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Renxkyoko Iglesias musing


It’s been awhile. Well, spring term is almost over, and tons of exams are coming up soon, so I’ve been really busy catching up.  But I’m taking a breather now, posting something for my Post-a-Week obligation.  Nothing much had happened since I last posted. Good thing I found a few gems from my email folder, thank goodness.  Well, jokes mostly…. religious jokes….. I just hope no one gets offended. I’m a practicing Roman Catholic myself ( go to Mass every Sunday without fail), but I’m not offended. (^_^) Gosh, it’s so hard to be politically correct nowadays, isn’t it?  I’ll post them, anyways. Please don’t hate me.

This is a Catholic driver speeding.  That’s a rosary. We have that hanging in our car too. And that’s Jesus clinging for dear life. (^_^)


 Teehee , that one is a Jewish Olympic swimmer.

 Noah’s Ark…….Saving a pair of woodpeckers from extinction is a bad idea.

Here is a nice, friendly conversation between a Roman Catholic Church and a Prebysterian Church  nearby.

Catholic Church sign says ”  All Dogs Go to heaven.”

It’s weird why the pic of Prebysterian ‘s response does not appear on final post.  Anyway, the response is:


It says, in case you can’t read it…. All Rocks go to heaven.”

I made my fellow Catholics have the last word. Ahahahaha!!!!!!


One suggestion from WordPress  as topic for the blog is “How close have you been to a celebrity?”

Well, these pics are as close as  I could get to a celebrity…… Jason Derulo……. he was all over me  while he was singing. Wooohooo. Geez, I just can’t resist posting these again. lol

Get a load of  that !  Sweet!