Second dose of Covid vaccine

So anti-climactic .

No reactions ?? Aren’t we supposed to feel something unpleasant after the second dose ? Is that a good thing or what ?

We got Pfizer vaccine.


Yay ! We’re done ! We’re still going to wear a mask, though. At work, wearing mask is mandatory. We’re not totally immune yet, you know. There are now 4 variants of the virus ,lurking, ready to strike, and they are deadlier and more dangerous than the original, especially the one from Brazil.

Stay safe.

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  1. Posted by Mischenko on April 10, 2021 at 11:36 am

    My husband received the Phizer and had no symptoms. He’s a person who rarely ever gets sick. They say some get symptoms and some don’t. 😉


  2. Stay safe. Glad you got your second shot. We got ours two weeks ago. One of us no reaction. One of us just extremely tired the day after the vaccine.


  3. So glad you got your second shot. My husband and I are scheduled for our second Pfizer vaccine in a couple of weeks. He had no reaction to his first, and I just had some minor muscle pain in my upper arm and a small rash.


  4. Thanks a lot for sharing.Take care.🌹🙏


  5. About 50% of enrollees in PFizer clinical had no adverse reactions, Moderna has a bit more adverse reactions, but not significant. I got “covid arm” with Moderna with both shots but nothing else. My kids all got sick. I do worry about vaccine viability during transport and storage since they need to be held at a specific temperature range (not as cold as earlier thought, but still controlled). The CDC “recommends,” but does not require, temperature gauges to be utilized during transport and storage. They should require this and monitor it. Europe tested samples of vaccine they received from Pfizer and found they were less potent than indicated in the clinical trials, around 70% rather than 90%. With 100’s of millions of doses being shipped and stored, it seems certain to me that there will be errors in handling. European countries confidentially emailed each other on the discrepancy in vaccine efficacy and some good person leaked it to the media which is how we know. Everybody is acting like the vaccines are a panacea, which I am sure they are, when eliminating error from the equation. There is even error in filling of vaccine vials. You have such volume and so many people handling the vaccines, that again, there is the impact of human error. I watched this process at the vaccine superstations, and was not super reassured.


  6. Just got my first dose of Moderna. Got a slight rash and a bit of a sore arm, but glad I didn’t have to wait long to get one. My area is one of the worst — if not the worst — in the nation right now.


  7. Yep. Better stay with that mask on and stay safe. Vaccine rollout is starting here as well, just slower.


  8. That’s great! I just got my second one today, and it was also pfizer. I didn’t really have any reaction to the first one except for being tired and having a runny nose for half a day.


  9. I just booked my appointment today. I’m looking forward to joining ‘the first class citizens’! 🙂


  10. Hopefully a safe Covid-19 vaccine will become available to every human being a lot sooner than anticipated.

    I typically receive the annual influenza vaccination every fall, though for the last few years I’ve specifically asked for a placebo
    … to which I receive a serious look by the nurse, who’s clearly not amused by my attempt at humor with the otherwise serious topic.


  11. Because the super religious in the USA, and all over the world, refuse to be vaccinated we will not reach “herd immunity” and this thing will be with us for many years to come. Very sad that we are being held hostage by the most ignorant among us. continue…


    • Yes, like those religious festivals in India.

      I hate to say this but I’m thinking something really, really nasty re these anti-vaxxers. I won’t say it. It’s too nasty. @__@ Hint : It has something to do with elections.


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