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My results



Just got  my results other day…… didn’t surprise me, though.


I am :


Philippines ————————   60%   (  Malay – Indonesian race )


Spain            ———————–    15 %


Sardinia       ———————–    15 %


Italy              ———————-   10 %


I wasn’t surprised…… however,  Sardinia ? ? ?  Isn’t Sardinia in Italy ?




We know exactly where in Spain my great, great grandparents came from… Sta. Maria de la Nueva, Segovia, Spain.  My grandma even went to Spain to attend a reunion given by her Spanish relatives  years  ago.  My grandma taught  Spanish at a university in the Philipines.  So, yeah,  Spanish ancestry is a given.


But, again, Sardinia ???  It’s very specific, isn’t ?



* ponders *



My sister’s hubby is Italian-American.  My cousin’s hubby is Italian -American. And ,  a  friend  ( who likes me , * cough, cough * )  is Italian/Polish( ? ) -American ( although his last name is Polish, like Lywyck…. Ha ha…. ) I  wonder why his mom ,  who came from Italy ,  is thankful  her beloved  son doesn’t have an Italian  last name.  She says it’s too ethnic. ..  her exact words.   Eh ?  Really ?  How about me ? A friend once told me my name sounds like a female villain’s name from a Mexican telenovela, like,  Maria Esperanza Madriaga. lol.. Too ethnic, eh ?  * shakes head *   ” Madame Lywyck,  your last name is all consonants, he he.  * Trouble, trouble, double trouble.  * dashes off *




I still consider my race as ” pure Filipino “,   pure Asian,  and American  , of course.  *  raises American flag *,  PTBA .


[  ………. ]


Hmmmm, Sardinia…..


Wait, why am I so focused on Sardinia ?  lol


Well, whatever…. this has taken freakin’ Corona Virus off my  mind.  And to think this fudging  virus is not even a living thing. It’s just a protein covered with fat.  So, yeah,  wash your hands with  foamy ordinary soap /detergent and hot water. And , disinfect with liquid containing 65% or over alcohol content. And Listerine your mouth ! Mouthwashes contain over 65% alcohol.


Oh, no  ! !  I need more alcohol ! !










Something about Lea Salonga



Who is Lea Salonga ( pronounced Le- yah  Sah-long-ga ) and why am I writing about her ?


First, I just watched a few snippets of  her  Broadway show  with George Takei in Allegiance, and secondly, I couldn’t think of anything to write about.


Lea Salonga  has been a popular  singer in the Philippines, since the 1990’s,  and still popular  to this day,  from  almost 25 years ago when she played the leading  role in the musical Miss Saigon. The story was ,  the producers of the show had been looking for Asian stage actors and singers for a long time when the producers were asked, ” Have you been to the Philippines yet ?”  They went to the Philippines and ended up getting everyone who auditioned , including Lea  who was just 16 at that time and member of Repertory Philippines.



She won the  Sir  Lawrence Olivier  and Theatre World Awards  in London , then when the show was brought to Broadway, she won again, the first Asian to win a Tony  Award.  During her stint on Broadway, she was asked to provide the singing voices of Jasmine in Walt Disney’s  animated film Aladdin and Mulan .  Below is a video of Lea, and Brad Kane singing  A Whole New World at a Disney studio . ( how nostalgic ! ) * only 2 min. 32 seconds of your time , folks *



Lea in Mulan , just 2 min. , a beautiful song, great voice….  they say the best ” Disney Princess singing voice “.



They also say she is one of the  best who played the role of Eponine in Les Miserables, as mentioned by Anne Hathaway who played Eponine in the movie.




She has played  a lot of roles on Broadway, the latest of which is in Allegiance , ( 2017 ) with George Takei. ( playing the role of a Japanese woman at a Japanese internment camp in the US during WW2. )


That’s it.. And please check out my manga/anime/video games blogsite @       I have a new entry, about  RWBY, an American – made  anime, I rate 9/10.


This is all for now.  Oh, and Happy Thanksgiving Day , folks ! ! Peace and stay green.  Bye ! !