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I’m ranting, oh, yeah !

Hi ! RenxKyoko Iglesias here.

So, my last post was on April 26.  That was exactly  2 months ago.  ( Right, , Captain Obvious).  Now   I won’t give an excuse like I’ve been busy, yadiya, but I do feel I’m starting to lose my muse………. oh, alright, I’ve been busy. I’m putting in at least 10 hours of work everyday, from Monday to Sunday.  I have 2 jobs, you know.  Plus, all my free time is spent watching Netflix, mostly TV series that I never had time to watch when they were on, such as Poirot, Midsomer Murders, Fringe, Medium, 100s, etc., and animes such as Hunter x Hunter,( 100 episodes at 25 minutes per episode  )  Moribito,  and currently Inuyasha , which ends at 193 episode … I finished the whole dang thing  yesterday, at 3 AM. Well, after work is the only time I have, so don’t judge. . I can’t multi task when I watch animes.  They are in Japanese, so I’m  pretty much stuck in the couch reading the English subtitles. About  InuYasha…. it is  addicting. I love all the characters, except, believe it or not, the main character, InuYasha.  He’s a freakin’ moron,  indecisive, and a two-timing scoundrel. I dislike him so much that I feel I just wasted 85 hours of my life watching this character  being   a stupid/ idiot.  Die, InuYasha ! Other than that , the anime is one great fantasy/action/thriller  story.

So, if you’re so busy doing your thing, Ren, why are you posting now ? Well,  something happened a few days ago that made the wheel in my head churning again . My best friend “O” is supposed to get married on July 10, in Southern California ( I live in Northern California ), and I’m a ” witness”  in her court wedding. ( not church wedding ) I already bought my plane ticket, and arranged sleeping accomodations (  lucky to have my brother living there ) …….then 2 days ago, I received a text from O that the wedding was cancelled, permanently.  According to her, her ” fiancé”  has been living a double life  ( they’ve been living together for 2 years ) ,  is actually married, and has a child.  I was dumbfounded.  I hung out with her at their apartment, playing video games (  we’re not even done yet with Resident Evil, we both suck at it ), and yeah, the ” fiancé” was always there. And he was nice.  What the heck.  No wonder he wanted to hold the wedding at a place 600 miles from our city….. I wondered about that…… now I know.  So, when exactly does he plan to drop the bomb before he commits BIGAMY ?  What’s even more mortifying is the fact that  this guy is a police officer ,and a Captain , at that.  My best friend is also a police officer, by the way.  Dang it.  It felt like my own stomach  got  punched, so I cannot even imagine what she’s feeling now.  I don’t know what I can do to make her feel  better, besides trashing and badmouthing  him to death. That scumbag.  I’m not generalizing, folks, but seriously, we women always get the short end of the stick….. my friend and yeah, his wife, too. Worse for his wife, to be honest.  Aaargh !  Oh, man . The heck !

This reminds me of another break- up, but this time, the douchebag is my guy cousin.  He and his fiancée were about to get married….. church schedule already set,  wedding invitations, check, wedding dress, check.  So what happened ? My cousin had a co-worker who had a humungous crush on him since forever.  The woman invited him one day to dinner after work as farewell gift and according to him, a closure on her love. ( my cousin was aware she liked him. ) He obliged….. the problem was, they had drinks too many, and I assume, the woman was desperate, and men being men,  he got her pregnant.   Was the wedding cancelled ? Yes.  Did he marry the pregnant woman, ? No. Though he was threatened with a shotgun wedding by the woman’s family,  he still refused,   ( he consulted  with my  aunt …* my aunt is a judge* ,  regarding legal matters, like , was he legally obliged to marry her, and so forth ) Last news about him was, he and his ex bride got back together, not married yet,  and  he is supporting his child )  .  I met him for the first time at a family reunion when we were in the Philippines last year.  I almost told him, ” hey doosh, how’s it goin’? ”

* sigh *

Be brave and strong, sisters.

That’s all.  Rant over.



Real/Imagined Online conversation About Cheating

Bostongal —–  Hey !  Ren !

Ren           —– OMG, Hi !  Wow ! We’re reading at the same time ! What time is it over there?

Bostongal—— 3 AM . So, have you read the new chapter ?

Ren         ——- It’s 12 here. Yep, I have. What d’ya think ? Did Kyou really cheat ?

Bostongal—– I do believe Kyou. Even when he was with Akari, and knew Shino liked him, he didn’t cheat on Akari when he had the chance. Rereading the story gave me a different perspective on Kyou, but yeah, I still think that his sneaking and “abandonment ” of Shino were just too much.  He should have known it was wrong, hurtful and destructive. He could have told Shino, ” Look, I need to do this with Akari, she’s troubled and might harm herself, and , I’m sorry , Shino, I  need to know  what the hell those 10 months Akari and I were together were about, I want to know if all  of that was one big lie. I want closure.”

Ren    ——– How can Shino believe him when she knows for a fact she’s with him now on the rebound?  She had seen how devastated Kyou was when Akari left him.  She knows  she practically offered herself as replacement of Akari in Kyou’s bed.   When did Akari leave him ?  Just 4 months ago. In just one month, Shino had managed to ” comfort” Kyou’s broken heart .  But that’s just comfort sex. Shino is aware that whatever feelings he might have for her are not deep enough to replace Akira in his heart. After all, Kyou was already planning to marry Akari when she left him.

If Kyou’s reason  was purely altruistic, why  did he have to make his meetings with Akari a secret ? And damn it, how much closure does he want?  He stayed all day, and all night with her that first day. He came home the next day.  The fudge ! That was a lot of conversation,  a lot of time exchanging pleasantries…. what else did they do? Played video games?  Talked about the book she wrote ?  So what if he told Shino  “I didn’t F*ck Akari ?


 Tell that to the Marines.  He saw her for 2 damn weeks and would have continued seeing her  if he wasn’t busted ! Oh, and take note, Bostongal, he always took a bath as soon as he got home, before Shino got home…. not his routine at all.

Bostongal—–I totally get why Kyou wants closure.  Akari lied about everything, including her real age,  and she was the girl he wanted to marry. He had the rug completely pulled out under him.  He wanted answers in order to heal his heart and move on, because as long as questions stay up in air, he’s gonna wonder, and wondering means something stays open  and painful.

                    Ha ha ! That bathing thing cracked me up.  I don’t know if he normally took a bath at night. The story never established that.  I think   dealing with a batshit chick with grief issues was stressful,  and I guess bathing as soon as he got home  would remove the stress. LOL


Ren——- Girl, the devil is in the details. Do you know my mother’s friend found out her husband was cheating when she noticed his hair was always damp when he got home from work ? ( He was late too ) . The author would not  write in as mundane and innocuous as  Kyou’s daily bath ritual if it wasn’t signifiicant.  Through Shino’s POV, it was mentioned at least 3 times.

First day they were together the entire day, night,  morning next day.  Knowing Akari ( and Kyou, that horny bastard )  , all she has to do is take off her clothes and open her legs, and Bam.  There’s no doubt that  they had sex . Akari  is hot in the sack, sexy, and Kyou still has feelings for her. ( Sorry  my language is getting crude. ) She’d be able to lead her by the nose.  Easy.  Who would believe that Kyou and Akari just sat in the couch and talked, and talked, and talked ? How much time does he need for closure ?  One hour ! ! No, one second. What does he need a closure for , anyway ? That’s just an excuse., and an incredibly lame one too.  And he went to see her for 2  freakin’ weeks, everyday, very early in the  morning before he went to work.,” cutting his sleeping hours. ”  Sex in the morning with Akari, and sex in the evening with Shino.  How lucky can he get, that manwhore. And the sex must have been so steamy that cloying jasmine scent didn’t entirely disappear.

Bostongal—–Okay, Ren, bear with me. I have decided to put my grudge aside  and look at clues again. We might be misreading Kyou,  and he ‘s actually telling the truth. ( at least, about the sex thing ) Kyou is a crappy liar.  So, in those scenes where he talks about why he visits Akari, he seems to look totally honest.  He’s not fidgeting, making faces, looking freaky.  Kyou is soft-hearted , and  he has to lie  so as not to hurt Shino.  Darn it, Shino beat him up , and he just took it.

(Read from right to left.)





.Ren ———  He lied . So many times.  The author  didn’t have to draw the situation in bold Crayola.  We don’t need frames in the story  of Akari and Kyou going at it.  It was so obvious he might as well have written “I’m  cheating ” on his freakin forehead .Holy sh*t. What was the  lie again  why he didn’t come home that first day ? He got a call  that his best friend  ” Tanaka ”  was in a car accident, and was in a hospital. So, from morning to morning next day, he was in the hospital ,  taking care of ” him”.  Wow !  Best , best friend.  The next day, and for 2 weeks on, he left  very early  in the morning to visit his ” friend”  before he went to work. And Shino gave food to Kyou to give to ” Tanaka. “




.Ren—– I can’t wrap my head around the fact that he secretly met up with Akari again after getting busted.

Bostongal— I think that meeting was a final check-in. Akari called Shino to  tell her she and Kyou saw each other again, probably a revenge ” screw with Shino call “. I believe Kyou when he said he’s done with Akari and will never see her again.

Ren—– Shino left him.  Good for her. If there’s no trust, there’s no love.  They go hand in hand. It’s kind of hard to trust  men. Someone said men  can only be trusted when they are old and wrinkled and cannot get it up anymore.  Even if they love their partner, when another woman opens her legs for them, they’ll take it. I believe Kyou loves Shino too, she’s nice and kindhearted,  but Akari  is the woman he once loved and wanted to spend the rest of his life with not too long ago. He couldn’t have forgotten her that easily and quickly.

Bostongal—-Harsh. Well, I’d trust mine in a room full of naked willing women, just as he could trust me  even if Gerard Butler threw himself on me. But in general, yeah, men are horndogs.

Ren—–I’d attack  Robert Pattinson.

Bostongal—-Who’s he ?

Ren—– The vampire guy who sparkled in Twilight, Edward Cullen. He he he

Bostongal—- Bahahahaha !

Ren— +_+  Hey,  the guy can cook.  Well, anyway, nice talking to you. It’s 2 AM now. Gotta sleep.

Bostongal— Alright, good day. Wait a sec . You do know the story’s completed now,            right?                Have you seen the raws ?

Ren— Yes. They get back together. Shino and Kyou.  And Kyou’s not with Akari.                          No     wonder you’ve changed your tune.  Where the heck is your pitchfork?

Bostongal——- signs off

Ren—- What the….








Renxkyoko Iglesias musing here.

It’s been 12 days since my last post. I’m slacking,  I  know, but May is the last month of school and that means , exams time.   That would be next week. I still have 3 essays ( Intensive Writing ) to finish, so I guess I’ll be busy from hereon. I hate writing essays. Know why? Coz I’m shallow.  LOL

So, anyway, there’s really nothing much going on in my life these days, except  school and work. No social life. * sweat *  And it’s not going improve this summer because I’m taking one summer class… another Chemistry. I need to take this now as this is a prerequisite of another course that is offered only in Fall, and this course is another prerequisite of another course, and so on down the line. Oh, well, college life.

Okay, I hope you’re not bored reading about my sister’s lovelife, and you know, I don’t really want to talk about that anymore, but it kind of took a bizzare turn a few days ago. It was like, whoa, what is that all about…. DRAMA !! LOL   You see, the ex-BF  talked to my parents, on 2 separate occassions.  First with my father….. and he said  something like this…. ” Dad, I love your daughter very much, but I screwed up. It has something to do with my  Facebook  account” .  ( which Dad didn’t understand , he didn’t even know they broke up, hehe… but anywho, Facebook ? WTH !!! ). So, he said even though he was a Philosophy graduate, there were really no good jobs for Philo graduates, so he has been struggling all this time, and he feels demoralized that sister has a better job  but then a business partnership came along . His business partner though has a daughter who has been hitting on him from day one, and , he said, he made the greatest mistake of his life… he dated her several times.  ( Oh, really now ….. ) So, the daughter logged on to his facebook account and posted about their dates together, getting all lovey dovey in the most intimate manner, and, unfortunately, my sister got to read her posts.  Dad told  him he didn’t know they broke up, and anyway, ” that’s between you and * insert name here * to solve. ”   So…. that was the night before…. next morning, when my sister was at work, the ex BF came over  and talked to my mother. He apologized and said he really felt bad about the rut he’s in…. then he told Mom “it’s my birthday today, but ( insert name of sis ) doesn’t even want to celebrate it with me.”  Mom  greeted him but said she couldn’t do anything about  his situation.   Then he left and came back in the afternoon, and , well, suddenly, in a loud voice, he told my sister” You’re the only girl I ever loved, so please forgive me.”  He intentionally let everyone hear that. And I was like, WTH, Eeewww * goosebumps*….. does he read romantic mangas ? The scene looked ridiculously familiar. (*~*)

I mean, seriously, who’s he kidding?  He was found out, busted!  And he’s just feeling bad because my sister is dating another guy now.  Ooooh, that hurts, huh. Well, sorry.  He  got his swift comeuppance and he totally deserved it.  I say, go  for the jugular, if you can..  Am I harsh?  A resounding  NOT!!!! Do you have any idea how much it hurts to be cheated on ? I’d rather be dumped by a guy because he has fallen out love … with cheating,  there’s also a   sense of betrayal, and , I think that hurts more than the act of cheating itself, IMO.

Uhm, don’t think I’ve experienced this cheating thing…, I haven’t, thank my lucky stars, but  as I said before, it hurt real bad  when I saw the guy I was crushing on ,  with a girl.  If that hurt so much, I can already imagine how it would feel like if I was cheated on.  Aaaargh.

Add the fact that you’ll always remember.

And feel bad, and demoralized….. tormented, rejected, depressed…


Not good.

Well, I do hope life turns out better  for my sister….. oh, and for me, too. He he….  I mean, I hope I don’t experience this cr*p.

So, fight-o !

This is all for now. Have a good day, everyone.

Unlucky in love

Renxkyoko Iglesias here.

It’s been a while since I last posted here, 11 days ago, I think.  I’ve been busy with exams and work and stuff  not worth writing about, although, frankly, there’s really nothing in my life    worth mentioning. (~_~)  Well, except this one,  at this very moment, 11:15 PM , I can hear my sister and her boyfriend having a big fight in her room.  I know they broke up this week. So, I don’t know why he’s here . He should just disappear.  Good thing my father is asleep, but Mom just came into my room and asked me  if  it was alright to knock on the door and tell the bf to leave.  I told mom not to intervene. Oh, my. The bf cheated….. I just  heard him say ” I never cheated on you, never ! ”  and sis is sobbing…….  JARED!!!! DIE  ! !!!  Oh, man…… 3 years of my sister’s life wasted on that guy.  Seriously, though, this is so sudden. He was with us at  my father’s birthday dinner  last March 30, and he told us he just got a passport and planned to go to the Philippines with sis this year. Ah, who cares if  we never see him again. Actually, we’ve never liked him coz he’s such a loser. That guy never had a stable job, sheesh.

*sigh* Nasty business… breaking up, I mean.  I wonder what would happen  if I were in her shoes…. I almost had a massive coronary when I saw my crush with a girl. He was just a crush, for Pete’s sakes.  * shakes head*  This is like a Mexican telenovela or a Korean drama. I pray this never happens to me. I don’t need this b*llsh*t in my life.  Ah, well, * cheer up, sis *!!  Tomorrow’s a brand new day !!  FTW!!!!

Seriously, my heart goes out to her. I cannot even imagine what’s she’s going through right now.  No, in fact, I can imagine it.  It – it’s  extremely painful, literally. Is it the same with men? Do men also feel the pain?  No, guys, you don’t. You have no idea.