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Just chillin’.


I guess I have to post something non-political , calm down a little, and chill.

So, I’m just going to post some random photos.


This one’ s amaryllis.  I planted the bulb 2 months ago.  Lovely.



The pic below  are  my Valentine’s Day haul.  p(^w^)p  Chocolates , roses, and Teddy Bear. So cliché. Ha ha !  Darn,  chocolates are my favorites, especially  Ferrero!  I’ve been joining 5k Runs, and at least once a week , I run 10 miles.  One chocolate a day  is okay, I guess  ?





By the way, it annoys me to no end  that people say ” politicians ” are doing nothing about gun control, or at the very least, about banning  the sale of  assault weapons that can fire 1 million bullets a second.  Kindly be specific about the do-nothing politicians…. Don’t just lump them all together….if you cannot say the names of these politicians,  especially those who are beholden to the National Rifle Association ( NRA ) and gun manufacturers, then specify which party… the Democratic Party or the Republican Party ?


Okay. This is all for now.  Thank you for reading. Peace.








My European Trip Part 6 Lugano, Switzerland / Verona, ITALY

Hi, there ! Renxkyoko Iglesias here ! !


I can say Venice is a hard act to follow.  Venice is  like a Hollywwod set, a movie backdrop  pre- created in the 10th century.  The place is simply amazing, a sight to behold. The downside though of  going to a beautiful place like Venice is that there are million others that share the same sentiment. And that means, we walked  shoulder to shoulder,  elbow to elbow with thousand other tourists on the  narrow streets of  Venice……. which made me just a tad uncomfortable, by the way. Well, in my neck of the woods, there are literally no pedestrians walking on the streets.

As I said on my previous post, I couldn’t recall the timeline. Did we go first to Venice, or to Lugano and Verona. Then I realized Lugano is in Switzerland,  an Italian -speaking city in Switzerland that borders Italy .  I’m sure now that  Verona was the first Italian city that we visited after Switzerland.  Well, I don’t think it matters which came first. So, anyway,  we stopped by Lugano  for a few hours, took a stroll along the beautiful lakeside promenade, then crossed into Italy and drove to Verona, medieval setting of William Shakespeare’s ” Romeo and Juliet, “, The Taming of the Shrew, and The Two Gentlemen of Verona.


. That is Lake Lugano. Yep, the scenery  did  look like we were   still in Switzerland.


As always, it’s all about me.  tee hee   Oh my gosh…. the classic Ren pose. * palmface*

.I didn’t buy  burger at McDonald’s…… had a cup of iced tea so I could use the WC. The iced tea was in a champagne glass ! !


.We stayed just 3 hours in Lugano. I really don’t know what Lugano is famous for, but then almost all of these places  in Switzerland  and Italy , large and small, are somehow famous for something.  Although here in Lugano, it seemed we were the only tourists around.

We left Lugano  , Switzerland for Verano, Italy.  As I mentioned above, Verano is the medieval setting of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, Two Gentlemen of Verona, and Taming of the Shrew.  Shakespeare must have been impressed by Verona, and I’m not surprised.  It has both ancient and medieval atmosphere, and for some reason, I  prefer Verona over Venice.  Maybe Venice  is too touristy ?  Shops all over and thousands of people walking around…. in other words, too commercialized.  That’s what happened  at Boracay Island in the Philippines. It’s listed as one of the best beach in the world. Mom saw it when it was pristine and unexplored.  My own family even have a piece of property there. Our great grandma used to own the whole island, but then her children started selling off the property to big cor[orate hotels and businessmen. Now, my Mom rues the day  when relatives got too greedy.  It is still beautiful, but too commercialized. My parents had to fence off our property when  a big named hotel  conglomerate started building a hotel, ( Hyatt ), literally our  backyard neighbor. They might just  encroach on our property intentionally, then  say “Woops” and pressure us  to  sell  our  property , then we’d be left with nothing.  I can see that happening.  But I digress.

Above photo is the private beach at Boracay Island, Philippines….. At least there’s still a part of the island  that has not been sold off….

.That arch that you see at the end of the street is Porta Borsari, an ancient  remnant  Roman  structure and is now the entrance to the medieval market square Piazza delle Erbe.


.An ancient Roman bathtub, discovered right in the middle of the road.

.The market square, Piazza delle Erbe


.That’s Juliet’s designated balcony.  Romeo’s house is at # 4, a few houses down the road, and there’s a family  currently  living there. We do know they’re fictional characters, don’t we ?  The photo below is the statue of Juliet. There’s a legend that if you rub her breast, you’ll get lucky in love. So, I jumped up to the statue and rubbed her boobsie and wished  I’d soon meet my Fated One and  I wouldn’t turn into an old maiden. ( ^___^ )


.That’s the wall of the entrance to Juliet’s courtyard. I wrote something there too. You know, I noticed another thing in Europe… graffiti is all over, like you won’t believe it.  ha ha ha….   I also wrote my name somewhere in Rome and  Madrid.  ” Ren was here, 7/11/2012 * hearts*  Grafitti writing is, I guess, cultural in Italy.  Even the ancient Romans  did it… Liunidus was here xx1x


.I don’t know what’s with Italy and masks. It reminds me of  some period movies  where the characters wear elaborate gowns and masks and wigs.  Mom bought one too. I don’t really like stuff like this. I find them scary and creepy. Nor do I like clowns and dolls. ( although I did have a collection of  Barbie dolls and tons of Barbie dresses and outfits and I  remember  I  could  play the whole day alone dressing the dolls up )

.Creepy, huh.  Mom can’t decide whether to hang and display this somewhere or just keep it in the attic. …. the attic, Mom.

.The statue above is that of Dante Aleghieri, author of a great book Divine Comedy . He called Verona home, although he was born in Florence. He’s also the father of the Italian language. Why father of the Italian language. ? Well, writers then used Latin, instead of the language of the common people in Italy. Divine Comedy was the first  great book  written in Italian . Latin was the lingua franca of  the Roman citizens, but the rest of the country was Italian.   Maybe that’s the reason why Latin became a  dead language.  I wonder how different Italian is from Latin. It’s like Mandarin, the language of the Chinese royalty. In China, there are so many dialects, and believe it or not, even if they sound similar, they are actually different. My Mom had a Chinese friend who spoke Cantonese only , and couldn’t understand Mandarin.  Mandarin didn’t die because the study of this language became mandatory in China.    By the way, this area of Verona is also on the list of Living World Heritage.  That means, building of modern structure is not allowed. So, what we saw here was exactly what the Veronese saw hundreds of years ago. That’s really cool.



.There’s a corpse there.

.There are 2 dead ones here too


.Above is the Roman Arena. It is still functional… well, not for people to be eaten by lions,, but for operas and such.


.The photo below is what they call The Wall. It’s a remnant of  an ancient  Roman walled city.  Eh. I made that up. I’m sure that’s like a fort to protect the inhabitants from invaders.

.The history of Italy is really  rich. We saw beautiful , well-preserved medieval buildings  and I can tell they were more beautiful back then.  But , to be honest,  I don’t think I ‘d want to live during medieval times. One word…… hygiene.  What did they use to brush their teeth? I’m sure majority of them had rotten teeth.  And I’m sure too they suffered so much  from toothache. Ugh.  Did they use soap?  How  often did they take a bath? In the morning, where did they go for their morning rituals? What did they use to clean up their butts? Paper? I highly doubt they had that much paper  to use. O_O ”  And for women with their monthlies……@__@ ”   I wonder what they used.  I read they didn’t wear underwears. ( I don’t  want to think about that. )   And childbirth……. Women were  just ripped apart giving birth.  Ugh !   It’s unbelievable what people had to go through for things we now take for granted.  I guess I’m over-thinking.

This is all for now. ROME is next.  Good day to all and PEACE.