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March 11, 7th anniversary of Japan’s 9.0 earthquake and devastating tsunami



I assume majority of us Americans do not know  what it feels like to experience a 7 to 9 earthquake /tsunami ( March 11, 2011, in Japan ) , an off -the charts  typhoon ( as in 200 mile/hr super typhoon / 240 mile /hr. wind gust/  tsunami – like storm ocean surge, Nov.11, 2013 in the Philippines) and  the second biggest volcanic eruption of the 20th century and the largest that occurred in a densely populated area (June 11, 1991 in the Philippines ) , tsunami  that originated in Sumatra, and devastated 5 other countries ( Thailand, Sri Lanka, etc , in 2004 ) that caused the death of almost half a million people.


I’m  now remembering the 7th anniversary of  Japan’s 3/11  earthquake and tsunami.



I’ve  been obsessing about this for 2 weeks now, watching all the videos , including the ones in the Philippines.  I am in awe of the destructive forces of nature. The storm in New Orleans was Category 3 when in reached landfall…… the one in the Philippines was more than Category 5 , the highest category , and they said , it  should have been Category 7 if there was such a category.  Filipinos are used to typhoons. They will shrug off Category 3, and maybe Category 5 or more . After all, they get at least 2 dozen typhoons a year.  What devastated the area was the unexpected  tsunami -like storm surge which the country had never experienced before. The people were angry at the warnings because they weren’t told  a tsunami would follow. The Philippine Weather  Bureau did warn of a storm surge over and over , but the people countered they didn’t understand what a storm surge was.  They should have used the term tsunami , instead of  friggin’ storm surge.  Well, I understand the logic.  The contentious interchange would have been comical if it wasn’t so tragic.  What made this event even more tragic was the fact a nearby  Philippine island, Bohol, suffered a 8.0 earthquake a month before Haiyan typhoon.


The Ring of Fire



The Ring of Fire is a horse -shoe shaped  area surrounding the Pacific Oceans….it’s a string of volcanoes, ocean trenches, tectonic plates and intense volcanic and seismic activities.

a)   It is home to 452 volcanoes….. 75% of the world’s active ones are located within this ring.


Mt. Pinatubo eruption, 1991, ( Philippines) second  biggest in 20th century, and caused the lowering of world’s temperature by 1 F  .



2)   Roughly 90% of all the world’s earthquakes occur here.


3)   It stretches about 25,000miles from new Zealand northwest to the Philippines, northeast to Japan, east to Alaska, south to Oregon, California (  San Andreas plate ) Mexico, and the Andes Mountains of South America.




Here’s the thing….. Japan ‘s Tokyo has  one of the most beautiful skyline in the world. The city of  Metro-Manila, Philippines , is currently  #12 in the world’s most beautiful  city skyline. I mean, how many cities are there in the world ?  That means, beautiful skyscrapers, tall buildings, etc.   I hope these 2 cities  are fully prepared for the inevitable. It’s a scary thought.






This is all for now.  Bye and peace.


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