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Food Stereotyping, just for fun


So,  last week  a co-worker  gave  us  a list of what  dish to bring for our potluck party  to be held  next week.  Dennis, my  lab co-worker noticed something about the list.  “ Psstst,  hey, Ren , check out the list.  Do you think we’ve been stereotyped ? ” See, there are  5  techs at the lab…. 3 Filipinos, 1 white, 1 Vietnamese, and the dishes we’re supposed to bring are :

Ren  – lumpia ( meat eggroll )


Francine ( Filipina girl )–pancit noodles

Dennis (  Filipino-Italian ) —  chicken adobo

Trang ( Vietnamese )– Vietnamese spring roll

Robert ( white guy )– mac ‘n cheese


There are 7 others on the list . Amanda’s , a Mexican,  is  carne asada,  and  Mrs. Curtis’ , an African -American is , tah dah !  fried chicken.


Whoever made the list,  two thumbs up.


This reminds me of  a Filipino comedian  who once guested  on  Jay Leno’s The Tonight Show.  His  says his dad, who’s white, was  in the military when he met his mother. But then , his dad ‘s side of the family  was kind of racist, and  he and his mother were never acknowledged. So, he asked his Dad why he married his Mom. The dad said,  “ Because I like Chinese food. “…  But ,Dad, Mom is a Filipina. ” and he replied ,  well, rice is rice.


Most of you know  that I worked part-time ( since high school and for 5 years ) at Baskin and Robbins. ( In case you don’t know, it’s an ice cream shop )  So, about stereo-typing ……..  after 5 years working in food retail,  I can say people of certain ” race “, for some reason,  do have specific preferences.

Baskin-Robbins logo.svg



For example, when I see a Mexican walk in, I make a bet with myself  she’s going to order vanilla-strawberry  with a waffle cone upgrade, and I stand in front of the  trays , all ready to scoop the aforementioned flavors before she even orders.  He he he


Here are other examples:

Old African -American ladies—- black walnut/praline and cream or old – fashioned butter pecan


Middle- aged white men — Rocky Road


Asians— nutty coconut with pistachio (  Mexicans like this, as well ) or coffee ice cream.  Young Asians always buy Cappuccino Blast.


Russians– Banana Royal /Jamocha Fudge


White ladies— mint chip


Teenagers—- Oreo, Cookies and Cream or with CSnickers, Reeses Peanut Butter Cup.


Guys,  the probability this different group of people will order these flavors is 90%  to 100 %. I kid you not.


My mother , though, likes Rocky Road  and Mocha.


Let me know your favorite flavor ice cream on the comments below.


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This is all for now. Thank you for reading , folks.