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Second-hand Embarassment….. You can’t make this up !

I told you before I’d been active on Facebook to disseminate factual information on the state of politics in the Philippines. All they ever get in the Philippines are falsehoods and fake news. The present administartion have employed thousands of trolls ( read my other post about trolling in the Philippines, the DDS or Duterte Death Squads ).

So, Facebook————

We all know that every time we post, it immediately gets posted on Facebook… ……. … food, selfies, etc. Right ? So, a cousin sent me a link that I immediately posted on Facebook. LO and behold, for the first time, I got a notification that the video IS BEING PROCESSED. Okay, I understand. Maybe they’re trying to verify or whatnot the authencity of the video. I’m a bit suspicious that maybe Duterte’s regime has given a hefty sum to Facebook to filter any videos that are not favorable to him. And another thing…… I’ve been to some other fora before and I know that any post the moderators do not like are banned. How do we know? We get the same exact notification… Our Comments are being Processed.

Anyway, to make a long story short, I was determined to post the video, so I kept on posting , at least 20 times, and finally after an hour, the video got posted… in fact it was double posting.

Here’s the video. You won’t believe this actually happened. This video got shared so many times. Unbelievable. The president of the Philippines is a pariah ! ! He got disrespected and humiliated during an ASEAN event . ( ASEAN is Association of South East Nations composed of the Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, and Brunei. )

Please watch……. just 1 minute.