I’m Rambling

I’m thinking… are there any positives we can take from this horrible pandemic?

Since almost 100 % of workforce at Dad’s office are working at home ( except a few newly-hired who come everyday to man the fort…. Dad saw 3 employees in their building the other day, out of about 300 employees. ) , the area has turned into a wildlife sanctuary. Dad has to check for rattlesnakes under the car….. and seen bobcats lurking around the building. Cayotes , owls and fox , too. I don’t like snakes ( shivers ) but we welcome the other wildlife. This is a positive, right ?

And, do you notice the sky has turned bluer ?

We ran out of bread this morning. I went to the grocery without brushing my teeth and dressing up….just wore a mask to cover the morning breath, lol… that’s a positive, right ? *_*

Less cars on the road, less pollution.

We’ve also learned to take care and protect our loved ones, now more than ever.

We’ve also gotten closer to our next door neighbors, especially the elderly Vietnamese couple. They always send us food ! Just last week, they gave us 2 family size pizzas. I have to buy ensaimada from a Filipino bakery this weekend. Ensaimada is a Filipino brioche filled with sugary whipped butter and topped with aged cheese * Edam cheese or what Filipinos call queso de bola. * The Vietnamese couple love this bread. ( shown in the pic, the one with lots of cheese topping. ) so I guess I’ll buy this for them again.

Thank goodness Hamas and Israel have finally agreed to a ceasefire. Gah ! Who started the bombings ?

And what are these anti-vaccine and anti-mask thinking ? Because, FreedomS ? Just spread the virus among yourselves, please do. You are a walking disease. You’re putting my parents’ lives at risk. ! ! Okay, do whatever you want…… May your tribe decrease. ………



Pres. Biden was spared from deciding re Palestine and Israel conflict. That’s a positive for us Americans , right ? If that one escalates further, America will be blamed again.

In the US, although the rate of vaccination is just 38. 6 %, the highest rate of those fully vaccinated are concentrated on Eastern and Western coasts, like New York , California, Massachusets, Oregon, etc.and those with the lowest rate are from the South. Mississippi has the lowest. Heh. Why am I not surprised ? We are aiming for herd immunity here in California. We would appreciate it if you don’t travel here in the meantime. Kindly spare us.

Will Japan postpone the Summer Olympics ? Japan has already spent so much for this year’s Olympics and my heart goes out to the country , but now is not the time to hold this event, no matter how important it is ( it’s supposed to be 2020 Summer Olympics but was postponed for this year, and I guess they’re going to postpone it again? ) Japan, it’s alright. Never mind the Olympics , Your health is more important.

I think my thoughts have started to meander. It’s time to stop and say my goodbyes.

Bye bye !

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  1. The good part is you can go out without brushing your teeth and cover them with mask :p

    Stay healthy and safe Ren 😀


  2. The ensaymada looks delicious. The pic made me hungry.



  3. Haha! It’s like you’re in my head! I agree with everything you wrote. I’m in the Northeast, so there you go. My parents are in Florida, with health issues. And their governor is just a big an idiot as the orange thing that had been in the White House. Luckily they have been able to keep safe.
    That bread looks awesome!


  4. Love your ramblings, Renxkyoko.


  5. I don’t see what the problem is about wearing a mask is! Oh my gulay! You can mouth off to a person and they can’t see your mouth move! You don’t have to wear make up! It’s great.
    Unfortunately wearing a mask for a long time aggravates my cough. But who cares


  6. Rattlesnakes I don’t like much… But bobcats? Cute… be good.


    • A few employees found a snake under the car. My father gets notifications regarding this matter. There are pumas, too.


      • I feel like I might be able to handle a bobcat. From a distance. Now a puma? That is a biiig cat… 🐱
        Snakes might look for the warmth of the engine when you turn it off on arrival?
        How have you and your parents been? (Has anti-Asian racism calmed down?)


  7. You do tend to jump around here but I like your choice of topics.


  8. Rambling goes with doodling on paper. Have you tried that?


  9. Try it with colors.


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