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Philippines…. For you, @Ste J

Hello !  Renxkyoko Iglesias here.


I’m sure you’re wondering who @Ste J is, and why exactly is he on my title ?  Well, Ste J is a Brit, a brilliant book reviewer,  and I consider him one of my  good Internet friends and buddies. Last month ( or maybe 3 posts ago ) he informed me he was planning to go to the Philippines….. and today,     I found out he had already booked a flight for  a Phil . vacation in April.  *waaaaaaa * I feel so guilty. What if something bad happened to him over there ?  I’m sure he’d never talk to me again, or worse, curse me and my ancestors..  ~_~  No, it’s going to be okay. The Philippine President is gross and hideous , not only in his physical appearance,  and  dirty,  inappropriate and  disgusting language……but more importantly, his character. Just don’t cross paths with him or any of his minions. Aaaargh. O_O

Below is a  12 minute video…’s worth wasting your time.




I’m sure Ste J is going to research about the country, or he has already done that. Now for the benefit of those who know nothing about the tiny country , the Philippines is in Southeast Asia ……. California is bigger in size, ( not in population ….  Claifornia has a population of 39 M, the Philippines, about 102 M, as of 2016 )   and though the country faces the Pacific Ocean, Philippine people are not Pacific Islanders. ( Otherwise,  Japan, and  Taiwan  can be considered  Pacific Islanders, as  well )


The Philippines is comprised of 7, 107 islands to 7, 641…. depending on the tides, now you see them , now you don’t.

Now for a bit of trivia and very, very short history….. 8 minutes of your life, wasted or not.


Though the Philippines population is huge ( for a small country ),  it’s surprising to know that only  1/4 of the land mass is inhabited.  Filipinos live in urban centers…. Metro-Manila alone has a population of  16 million……


This is all FOR NOW, folks….. the first of a series.  Thank you for reading.


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