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Busy Busy Busy

Hi, Renxkyoko  Iglesias here !

I’ve been insanely busy these past few days.  The photos below tell you why.


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So , my mother said we’d just hire some people to clean our backyard. Our backyard , folks, is one heck  of a mess. We have not cleaned it since October.  Anyway, I was totally on martyr mode and told Mom to keep the money, I’ll do it, mother dear, no biggie.  My gift on Mother ‘s Day, is all. And boy, do I regret it.  The weeds shown above are the second batch  of clean-up.

Well, that’s all, dear readers.

Oh, wait….  the  man living at the White House just fired  the FBI Director , James Comey, who has been tasked to investigate that man’s  team -Russia collution  in the 2016 election  * evil laugh *   ….. he seems to be directly trying to obstruct or stop the investigation of this collution with the Russians to influence the election.   Which makes me wonder…. isn’t Comey with this man’s  team ?  Or maybe perhaps he now  regrets what he had done , sees the consequences of his action,  ( his boss’  crazy but dangerous antics) , and now wants to do the right thing , for God and country ? The FBI has accelerated the investigation and is,  in fact, now asking  for more funds .  Heck,  millions and millions of dollars were spent investigating Bill Clinton’s blowjob  shenanigan.

Let’s see what happens.    Right now,   I feel like Nero playing the lyre and singing while Rome burned.  Sad.

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This is all for now. Peace.