A new Anime from Netflix, to be shown on June 11, 2021…. Calling Anime/Manga Geeks

I’m totally hyped ! It’s an animated adaptation of a popular comics serialization from the Phliippines, titled TRESE , Season 1 ( Trese, meaning 13th, to be shown on Netflix on June 11, 2021. The summary says ” When it comes to the supernatural, the cops have Alexandra Trese on speed dial. Set in Manila, Philippines and based on award -winning Filipino comics, Trese , ( first published in 2005 ) Trese brings horror folklore like you’ve never heard before. ” It has English, Japanese, Spanish, and German dubbings, besides the original Filipino language .

What’s so different about this Philippine animated comics from others is that the ” monsters and spirits ” in this comics have not been fabricated out of thin air by the Filipino authors. Even in this day and age, most Filipinos still believe in this “mythological folklore, such as the aswangs, witches, etc. I can confirm this personally. When I was in the Philippines on vacation in 2014 , my childhood friends and I were walking around our subdivision when we saw what looked like an anthill. ( Most probably a mound of termites, ugh !) Then , I heard them say ” Tabi – tabi po. “. ( You can hear the main character in the English dub utter these Filipino words ) . Then they told me to say it as well. And I was like, What did you say ? What does it mean ? Why ? — Well, it means, ” Excuse us, we’re just passing through. ” This is a sign of respect for the “dwende or nuno ” dwelling in that mound, ( or in forests, or a sacred tree like the Balete Tree ) . ” Just say it Ren ! It’s no big deal. ”

The dwende ( dwarf) is not really evil , just mischievous. If the person doesn’t show respect, he/she will end up suffering, at most, from diarrhea. The aswangs is another matter. They will——– eat you.

I’ll write more details on my other blogsite devoted to animes, mangas, video games. https://2megaworthitwordpresscomblog.wordpress.com


Here’s the Netflix Ad for Trese. ( or 13th , pronounced treh-seh )

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  1. I can’t wait to watch it.


  2. Looks good, but I’d have to wait for a Blu-ray release or something to watch since I don’t have Netflix. Looking forward to your eventual thoughts, and hope it lives up to your expectations!


    • I hope so, too.

      I watched all the dubs, Spanish, German, Filipino, english, and finally Japanese. I’m hating myself , but I like the Japanese dubbed most…. or is because my brain is wired to listen to Japanese language when watching anime. Do you know the voice actor of AOTitan ‘s Misaki is Alexandra Trese in Trese ? I guess she got tired of Eren and fighting the Titans , went to the Philippines to become a cop, and chose to fight the evil spirits instead of those big monsters. LOL

      The American voice actor , Shay Mitchell , (she’s Trese ) stars in Pretty Little Liars., she’s the Lesbian one… she’s hjalf Filipina. All of those in the cast, excluding Steve Blum are of Filipino descent.

      I’m sure it will live up to my expectations. The executive director, Jay Oliva, also Filipino, is also the director of a number of DC/Marvel animations. Marvel’s main illustrator, Will Protacio, is also Filipino. And that’s why, Trese has that DC vibes to it, instead of Japanese anime. Filipino mangas are drawn in western style.

      Anyway, I’ll watch the Japanese dub first. ( Although I heard GuadaRupe Bridge, instead of GuadaLupe, lol.


      • Huh, very interesting!
        I can kind of relate on the dub/sub thing. I don’t hate dubs, but at the same time, when I start one, I “hear” the Japanese version even if I haven’t seen the sub. It’s just funny how our minds work sometimes!


        • I know right ? I’m hating myself, but I actually cringe on the Filipino and English dubs. I mean, Filipino is the original dub, for pete’s sake, and English is my primary language. And I should be used to the sounds, right? Hmmm, why is that , I wonder.


  3. Must watch this! 🙂


    • Yes !

      I’m reading up on Philippine folklore . Alexandra Trese has the power to go to the world of the Underworld . What’s so surprising is that most Filipinos believe in the existence of these creatures, especially those living in the provinces and small towns. It’s like these creatures are deeply ingrained in Filipino souls.


      • It will be more exciting because we can relate to the plot! tabi-tabi po. hihihih


        • I know, right ? ? It’s like when people automatically avoid walking under a ladder without even thinking it’s superstitious in nature. In the Philippines, tabi-tabi po comes automatically, too.

          I have to write something about these Filipino folklore before Trese airs on Netflix.


        • And please let your friends know about this… Netflix will not give a Season 2 if viewership is low.


  4. For me I just don’t have confidence in Shay Mitchell likability after her role in Pretty Little Liars


  5. Wow, this sounds awesome! Too bad I don’t have Netflix. Hopefully it will be available on other platforms in the future.


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