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Natural Disasters

Taal Volcano in the Philippines exploded again last week. It also erupted on Jan. 15, 2020. The volcano was still spewing smoke when we had lunch there one month after the eruption.

It’s the smallest volcano in the world. The volcano’s mouth is the one protruding from the lake. Can you see it ?

Photo below was taken in 2014 .

About 100, 000 were evacuated before the eruption last week.

The eruption last year destroyed large banana, coffee, pineapple, and flower farms. On a positive note, it will make the land around the volcano very, very fertile.

Once again, volcanic ash will envelop Manila.

The Philippines is a country the size of California ( actually, smaller ) but has 300 volcanoes, 53 of which are active. It belongs to the Pacific Ring of Fire, and its volcanoes rank as the most deadly and costly in the world. Nice.

The biggest eruption in 20th century also happened in the Philippines in 1991. ___Mt.Pinatubo’s. It was the only eruption that penetrated the stratosphere____ and lowered the earth’s temperature by .5 C.

When it comes to natural disasters, the Philippines is truly a favorite punching bag of nature. It has only 2 seasons____ wet and dry____ Wet is from June to November. The country is visited by at least 20 typhoons every year, with at least 5 being very destructive. Typhoon Yolanda ( Haiyan ) in 2013 was the most destructive so far. It was a Super Typhoon that was off the charts. A 220 km/hour or 135 miles/hr. is a Super Typhoon , a category 5 storm. Yolanda was 195 miles/hour or 312 km/hr.

The Philippines is said to be “the most exposed country in the world to tropical storms. ”

Super Typhoon Haiyan Beelines for the Philippines | Climate Central
File:Late 2006 Philippine typhoon tracks.png - Wikimedia Commons