Will They Finally Tell the ” TRUTH “?

The Truth is out there.

For a long time, I have kept the real “Me” from my WordPress readers. I’ve been reading manga, watching animes , and playing video games since Methusela’s time. The photo below is my manga collection. I don’t need to show my dvd collection of animes. i have a lot. LOL You can see a part of my video game collection in the pic below, the one on the left. Nowadays, I buy video games from PlayStation store, which are uploaded directly into the console. ( I prefer to have the physical copy, but, it is what it is. New Tech, y’know? )

I’m also very much interested in the paranormal. I love archeology, mystery stories, detective stories, Zombies_____ apocalypse. Oh, I do read books_____ although I prefer crime novels, and Tom Clancy ,John Grisham and James Patterson type .

I do want to write about stuff that I like, however, I’m aware of my blogsite’s demography. Although some are into one or two of subject matters that I like, majority are not. So, I ask, what the heck am I going to talk about here? Good thing I’m into politics, too. My only problem talking politics is that my opinions tend to be very harsh and cringy. I lost a lot of subscribers because of that, LOL.

Anyway………….. About the title……..

It’s taken a while to get to the crux of the matter.

Here it is________

I ___ am_____ a _____ UFO/ UAP______ enthusiast.

I know that any conversation on UFO/UAP always has stigma and ridicule attached to it. So, why am I coming out now ? In case you haven’t noticed, UFOs are all over the news now. Most significantly, the government aka military has finally , albeit grudgingly , acknowledged the existence of Unidentified Aerial Phenomena. UAP. The military will face the US Senate on June 21, 2020 to answer some questions. I’m glad this conversation has gone mainstream.

It doesn’t matter if these UFO are extra-terrestial , or not. What matters is that whatever is out there is a security risk. There have been multiple encounters with these UAPs , detected by radars and eyeballed by fighter jets. What is even more mysterious is that lately, the encounters occur on security sensitive airspaces, even hovering over aircraft carriers. The increase of frequency in sightings over supposedly secured airspaces like San Diego Naval Base in California, and the military not knowing what they are , have actually become the # 1. topic in the army. Well, we hope to get answers on June 21.

By the way, Pres. Obama, in his interview with Stephen Colbert on his Late Night Show, was asked about the existence of UFOs. “And ” ? Colbert asks_____ I won’t tell you…, says Pres. Obama. Well, that pretty much means YES . Former Presidents Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, and Barack Obama , and Sen. Harry Reid believe.

I don’t care whatever comes out of the Senate inquiry. * legit letting out a whoop of triumph. * ___ This geek is happy.

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  1. Let your geek flag fly! Geeks rule and normies drool.


  2. Just love your library. Curious about Cromwell.


    • Patricia Cornwell is the author of numerous crime novels. Her main protagonist is a medical examiner. There’s also a lot on forensic science, and as you very well know, that’s what I majored in in college, and graduated with this degree, plus my Microbiology. The stories are right up my alley.


  3. Great collection Renx πŸ™‚


  4. Looking at the books you displayed I would say you need to read more science fiction to satisfy more fully your UFO interest.


  5. Perhaps Donald Trump is a bizarre UFO alien.


  6. Wow Your manga collection is awesome! I enjoy your blog! I learn so much! I think you should write about whatever you love.
    I am glad I never chose a blog topic to stick to. Because writing random things is easy. But random thoughts can be boring to my readers πŸ˜‚πŸ˜


    • Well, the DOD /Pentagon can report that, and make it official so that all speculations can be put to rest. They should explain why they need to mess with aircraft carriers and jetfighters.


      • You Stated — “They should explain why they need to mess with aircraft carriers and jetfighters.”

        My Response — When I was on my aircraft carrier we never had a UFO event.

        Until one day when we installed a new advanced radar system and them we suddenly had an event with UFO’s (that I myself witnessed)

        I find it very odd that it just so happened while we were testing the new radar and then never happened again after the testing was completed.

        What are the odds Oo


        • I guess we will find out on June 21 ( or June 25 ?) ? I don’t know which I prefer, out of this world, or the US’ “secret “technology . If Tom Clancy was still alive, he’d write a whacky story out of this weird happenings. I don’t even want to speculate that these UAPs are Russia’s or China’s. Don’t get me started. @_@


    • By the way, that round ” alien -looking ” spacecraft looks laughable. But hey, that video was made in 1950, right ? We’d been to the moon and back about 20 years after, so I assume they had made great improvements on that contraption?


      • You Stated — “By the way, that round ” alien -looking ” spacecraft looks laughable.”

        My Response — But it’s not a spacecraft and nowhere in that post was it described as one.

        It’s a car. It was the worlds first hovercar. It would have reduced our global oil needs by over 25% (approximately seven gallons” of oil are needed to produce a single tire). It would have also reduced our infrastructure needs for road pavements by over 75%. Both of which contribute to global warming. (tires and road pavement)

        The car worked and was scheduled for release to the public before the US military came in with a flood of money and started buying up the patents.

        Shortly after they took over the project it was suddenly declared a failure and the company that made it, “Avro Canada”, pulled it from the market.

        You Stated — “I assume they had made great improvements on that contraption?”

        My Response — According to the US National Archives, they improved on that design within a few years after taking it over.

        In 1950 they had they had it clocked over Mach 3 with an altitude ceiling above 100,000 ft. At the time most people were flying in propeller driven planes (not even jet planes for public use yet).

        In 2016 they were forced to go public because of the “The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)”, and they publicly admitted that years of ufo witness testimony, where people were falsely identified as crazy or unreliable, was actually them.

        My question to you is why is it easier to believe in aliens than greed?

        Had it not been for the unending need to be the worlds greediest war machine we would be living in a world with less pollution, less global warming, faster travel and more jobs.

        You were literally robbed of the flying car and they openly admitted it, (albeit years later), with no public outcry.

        Can you even imagine what it can do now?

        It’s not laughable it’s sad.


        • One thing though, I ‘d be very anxious to have a mechanical failure while flying up there.


          • Several of the pilots flying these vehicles developed conditions where they couldn’t talk or stop shaking. Their wives had to provide full time care for them.

            The US military sent these men home and then retired them due to an inability to perform their job duties, with no medical compensation or support.

            When the families took the military to court the defense was, “There are no secret aircraft and the base they work on doesn’t exist”. They claimed that they couldn’t pay medical bills for pilots that couldn’t fly and they couldn’t have gotten hurt on planes that don’t exist.

            But now we know that they do exist and that they sacrificed those men to work out the bugs.


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