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Et tu, Libya?

Hi!  Renxkyoko Iglesias randomly musing again.

I’m taking a break from watching the news on CNN. I feel saddened and distressed  at the images shown on TV.  Has anyone of you  seen that video clip of a guy biking away trying to escape the tsunami?  Last night, I had a nightmare that was me on the bike.  The terror that I felt was just so real.  Sheeesh ! By the way, do you know there are people who are actually fascinated watching these disaster video clips and do you know what these people call them? Disaster Porn. WTF !

This kind of people are so disgusting I want to puke, the lowest of the low…..

* sigh*    Blabbering on……..

My brother arrived home late last night from San Francisco.  He told me he and his lady flatmate went out the other night for a St. Patrick’s Day dinner. (  *_*)”  Oooh. Then, he showed me her picture on his cellphone and yeah, she’s a cutie alright. Actually, that’s an understatement. She’s stunning.  She was a cover girl of several magazines, like Curve, and her type is someone like Catherine Zeta Jones.   Well, she was a model or something….. was on Tyra Banks’ modelling show. Didn’t win, though.  So, anyways, while I was looking at some pics, Bro received a text from her, and I was like, whoa, what’s this?  It says ” What are you doing now? ”   Well, hello. ( ^o^)   A blow by blow account of his whereabouts?  Heheh….

I can’t focus… I’m watching CNN ( I just said I wouldn’t )…. Wow ! Libya’s getting hit, 110 Tomahawk cruise  missiles now, deployed by France, Great Britain  and US , an authorized and approved action  by the UN…..

In Japan, more than 7600 are confirmed dead, 12000 still missing and presumed dead,  foodstuffs are contaminated so distribution of food has been halted…..and the  nuclear meltdown…. a deadly 1,2 3 punch. Why am I so affected by these events?  I’m beginning to know myself. Or maybe , I’m just thinking too much.  Or getting too unnecessarily involved , even if only in spirit.  After all, I was part of the group that  actively campaigned for  Hillary Clinton, and I was the youngest .  That was the beginning of my politicized life, I think. 

So, what else will happen on top of that ?  Who knows?   We are certainly living in interesting times.

Mom just donated some $$$ through American Red Cross online. I donated just $25. I’m broke. But I’m willing to donate some more when I get my pitiful salary. I try to walk my talk.

  My sister’s Golden Boy, ( bf ) is glued to the TV since this morning ( well, he practically lives here ) and is again talking about enlisting. My sister is getting angry again. ^o^

I’m sorry this blog is so disorganized and sporadic. I just write down anything that comes to mind.  So, I guess it’s time to say bye for now. PEACE!!!