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Forensics and I

Hello ! Renxkyoko Iglesias here.


So I mentioned  something about a potential life- changing career move on my previous post. ( or is it potentially ? ) To be honest, I don’t really like to talk about it because , jinx. It’s like counting the chicken before they hatch, and I’d get disappointed again.


Here’s the backround story……. Most of my old readers know I graduated with 2 college degrees, Cellular and Molecular Biology , Minor in Chemistry, and Forensics Biology. I applied  at a dairy company as a microbiologist , landed the job , and this is where I am currently working. At the same time, I also applied at  our city law enforcement’s forensics department as  Criminalist 1 (  California’s term for Forensics scientist ). Unfortunately, I got a Rank 4 . Only Ranks 1,2 & 3 are considered for the job . Although I was an A+ student, passed the test with a grade of 90, I lost to experience. It frustrated me to no end because, which comes first, the chicken or the egg. How will any newbie , like moi, ever get experience if  you don’t give me the job, please tell me.  I understand they want expertise and vast knowledge, but I applied as Criminalist 1, not Criminalist 5 . My friend who’s a law officer said Rank 4 was good enough, and I was told my application would be in their data base for 3 years. She tells me to be patient , and wait for a criminalist to retire. What ! !


Two weeks ago, I was notified there was  another job opening … an assistant aka lab tech ( not  scientist ) in Forensics Dep’t. Although the job is waaaaaay  below my level of  education,  I applied  again, submitted my  new resume ( now with one year of laboratory experience ) , took the test, got 95 %, and Rank 2.  The next step is an interview  , hopefully , soon.  I read the description of the job…. it’s  similar to a Criminalist’s job. In fact, a Forensics lab tech may also be called to appear in court .  Maybe I’ll be like that rookie criminalist  who will do the dirty job.? In school, we were shown a video of a woman jumping into the dumpster and rummaging through a mountain of trash to look for  crime evidence…. and our professor said ” Class,  she’s a rookie criminalist “.  Oh, so, that’s what rookies do. I’m totally okay with that. I’ll wash test tube  and beakers, throw away the biohazard garbage, mop the floor ( janitorial services, who cares ), buy coffee,  as long as I can set foot in a Forensics lab. Funny thing is, a Forensics lab tech pay is $ 2 more per hour than my current pay .


Don’t get me wrong. I love my current job, and it’s just 12 to 15 minutes from my house.  I keep the food safe for you, guys, so it’s all good.


Peering through a microscope in a laboratory is going to be my life, now and forever. * I just realized it…. there’s nowhere to run from that life. *

This is me, now and forever.

To be honest, my current job is a microbiologist’s work, which is not what I studied for.   A Cellular and Molecular Biologist’s job is basically  in RESEARCH, mostly in drug companies ( or like in Cancer Research  Center ) where we research on stuff that affect organisms in cellular and molecular level. It’s hardcore, guys. I did apply at Genentech and Monsanto, but there were no openings as of yet. No major drug companies here in my beautiful city, unfortunately.  Besides, I’m not ready to relocate yet.


Researching and discovering a cure for cancer and other diseases is a very noble job,  but , at the moment, my heart’s in discovering whodunit.

This is all for now. Thanks for reading my thoughts….

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And yes, I still watch  anime ( though not so much these days ), read manga (  there are good on- going stories out there I’ve been following for ages and I want to know what happens ) and play video games ( I;m currently playing  Lara Craft , Rise of the Tomb Raider that I just bought last week , on sale on Play Station store for $ 7.99……. 2 months ago, it was $ 49.99 )

Move Over Boys, the Girls Want Your Video Games

( The pic above isn’t mine, but I do look like that the second I start playing …… Lara Craft, let’s do this.)


Folks,  It’s perfectly okay if I don’t get that job.


Also, if I do get the job, I will have to delete all my social media accounts.  I’ve been told I ‘d have to do that.


Bye ! ! ! * waves *


Forensics … my future career ? Maybe?

Hey there !  Renxkyoko  Iglesias here !

I actually wrote something for Mother’s Day,  but was so busy studying for an exam the day passed without posting it.  Oh, well.  I gave Mom  a n orchid plant. That’s her favorite flower/plant.

Anyway, I’m cramming  studying for my exams next week.  Well, just 2 actually. I’m done with the rest . I ‘m also finishing up projects , like this one for Forensics Biology. I think I’m going to ace this.  I got 40/4o in Forensics Lab.  So you ask, what the heck  is this about ?  For the whole semester, we were given just one crime case.  It’s a real, honest to goodness  crime, but the names of the people involved were changed.  We were also given a police file that was    3 inches thick. Everything was there, except whodunit. It was  up to us to figure out who the killer was , based on  police reports.  We also did  Forensics analysis . We have a laboratory that looks like a real forensics lab. We even have to wear an ID with  our picture in it.  ( no selfies, please ).  We were each  given  a crime kit with all the physical evidences  taken from all the suspects ( cigarette butts, saliva swabs,  etc. ) and  from the victims themselves.  ( semen , blood, etc. ) The box of crime kits came from New York. By the way, the kits given to us were ” expired ” materials. Instead of throwing  them away, they are donated to schools. I didn’t even know they made this  stuff. Otherwise, it would cost us $800  each for unexpired kits. The expiration date doesn’t matter, though. We can get DNA even from hundred year old materials. We know that, right?  (In fact, I just saw a documentary where forensic analyts were trying to get the DNA of  a 2,000 year old mummified Egyptian fetus, the child of Tunkhamanen. They failed to get a viable sample, though.)

In making forensic reports, we have to use general and unbiased  terms. We cannot even use ” DNA of  unknown  person A  matches the DNA of the semen on the baby’s diaper .” ( yes, that’s the crime. The killer also stabbed the 9 year old brother to death. This crime did happen )  Instead,  we write ” the probability  that another DNA   shares the same DNA as  that of unknown individual A  is  1/ sextillion , ( a number with 21 zeros, or the population of 300 earths )  Of course the cops are annoyed with this. like, why not just say, IT MATCHES ! HE’S THE KILLER !  Ha ha

I’m sure you’ve seen what  forensic analysts  do in  crime shows, like CSI, right?   That’s exactly what we do in this course. I know how to DNA profile, etc. , heck, I even know how to clone.

I don’t know what the future holds, but I think forensics is calling me.  I’ll set aside my dream of playing the violin in an orchestra. He he he.  Last semester, I tried enrolling in a music course for violin, but I wasn’t allowed.  Only music majors  are taken in, unfortunately.  I do play it well, y’know ? Out of so many high school orchestras in our city,  I was chosen to play in a quartet ( 4 players ) that represented our school district  to play in a citiwide  competition. We got the gold medal.  Oh, well. It won’t put food on my table, anyway . * So Ren, dream on. * * pats head *

Oh my gosh. Countdown !  30 days to my Philippine vacation !  By the way, May 23 is the last day of school.  Sleep, sleep. I need to sleep.  It’s 4 AM now.  * sigh *

Are you bored yet ? Okay, I end it here. I was supposed to write the last of my European travel , but I don’t have time. It does take a while to post photos, especially on my  computer that is about to conk out.  It’s soooo slow ! !

So, bye for now. Thanks for reading, folks.  PEACE !