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Malaysian Airlines 370

Renxkyoko Iglesias here, hello !

Oh, my gosh ! One post in March ! I need to get this done today, March 31 .  Last week was  Spring  break, no school for one week…. ( and no school today, Monday, either. It’s Cesar Chavez day, here in California ). I could have posted at least one more or two, but work  got in the way.  I have 2 jobs, you know.  I barely worked since the start of  semester,  and I’m grateful my bosses have not let go of me, yet.   When I told my supervisor about my one month vacation in the Philippines  this coming June, she gasped and said Nooooo !  She thought I was resigning.  Well it was nice to see that reaction.  I am their best stylist and sales clerk , after all. ( pardon me bragging….I have my sales stats as proof ) As for the other job at Baskin and Robbins…. I’m the manager, too, and yep, I  do the schedules of  my co-workers, go to the bank to deposit the  sales money, and scoop ice cream.  I can go on vacation whenever I like.

So, has anyone of you still following up this Malaysian Airlines tragedy ? I still do… almost obsessing  on it, actually , so much so that I’ve become quite familiar with aviation lingo. Thanks, CNN.   To date, the Malaysian officials had changed the last words of the co-pilot, from Alright, goodnight to Goodnight, Malaysian 370.  What the heck ! Couldn’t they even get  that right ?  My heart goes out to the families and loved ones of the passengers,  but it doesn’t mean I have no empathy for Malaysia and Malaysian Airlines. Who wants that to happen ? After all,  my  father worked with Philippine Airlines for 20 years.  Dad’s first cousins ( a couple with 3 small children )  died in a plane crash.  And I heard  my brother’s girlfriend  is emotionally affected by this plane tragedy.  Her own mother died in a plane crash here in the US, leaving behind 2 small kids,  and a husband ( her dad ) who was not able to get over her death, and died a broken man. ( a Harvard Law graduate, still very young, and could have remarried and have had a successful , productive law practice… but none of that happened. )He  left Boston to live in San Francisco, with  his daughter ( lived in his daughter’s apartment for a while, together with my brother , but passed  away 2 years ago. )  That’s eternal  love, I guess. ……. ponders ………  My brother’s GF looks exactly like Charlize Theron, like an identical twin, I swear. In fact, she was a former model ( with Ford modelling agency ) and was a magazine’s cover girl once.  My bro was transferred to LA last year, and we thought, oh, oh, long distance…….. but lo and behold, GF  went with my brother to live in LA.  Her apartment is now for rent, at $ 4,500 a month, lol.  I mean, she owns it. Their landlady in LA thought she was Charlize Theron, and found out she wasn’t when she saw her signature on the rental contract.

As usual, I’m digressing again.

Where was I ? Oh, yes, Malaysian Airlines 370.  I cannot imagine what the families are feeling now.  Losing an only child ( China has One-Child policy ), a parent, a spouse….  ”  My son…. my only son, where is my son?”  , cries a motherThe husband of the flight attendant says he hasn’t told his 2 kids…. a young couple are gone too, leaving behind  their 2 very young children in Beijing. They’re not coming home.

This is so gut – wrenching.  However, I hope the grieving families stop saying  the Malaysian authorities are murderers.


You know, I don’t know if I can  write about this… maybe it’s too private…… CNN just featured a documentary  on survivors of plane crashes and emergency landings that caused fatalities.  A close relative  was a survivor when the cargo plane he was on  crashed in the sea…..* think Tom Hanks and the cargo plane of FedEx *  ( good thing it was near  the  shore ) and  our relative  managed to swim to the  shore. But he’s not the survivor that I want to write about here.  She was a young girl , about 5 years old when it happened.  It was an emergency landing on the runway. Her mother died.  The young girl survived,  with a scar in her hip to remind her of  that tragedy. I guess that’s a hint .

This is it for now.  My next post will be the last  on my Euro tour.  France.  I know….

Good day, and PEACE.