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How to boil an egg


Renxkyoko   Iglesias here.


a)  Check for freshness.  Put the eggs in a bowl of cold water with salt in it…..if the eggs sink,  they’re fresh. Discard the ones that float.


b) Put eggs in a pan with cold water and salt ( the salt will prevent eggs from leaking ) and heat on medium…… as soon as the water boils, turn off cooker. The heat will finish  the cooking,


c)  and depending  on how you want your eggs cooked….. for soft boiled, leave eggs in hot water for about 2 minutes or so, for medium boiled, about 5 minutes, and for hard boiled , about 15 minutes.


There you go…. you’re all set, so get crackin’ ! !


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Ren ?


Don’t worry.  There’s a reason for this post.  I’ll tell you in a day or so.


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