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My parents were contacted by relatives from the Philippines regarding a ?????? for President Movement that they’re putting out soon. The man is a close relative of my mother, so she’s quite excited. 2022 is election year in the Philippines but everyone knows that evil, foul-mouth, vile president Duterte and his cohorts are already pushing for his daughter’s presidential candidacy. These people do not have a bottomline . This also means her candidacy will be awashed with money coming from China. Duterte is brazenly selling off Philippine sovereignty to China. All of Asia knows that, but ,except for a few brave souls ( like my mother’s cousin ), who speak out about the evil that ‘s going on in the Philippines, the whole country is mute??? It’s incomprehensible and extremely troubling. How can that happen ? Are 110 million Filipinos blind, deaf , and mute ?

My parents are hopeful that’s not the case at all. People are starting to speak out, slowly and surely. My Mom’s cousin is one of the outspoken critics of this evil, butt – ugly president and his criticisms are starting to gain traction in the country. ….. [ To my Filipino readers.……..He’s the retired Supreme Court Justice who brought China-Philippine territorial dispute to the International Court at the Hague, won the case, and made China’s Nine Dash Line and occupation of some Philippine islands ( the Spratleys ) illegal. I’m sure you all have heard of him, ]

However, Mom has suggested they should unite first and present just one candidate. The current Vice-President is Leni Robredo who belongs to the opposition party. If she wants to run for President, then maybe Mom’s cousin can run as her Vice-President, or, because of his stature, she can give him a job that will repair the damage inflicted upon the country by this vile president, on international level.

They are now starting to raise funds for 1. his protection 2. candidacy . It’s too early to reveal how they’re going to raise funds.

It’s a pity we are American citizens. We don’t know the legality of donating funds to the campaign from Filipino-Americans and Filipinos residing overseas who are disgusted with foul mouth duterte. duterte is a huge embarassment to all Filipinos . And by the way, vile duterte is an example why having so many candidates running for president is not a good thing. Can you imagine what would happen if Bernie Sanders had decided to run as a third candidate ? ? Even a person with an IQ of 10 would know.

This is all for now. Stay safe. Don’t be a super spreader like you know who. Wear a mask. Bye.

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  1. So China bought Duterte?

    I’m not surprised.

    China tries to buy a lot of overseas politicians.


    • I don’t know, Dracul Van Helsing. That man has this Build, Build, Build Program and he wants to overtake what all the presidents before him have accomplished. People are scratching their heads where he gets billions of pesos to build so many infrastructures. It’s obvious , of course. Filipinos will one day wake up and see people with Chinese names already own the country. I’m not being racist to the Chinese, but… you know what I mean, right ? It’s happening now. Duterte is speeding up the process. That’s why he and his cohorts will do whatever they can to keep this power. . But we know all is not lost…..that’s all I can say.


      • That is extremely interesting.

        Billions of pesos for large infrastructure.

        No wonder Duterte said he isn’t going to do anything about the islands China is claiming as its own in the South China Sea.


        • That’s why it’s high treason. That man is a coward. He always acts tough and spews vile words towards people whom he knows won’t bother to confront him.. Pres. Obama, Canada’s Prime Minister, the Pope, the French president, etc. He once called these people SOB’s… the Pope for creating massive traffic when he visited the Philippines… Pres. Obama for I don’t know what reason, Canada’s Trudeau for “having mistakenly” shipped tons of garbage to the Philippines, and also to the President of Finland…. he’s just like an annoying pest, trying hard to act tough and unafraid to curse heads of state , triyng to impress Filipinos, like, : look at me, I’m cursing Obama. But when confronted by a real bully like China, he cowers in one corner. Now every Filipino knows he’s a coward.

          Filipinos are educated, intelligent, diligent, resilient people, but they are sooooooooo stupid when it comes to political matters. Always, always, always.


  2. Good luck to your mom’s cousin. From what I’ve seen Duterte is even cruder than a Trump. Keep us informed because we don’t get this news here.


  3. Some of us are not that blind, mute and deaf. We still believe in the truth but it seems as long as the old man is there, no one would dare fight him. there was a latest survey where he got 91% So UNBELIEVABLE. Maraming kumita lalo na False Asia.


    • Tita, that’s definitely False Asia. Ha ha ha They will do anything to keep up the pretense. That percentage is crazy even for False Asia. I think they want to exagerrate the rating to make it unbelievable, like a subliminal message . If they made it at least 70%, that would be believable. Know what I mean ?


      • And to think, it amounted to 101%, they didn’t even think of the correctness of their distribution 91 +5 +5. Haha, Grabe talaga sa kasinungalingan. I wonder how much they were paid for this.


    • Is it rue that he wants the Catholic Bishops dead? It’s on Inquirer.


  4. Those of us who were following international politics back when Duterte (can I say his name or should he be “he-who-must-also-not-be-named”?) first came to power and made violent threats against “drug pushers”– were very concerned. Then he started to carry out his threats. I don’t know how many “pushers” he’s killed, but I’ve heard that a lot of innocent bystanders were also murdered.

    This guy would kill anyone who opposed him at the drop of a hat. Assassination would be too subtle for him. He’ll just accuse them of pushing drugs (like aspirin) and kill them in a violent, no-knock raid– or shoot them on the street for “resisting arrest.”

    Now he’s sold out to China’s government, not even getting their “Belt and Road” (which is a cheap, long-term loan for more than you can ever pay for to get infrastructure built) scheme. He’s not getting money from fair progressive taxes for Filipino rich people– of that I’m sure. I don’t know where he’s getting the money or who he thinks he’s kidding.

    Filipino people are just like Americans, except they have someplace to go– we don’t have anywhere to run to. The ones with education fled to the US long ago (esp doctors and nurses) and the ones who couldn’t are completely cowed into silence. For a while, the US Filipinos thought they didn’t have to worry about their homeland– but then Benigno (?spelling) Aquino’s people lost out to right-wing nationalists. I don’t know if there was a free election, but I doubt it.

    Now it’s too late for the people of the Philippines. Duterte’s killers have taken over the whole country. I don’t know if there’s a democratic way back.

    It’s similar (but different) to what’s happening here. A US Senator (Mike Lee) just claimed on Twitter that the US “is not a democracy.” He “explained” that by saying that the mob of people can be misled and they need a strong leader to control them… something like that.

    No, it’s not a “democracy.” It’s designed as a “democratic republic” which means the minority is supposed to have rights that the majority is bound to respect. Unfortunately, the current Republican leadership would rather have minority control of the government without rights for the “silent” majority.

    For example, even after all the right wing propaganda for the last forty years that claims that abortion causes depression (it doesn’t) and fetuses can feel pain at 24 weeks (they can’t) and the fetus has the same rights as a full-grown adult (it has rights, but the mother has the authority over its life and death because she’s the one who has to bear the burden alone… long philosophical ethical rant here, left out for…)

    OK, you’re gonna get it now: Assume that the fetus is a human with all the rights to life of a human. Suppose a fetus starts to grow in the womb of a mother against her will. She has the right not to be forced to grow it.
    — let’s say you woke up one morning and found yourself hooked up by IV to someone you didn’t know and didn’t invite in, and that someone said, “You’re the only person who can save my life– you have to be hooked up to me for nine months and then undergo painful labor for up to twenty-four hours so I can force myself out through a hole in your (insert term for ya-ya here)– and then, you have to support me (possibly alone while working full time without government support) for the next eighteen years, after which I won’t necessarily be grateful.”

    You don’t have to submit to that kind of extortion, even to save the life of another person (whom you don’t even know and haven’t consented to be hooked up to.) You have a right to say, “Take your dependency somewhere else” even if it means the death of another human being.

    End of rant.

    How did I ever get on to that rant?

    Oh, Duterte. I’m not sure of his position on abortion, but I do know he has no respect for others, not even the Catholic Church (isn’t the Philippines mostly Catholic due to the influence of the Spanish in centuries past?) And he hates Obama because he’s Black, which is odd because Duterte’s not White, he’s Filipino/Asian.

    Now the Chinese can be as racist as anyone else, especially against the Japanese, who are pretty racist on the average, but Duterte being anti-Black and pro-Chinese is just absurd. He’s almost as evil as he-who-must-not-be-named, which is saying a lot.

    Enough ranting. Back to “work.” I agree with your dislike of Duterte. Don’t get involved with donating money to his opposition, though; it’s probably illegal, even if you are a citizen of the Philippines. Overseas US can legally donate to political parties in the mainland US, but non-citizens cannot, that I do know.


    • Sorry for the late response.

      I hate to say this , but Asians, in particular , East Asians ( Chinese, Koreans, most probably Japanese ) are very, very, very, racist. The Chinese and Koreans even look down on fellow Asians, like the brown skinned Southeast Asians ( Filipinos, Indonesians, etc. ) because of their skin color. While the rest of the world are starting to like tanned skin , as opposed to ghostly white color, these Esat Asians will do everything to maintain their skin color. Well, that’s their preference, but they should not look down on brown-skinned people. When I was in travelling in Europe, it irked and amused me to see a bunch of East Asian tourists with open umbrellas , and covering important tourist sites. Just imagine walking around THe Forum in Italy with these umbrella-carrying tourists. I couldn’t even take a good photo of the Leaning Tower of Pisa because of their fudging umbrellas covering the ancient structures. Am I being racist , too? Like reverse racism, lol .

      About Duterte, don’t get me started.

      But sometimes, my parents and I feel it isn’t worth stressing over Philippine politics. We should be more concerned with US politics. America is our home and our country.


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