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Just to let you know, fellow environmentalists…….




Do you know what the problem of the  so-called “progressives ” is?  Just because tRump’s government is in a “cold war” situation with that country,   they  ignore  the danger and the aggressiveness of this country, nay, they  even defend the stance of this country  ( I’ve read their blogs but if you’re reading  this, you know who you are ) …. because the ENEMY OF MY ENEMY IS MY FRIEND.


In the Philippine seas, Filipino fishermen are being harassed by Chinese militia  vessels on Philippine waters…. last year, a Filipino fishing vessel was rammed by a Chinese vessel, and sailed away ,leaving the fishermen in the the waters and were saved by Vietnamese fishermen…. then , just 3 weeks ago, the Chinese  again rammed a Filipino fishing vessel,  causing the death of 14 fishermen.


Also , last year, Chinese vessels vacuumed West Philippine Sea of giant clams  ( the biggest clams in the world are found in the Philippines ) ,and a Chinese vessel was caught on Philippine waters , at Turtle Island  ( Apo Island )   with hundreds of turtles .


And , they have been seen near  Tubattaha Reef, a UNESCO Heritage site, and one of the most protected site in the world.


Please, please , check out this video.  And please click the other video, too. If the Chinese  can go as far as  South  America…….. Truly unconscionable…. if they have their way, they will decimate all the elephants in the world,  for their tusks.. they take advantage of African people’s poverty.



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