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Just my thoughts

Hi, there!

It’s me, Renxkyoko Iglesias !

I’ve been busy. But it’s been 8 days since my last post, so I have to post something. Post-a-week is such a pain.  I really have nothing to say. I don’t want to talk about my new job, either. I guess scooping ice cream at Baskin and Robbins turns out to be more exciting. It’s summer, and  people like to buy ice cream more than new outfits. That’s all I’m saying.

So, what else…….

Since it’s summer, I’d like to seduce you with pictures of one of the loveliest beaches in the world….. Boracay Island in the Philippines. Well, first off, the Philippines is made up of 7,100 islands, right smack in the Pacific Ocean ( I think) , so you can just imagine the many wonderful beautiful beaches there. And of course, I’m featuring Boracay because we have a property there, and this year, after the rainy season, construction of a duplex will start, and we’re going to rent it out to tourists. So, yeah, this serves as a promotion too for our business, ahahaha ! And I know I have many Filipino readers, so guys, if  we can get it done before summer 2o12, and you rent it through WordPress I can give you discount. lol  I’m not kidding , though. By the way, our property is not beachfront, it’s about a 5 minute walk from the beach but it’s not a problem  coz the beachfront is owned by my grandma and is a private property.  So here are some pictures……..

That’s the private beach.

But you can find other great accomodations, of course, like these…..


Needless to say, it’s more expensive here. Ours will be so much cheaper.  There’s nothing much to say yet, but you bet I’m going to promote it to the hilt when it gets done, including the furnishings.

Ah ! I’ve rejoined the party scene. And it’s about time too.

 And I usually go with my pals Olga, Tanya and Ali. And I don’t feel like the third wheel anymore. I can get as much fun being the single one. Boyfriends do tend to cramp one’s style.

However, I’ve been a hermit far too long it’s become embarassing. I mean, people have been asking me , hey, how come you don’t have a boyfriend, yadiyadiya,…. meh, what can I say ? How do I respond to that ?


 I used  to shrug off such questions, but lately, I’ve become defensive and uncomfortable. *looks in the mirror*  Uhm, I don’t think I’m unattractive.

 Guys crush on me too. So, what’s wrong with me? I’m a zombie?  I don’t think so. I swoon too and go KYAAAA when I see a good-looking guy. And occassionally, I have perverted  thoughts too, ahaha !  j/k    …… By the way, in mangas, when a character gets excited, he/she gets a nosebleed…….like so….

Dang! LMAO ! …….. * ponders*  Do nesebleeds actually happen? I mean, capillaries exploding or something ? o.Oa

 …………… I think I’ve been reading too many romantic Japanese mangas for so long that I’ve actually formed an ” ideal” whatnot  on how the guy should look like, how romance should start, and now, I even have this crazy notion that I should be the one to look  for my partner, to pursue,  then confess my feelings.


Japanese girls do that in real time and I think that makes sense.  Do you know in Japanese culture, it’s the girl who gives a gift ( usually chocolates) on Valentine’s Day  to the guy she likes, then 30 days after, on the day they call White Day, the guy  gives   a gift to the girl he likes back?   I guess the waiting would be quite stressful to the girl. Eh, and humiliating too if she wasn’t liked back.  Just the same, I prefer this over the “waiting for some random guy to like me first.” What if  I had to wait til kingdom come? 

 Do you think  women should be honest with their feelings , as well?  * By the way, read from right to left…………..

I’m sure guys like to be flattered and pursued.  The probability that the guy will respond positively to a girl’s honest declaration of love is almost 100%  if  it meets the following conditions : 1. He doesn’t have a girlfriend    2. The girl is pleasant-looking enough  ( or with above average physical attributes ),  3. The girl is  not an airhead  ( well, to me, being dumb is a turn-off…. ) 4. good personality ( nice ) Good personality comes last coz, whether we like it or not, it’s not the  thing that gets noticed first.  Hah! I’m sure I’ll get a lot of comments here. 

LOL !  That’s why I love reading comedy mangas, too. I didn’t know the Japanese have a great sense of humor.  I burst out laughing all the time, and my family think I’ve gone crazy.

( sigh ) 

Don’t think I’m such a frivolous airhead with nothing on my mind but fantasy.   I can  solve problems in differential equations, balance chemical reactions, discuss health care reform in detail, volunteered in some politician’s presidential campaign ( telephone brigade where I got yelled at and cursed, and assigned  to  post on political fora of rival candidate and … banned) I’m a card bearing  Democrat who give monetary contributions to political campaigns, have never watched Glee, watch only Military Channel, Science, National Geographic, Current, Crime, CNN and SyFy, prefer classic rock, went to a school for the gifted, blah, blah ………well, that’s me in a nutshell. ………….. Oh, I’ve got some serious issues too.

well, this is all for now, folks.  To fellow Americans, Happy 4th of July! !