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Thank goodness , I’m a geek

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I’m this close to being a nervous wreck…good thing I’m a geek .  Guess what, I can watch animes,  read mangas, and play video games…..   Happiness ! !  So, I go to Netflix,  choose an anime,  Japan Sinks 2020, and I’m like,  “Uhm…. Fine ! I like disaster and survival movies. “ The main characters are a family… the Mom  is a Filipina from the Philippines, Dad is Japanese and their 2 children. Spoiler  :   Japan does sink, and new map shows  Taiwan and the Philippines  are not in the map anymore.



That didn’t go well.


Okay, next in my relaxation  agenda——> Video games……….




I like a little bit of stealth in a game, but not all stealth ! !  Just a few minutes into the game and I’m already a nervous wreck …..  problem is, I don’t give up and I’m a completionist.



Oh, joy !  This is going to take a while…….


I do take a break from intense playing……


I read a manga…..  Shoujo….. Romance.  Woohoo !


So do you know where I got my Internet name  Ren x Kyoko  ?  From the manga  Skip Beat, which I’ve been reading since middle school.  Only one chapter comes out each month,  and currently,  it’s now 284 chapters. Do the math, ha ha ha ! It’s a slow burn romance ( and that’s an understatement ).  Ren gets to confess his love for Kyoko  at Chapter  279, just a few months ago.


I was like this in high school…………




my drawing2


Bahahahaha !


Chapter 149 above  is when Kyoko gets a peck on the cheek  from  Ren.      A peck on the cheek !  I almost fell off the chair when I saw that.  LOL !  Ah, sweet innocence.


Chapter 279,  Ren  kisses Kyoko’s hand after confessing.


I wonder at what chapter Ren x Kyoko kiss.


Lemme guess….. I’ll be sitting in my rocking chair, drinking hot cocoa, clacking my dentures,  watching over my grandkids……. and reading  Chapter 5000. That’s when they finally kiss.  * swoon *


Well, this is this and that is that.


Bye for now.


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