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Random thoughts, random photos, random memories

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I’ll be good  this time.   I’m not in the mood to rant and scream MURDER ! !




Hi  ! !



Going to show some random old photos.





Above ,with statues of Pres. Obama and Michelle in a  restaurant in the Philippines that is  full of odd decorations. ( Not shown  in the photo   are the huge statues of KingKong , Godzilla and Batman.





Man, I love that hat ! ! ( pic taken in Pisa, Italy)





I was rummaging thru thousands of photos in my file , and  got stoked, for the nth time,   when  I  saw     my 15 minutes of fame. …. I was on stage with Jason DeRulo, singing to me.   *  ah, this never gets old. *




I split the computer screen, and translate the manga I’m reading.  I spend so much time doing this.  Mangas  translated from Japanese into English are so slow in coming.  So, I go to Spanish and Italian websites. So, why not translate Japanese straight to English ?   Well, there are no Japanese characters in my computer.





I love crime/detective  books,  too…. so much so that I studied and got a degree in Forensics Biology.   That’s pretty hardcore , if I do say so myself.


As you can see from the photo above, my favorite crime author is Patricia Cornwell.










Had a glass or two  at this bar above  photo at  Boracay Island, Philippines.   Below photo is Boracay Island.  Pretty, isn’t it ?






I love the spiral staircase  , from the backgarden below to the covered rooftop of our house in the Philippines.




That’s my bedroom on the right, the one with sliding glass door. I wish I could transport our house, from the Philippines to the US.


Enough of random things.  I’ll be back for the serious stuff  next time.  Ackkk,  politics is so confusing.  I literally  have to choose  between the devil and the deep blue sea.


I might have to choose the devil.


But first,  I need to contemplate  what my role is in the universe.  That’s important.




Bye for now.


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