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A 5-K Run, a Hypothetical Question


Hi,  Renxkyoko Iglesias here .


” Happy ” Independence Day, fellow Americans.


I just participated in a 5 K – Run this morning. It’s called  Run for  Freedom.  It was my first run , and my finish time was 25 minutes. ( pics will follow soon , but not on this post )


I have a hypothetical question. There’s this girl who broke up with her boyfriend . Two years ago, they went to the animal shelter to adopt a dog. The dog chosen was a month old puppy. Although she paid the adoption fees,  the puppy was registered under the boyfriend’s name.  The girl took care of the dog from  day one, and she’s now 2 years old,. But then a week ago,  the girl finally managed to break up with the boyfriend. ( She’s been contemplating breaking up for over a year ) The guy got so mad that he threatened to come over to get ” his ” dog. The girl woke up the family and told them not to open the door ( it was 2 AM ) . He did come, but no one opened the door and thank goodness, he left immediately.  He called up again and said he was going to take her to court if she didn’t hand over the dog.  Her mother was so angry too that she said if he or anyone came over again, she’d call the cops.


The girl told her co workers about this problem. They said she should gather proofs that she was the true owner of the dog ( like medical bills ,etc ), and they also advised her to watch her back because it looks like he is THAT kind of person.


The question is, should she stand her ground ?