Pray for India, pray for a better 2021

Before anything else, I would like to offer my prayers to India for their speedy recovery from Covid. I’ve been watching the news ( mainly from Gravitas/Wion and BBC ) and the images I see are incomprehensible…… over a million infections in 3 days ! People are dying on the streets, gasping for breath on sidewalks, inside cars or whatever vehicle they use to get to hospitals…….. but to no avail. No help is immediately available. It’s unbelievable . If you are a reader from India, please tell us, are the images exagerrated , perhaps ? I hope so, because , darn it, it’s like watching a disaster/ apocalyptic movie ,except this one is real.

Meanwhile, here in the US, there is a spate of mass shootings going on. Sadly, I am already inured to this kind of violence.

Japan is being jolted by earthquakes of different magnitude these past few months, the highest of which is 7.2 Thank goodness there are no accompanying tsunamis. Watching on TV the tsunami disaster in Japan in March, 2011 had traumatized me……… not to mention the tsunami that occured in Indonesia.

Currently , there is a spike in volcanic activities worldwide. Japan, Indonesia, Italy , South America. Last year in Jan. 2020, Taal Volcano in the Philippines erupted , 3 weeks before my scheduled vacation in the Philippines. The volcano is just 30 miles from Manila, so I got to see the volcano while it was still actively spewing smoke and steam. There are currently an ongoing elevated seismic activities around the volcano, sparking fears that it will erupt again.

So, what else can we pile up on top of these man-made and natural disasters?

Oh, wait, I haven’t mentioned typhoons, cyclones and hurricanes that have become more vicious and destructive due to climate change.

This is like Murphy’s Law being put to work in 2020 and 2021.

These are indeed interesting times.


I can feel a negative aura surrounding me .

  • turns on in denial mode. *

Bye for now. Stay safe. Keep the mask on.

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  1. Our prayers are with you for India!💞


  2. My heart breaks for India and I’ve been praying for them! It makes me sad that people still say COVID is fake, it’s just a flu etc and don’t want to wear a mask.
    Hugs Ren!


    • Republicans /Trump supporters believe Covid crisis is a hoax. To this day, his supporters still say that…. and they never wear masks. Mask wearing here in the US is not mandatory. In the Philippines, masks and face shields are mandatory…. cops will get ya.


      • In Ontario and Nova Scotia they went into strict lock down. Ontario has been in lockdown for a long time now.
        In BC we were supposed to end ours on April 19 but no! We are still in ours ☹️
        Nobody can ever follow the rules put on a mask! No parties!
        At my work they put up a memo saying we absolutely cannot hangout outside our core 4. No people at our house. No visits.


  3. I am praying for India. Time for our world to quit fighting. Unite in helping the countries in need. I pray our world can.


  4. We all need to pray but some don’t know how. I wrote an article on how to pray using a prayer model.


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