Asian hate ? Get a grip on yourselves.

Do you know anything about the Philippines ? The Philippines is in Southeast Asia, an archipelago of 7, 641 islands , with a population of more than 110 million, 12 th largest in the world.

In the US, the only Asians they recognize are East Asians ( Chinese, Koreans, Japanese, Taiwanese ) or people that look like them.

Do you know that Indians, Pakistanis, SriLankans, Nepalese , Bangladeshis, and Maldives are Asians, too ? They are Southern Asians. How about Kazakhstan, Aszerbaizan, Georgia, Turkemenistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan ? They are Central and Western Asians. And like the Philippines , Indonesia, Thailand, Brunei, Laos, Vietnam, Singapore, Cambodia, Malaysia, and Singapore are Southeast Asians. You may include the Pacific Islanders . The Philippines is sometimes recognized as Pacific Islanders. And that is right… Filipinos and Pacific Islanders have the same DNA. The Philippines’ race is Malay-Indo- Polynesian.

So, what the heck is this Asian hate ? Get your hate straightened out. Get a grip.

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  1. And technically speaking Israel and all the Middle Eastern countries are part of Asia too.

    They are what the old Roman Empire thought of as Asia Minor.


    • According to United Nations, they are indeed part of Asia, but I didn’t bother to include them because who would believe Israel and Palestine are part of Asia.


      • Yes, I guess Geography is no longer taught as a subject in most schools anymore.

        I remember my dad who was a teacher (specializing in teaching History, Geography, Math and Science) became quite angry when most school boards started to merge History and Geography into a new single subject called Social Studies and discovered that for the most part the new Social Studies curriculum didn’t really include much History and Geography.

        Things have got even worse in public schools since then.


        • Here in the US, I didn’t have Geography in our curriculum.

          Even my parents were surprised. My mother said in her highschool, they had Geography, World History, US History ( believe it or not ) and History of the Far East. Do you know that US history that I learned in high school here in the US didn’t even mention the Philippines, a US colony for 50 years ? Americans are very insular.


          • Yes, I discovered that most Americans are very insular.

            They have very little knowledge of the rest of the world.

            If it hadn’t been for the Spanish-American War of 1898, they probably wouldn’t have been attacked by the Japanese in 1941 since they wouldn’t have had the Philippines and thus wouldn’t have posed a real military threat to Japan’s designs on the rest of Asia.


            • This is ridiculous. When someone who is actually Hispanic is attacked for being “Chinese” you know ignorance has won the day. The victim probably had some Native American DNA, which made him look “oh so superficially” like a “foreigner” to that attacking fool..

              I identify as Anglo-Saxon. Does that mean I have to caucus with the Anglo-Saxons in Congress? If so, I want everybody to have a DNA test and prove where they came from (I say this with the deepest sarcasm). No one is racially pure. We all come from the same primordial slime.

              Thank Heaven the Senate passed the anti-AAPI hate crime bill by a vote of 94-1. You’ll never guess who voted against it.

  2. No Brasil não existe ódio algum contra os asiáticos. Talvez a exceção seja nosso atual presidente, em relação à China, mas esse não conta porque odeia todo mundo. Identifico as Filipinas como um local lindo e com um povo muito hospitaleiro. É um país que seguramente eu gostaria de conhecer. Abraço!


    • Thank you ! Obrigada !

      You know, I hear there are now a lot of immigrants in the Philippines from Brazil. I think there’s even one Brazilian who is a host of a TV show over there. People from Brazil will feel a little bit at home in the Philippines because of our shared religion. The Philippines is the 3rd largest Catholic nation in the world, the first being Brazil. ( Mexico is second ) . The culture is heavily Hispanic too. So, yes, please visit the Philippines ( when Covid is gone , ~_~ )


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