science beautiful and fascinating.  Don’t worry, I’m not going into the hows and whys of it all. I’m just saying.

Washing and drying done.  \(^_^)/ Back to the mundane task of blogging.,……. 

Yesterday, I watched this movie titled Passengers starring Anne Hathaway and Patrick Wilson.  I don’t know if this movie is a thriller or drama…. maybe a little bit of  both.  I like the movie , as usual. Is it a good movie ? I don’t know.  I don’t analyze. I’m too shallow. Hahaha !  I mean,  I can watch movies with the most ridiculous, ludicruos and absurd plots, and  still  like them… like Invasion from Mars and The Blob kind of movie.  It doesn’t mean that I like ALL movies. I don’t like The English Patient and Shakespeare in Love kind of  stories, nor mob, Mafia and gangster type. Anyway, back to Passengers……. A passenger plane crashes, and there are a few survivors, including Patrick Wilson. Anne Hathaway is a crisis and trauma therapist, and the movie starts with Hathaway having therapy sessions with survivors of the plane crash. But then, survivors begin to disappear one by one after one survivor reveals he heard an explosion before the crash.  Hathaway  suspects there’s a cover-up going on and starts to investigate.  So, okay, I have to stop here before I give away the story. Suffice it to say there’s a surprise  twist at the end. The twist is not original , though. There are actually quite a number of  movies that have similar endings.  If you’re interested to know what the ending is, watch PASSENGERS.

By the way,  do you know why a car tire becomes hard and firm when we add air? Again, common sense, right ?  Air molecules have mass and therefore they  fill the space in the tire making it hard and firm, not loose.  But, there is a more scientific explanation for that and it has something to do with Entropy, the second Law of  Thermodynamics.  It’s the tendency of the universe to go from order to disorder. Or to put it more simply, it’s the tendency of molecules to disperse from confined space to less confined space.  The molecules so want to escape that they look for pathways, desperately hitting the walls of the tire. Now this hitting of the walls is the reason why the tire becomes firm and hard.

Wooo! I am almost done with God of War 3. I ‘ve already killed 3 main bosses.  Two more , then Zeus!

Wow. I managed to write something.

Well, this is all for now. Don’t get bored, okay? PEACE!!!



Uhmm, yeah, I was quite emo on my previous blog.  So, okay, the killing rampage was a solo act by a deranged person, but he was sane enough to plan ahead,  and who knows what else he had done before he decided to go and kill people, like maybe gone to some Tea Party websites where Congresswoman Giffords is being targeted  with an M-16  ?  Now Sarah Palin is all over the Internet , trying to pass the blame on journalists whom she says are the ones spreading the vitriol.  Huh? Say that again? So, when Sarah Palin crosshairs Congresswoman Giffords, it is not a threat , but merely a figure of speech?

I’m just wondering, do hunters really use semi-automatic weapons to kill deer, or  that one lonely moose on Sarah Palin’s reality show ? ( Thank goodness that was cancelled.)

You know,  my image of a tea party is a group of gracious ladies  and delicate tea cups. Well, not anymore.

I wish we could go back to the time   when the worst that could ever happen to this country was a President getting a blowjob.

Rant mode over and out. * fans self*


YES! ! I bought a PS3!  My very own ! I can now play video games to my heart’s content, anytime I want to.. My brother has one but he locks his bedroom when he’s not home, so I can only play when he’s around, but only for 2 hours, max, then I get kicked out of his room.  So yeah, I’m not done with God of War 3 because of that. 

I was reading the newspaper yesterday (  yes, I do read the papers, hehe ) and saw this article on the Top 10 most common scams of 2010, one of which is the ” overpayment schemes “.   Aha ! So, that ‘s what it’s called !  My family experienced this a few years ago, and I talked about this here. So, this is what the article says about this scam: ” This typically targets landlords, small business owners, or individuals with room to rent or items to sell in classified ads or on Craigslist. The scammers overpay by check, then ask to have the extra wired back to them !!!!! ”  That’s exactly what happened to us ! We have another house we were renting out, but  when our tenants moved out , we  had  the house listed on Craigslist, then some guy from England  emailed to tell us he wanted to rent the house, and sent us a check that was waaaaaaay over the required first payment, like $ 2, 750 over, and then he emailed us again to tell us if we could kindly wire back the extra as that was his airfare to the US.  Of course, we didn’t send him any money, but the bank where Mom deposited the check froze our account.  It  is a stupid scam, really, but surprisingly , it seems it still works and even  made it to the top 10 list of scams for 2010.

Ah, another good news for me……………… I just got the results of the mammogram exam……. ALL CLEAR!!!  I’m advised to take another one in 5 years….  An that other check – up that I didn’t care to talk about on my blog ( yep, I had that procedure done on me , too ) , result was all clear!!!!  And my  twice a year dental check-up result was , yes, perfect teeth !  not a pinprick of cavity.  Now, for the bad news….. this is the last year that I’m on Dad’s list of dependents.  Next year, I  pay for my own health insurance. * tears*  I don’t think I’ll be able to afford it, not with my part-time salary.  Oh, well.

So…. this is all for now. Paalam. Be good, be courteous, be polite. Peace!!!! 




First random thoughts of 2011

…………It was Karaoke time on New Year’s eve.  The guest  who suggested  karaoke for the party , surprisingly,  had the best singing voice. No wonder, hahaha.  The other guests who were initially less enthusiastic about the karaoke session started hugging the mike after 3 bottles of beer, but I managed to sing Led Zep’s Stairway to heaven and Sting’s I’ll Be Watching You.  But  they sang with me, and darn, their voices were even louder than my own with the mike. (=_=) Anyway, it was the most fun and merriest new Yera’s eve party we have had so far. Thank you, karoake !!!!

………..I started writing this post on Jan. 2, and it’s only today, Jan. 5 that I have managed to post this……. there were just too many stuff to do after the New Year celebration. My boss is now giving me more work hours, which is a good thing because the holidays totally depleted my bank account, and I just finished doing the most dreaded chore after the holidays—-> taking down the holiday decors.

…….. I’ve already enrolled for the spring semester and will go back to school end of January. Although I still have more than 2 weeks of vacation left  before school starts, I’ve pushed the panic button and have started multi -tasking. < laughs> I’m now on my 14th volume of the 18 volume graphic novel Monster, and  more than halfway through with video game God of War 3.  And after Monster, I’m going to start reading Bourne Deception, a continuation of Robert Ludlum’s Jason Bourne mega franchise, and although Robert Ludlum  is dead, I think the new author, Eric van Lustbader is more than capable to continue Mr. Ludlum’s Bourne legacy. Mr. Lustbader has , in fact, already written 3 other Bourne novels, The Bourne Sanction, The Bourne Betrayal, and The Bourne Legacy. Mr. Ludlum wrote the first three…. The Bourne Identity, The Bourne Ultimatum, and The Bourne Supremacy. So, okay, these are not literary classics and books that inspire and teach us about life. Call me shallow or literary lightweight, but,  I read books to please and entertain myself. To be honest, ” inspirational and philosophical ” books bore me, because, you know what, I already know what these books are all about,  anyway.  I follow the Ten Commandments, I follow the Golden Rule, I try to be kind, polite, nice, courteous, and selfless.  I know all about that.  Now, what I don’t know are the mysteries of the universe, what those archaelogical finds tell us about the ancients, did Lee Harvey Oswald act alone when he assasinated Pres. Kennedy, what will happen if there is no more oil left on the planet, what will happen if an asteroid hits our planet, and how will Pres. Obama’s health care reform affect our day to day lives?  These are the stuff  that I love to read. Oh, and by the way, I’m also avidly reading this book ” Queen of Clean , A Complete Cleaning Guide.”….. a very useful book if we want to use natural cleaning products, such as vinegar and baking soda. (^___^)

………. Speaking of which, I came across a ” test ” on a person’s geekiness. There were maybe a hundred questions and choices, and I checked the appropriate boxes. The result was , I am a “total geek “.  Actually, there are 7 gradations of geekiness. Number 1, if I recall correctly  is “, showing some characteristics of geekiness”, No. 2 is just ” you’re a geek “. No. 3 , where I belong,  is ” total geek “…. but wait, the hierarchy is up to No.6, where it says” You have a problem.”  Well, I have long suspected I am one, and this test just confirmed it. LOL  Well, I love Star Trek, so what ?  However,  I am the classic example of  the saying ” Don’t judge the book by its cover”. In high school, I was the first one to wear ” The Skirt “. (^_^)””  Don’t ask me what it is. It’s still hanging in my cabinet.

…………I’m off to play GoW3, and hopefully I can finish this today. I ‘m hoping to play Persona 4 or Prince of Persia 1 after this. I guess I ‘ll play PoP next. We have the series up to PoP4.  And i hope I don’t get stuck on ledges anymore.

……… Laters….. so be nice then, be polite, be courteous. Peace !