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Please help….

I just watched Anderson Cooper interview a lady in Tacloban, Leyte, Philippines. She lost her husband and six children. The bodies of her husband and 2 children  are  right there on the ground, covered with plastic . She’s looking for the rest of the family.  Then Cooper asks her where  she’s going now… she answers there’s no place to go , then Cooper asks where will you sleep tonight, she answers, ” in the street”, her exact words.  I burst into tears. She is  clearly  in shock.  Numb. If you asked me what I’d do, I think I’d go to the sea and drown myself. I don’t think I can continue to live with these memories of my children and husband . I know it shows weakness in character….. I don’t know.  I still believe I wouldn’t want to live anymore.


So please help.  Go to any link… CNN has the best links. $ 20 can feed 50 people.