Maybe you have this impression ? ?

I’ve been a bit harsh every time I talk about the country where I was born. I wonder if I’m leaving a not-so-good impression on the Philippines….. like it’s in ruins, and people are starving and dying, and everyone’s dirt poor? So, okay, we were in Manila in February , and my co-worker came with us . And though we look like native Filipinos, my co-worker is white, and , * ponder* I think we did look like tourists. My Caucasian friend and the cameras in our hands were a give-away. Surprisingly, my friend felt like we were a bunch of American hillbillies walking the streets of modern Manila. Well, we do come from a small California city, with one pitiful , old shopping mall and a few tall buildings here and there. Ugh. Three of the top ten largest malls in the world are located in Manila. Manila is number 11 in the 20 most beautiful skylines in the world. ( Chicago and New York are the only American cities included in the top 20. ) I mean, how many cities are there in the world?

View this video of Manila. This video ‘s the reason why we felt like a bunch of hicks.

I think we’d feel the same way if we were in Tokyo.

Okay, this is all for now.

Visit the Philippines. The whole country of 7, 641 islands , of which only 2000 islands are inhabited, is one freaking tourist destination. The scenery is simply stunning.

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  1. Imagine how I felt walking downtown Makati: I come from Rome…


  2. Thanks for featuring BGC. Ayala is as lovely too.


  3. Poverty or no, the Philippines is a beautiful country and I am longing to go again. One day, post-virus…


  4. We still have to return to Batanes where we have been offered free accomodation in the government buildings there. Gorgeous place! Manila I leave to other people when I can.


  5. Really liked this video. Many thanx for sharing.


  6. Wait a minute!! Hold the phone!! You were in Manila in February? This past February when I was roaming metro all over exploring?? Mmmm wonder if I ran into you, there was this one girl that gave me that evil look, hum! 🤔😝


  7. When I first visited the US, I was expecting the flashy stuff… I went to some parts of Cali and found if quite subtle as opposed to how I imagined.

    Yes, being in the Philippines is so much different. Braving the streets of Manila is a talent— like a milestone that can be achieved! I live there but I still feel like a tourist. Manila is like a giant obstacle course. So many things to see and do!

    Thanks for advertising our country! It deserves an awesome write up ♥️


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