My laptop is a goner…

It took me over a week to decide to buy a new one. My old computer is too corrupted. It even managed to kick out my Norton .

And dangit, I still don’t know how to use this new Wodpress.

And I haven’t transferred my photos from the old to here.

Besides that, I haven’t watched the news for over 2 weeks now. I want to clear and erase pollutants off my mind first. Politics is really getting nasty. ( although my recent posts have been quite harsh, too, not gonna deny it.

*stares off into the distance *

There’s something on my mind, though. But I want to clear my head first before I post about it. Think of it as the calm before the storm. He he

This is it for now.

Oh, wait, are we still on Pandemic mode ? I still wear a mask , at work , or anywhere I go. I see people wearing masks everywhere I go and that’s good. Business establishments also require people to wear masks , and that’s even better. Don’t lower your guard. The cold-flu season is just around the corner, and you do know the C-virus is somewhat similar to flu, right ? Even if I’m wrong, err on the side of caution, just the same. Stay safe.


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  1. Hi Ren how are you doing?
    I don’t even know why bought my laptop after mine crashed. I rarely used it! Lol
    I have two iPads and iPhone.
    Ugh that WordPress update is so annoying! I want a simple fluid way of blogging lol


  2. Hello Ren! Good to here you are wearing masks when you go out. There is nothing like being cautious,


  3. *stares off into space*
    Hi Ren. Good to hear from you again.
    New laptop costs money. Have to buy one every two years. I can’t type on my iPhone– my fingers are too big and hunt/peck is too slow.
    New WordPress editor was a big pain at first, but I noticed that some of the bugs have been fixed. You could just type your stuff and ignore the bells and whistles since your posts don’t need them. I do recommend that.
    Glad to see you are holding up.
    *stares off into space again*
    As well as could be expected.


    • Guess what! I just bookmarked your website on my “bookmarks”! Makes you so much easier to find… under the file “personal websites”… I have to maintain my “bookmarks” on a regular basis, so I must be a computer nerd. That’s what comes of taking “computerese” in college, before civilians could use the “Internet”, before there was a “world wide web”, when you had to know a computer language just to talk to a computer, back when we used teletypes to communicate with a mainframe, that printed out our stuff on a big long piece of paper (foolscap, sorta like wrapping paper, with chunks of wood in it.) Now that I’m retired, I get to spend all my time on the computer while my wife is watching TCM or the Hallmark channel for “Golden Girls”. I guess she’s a “Golden Girl” now. I love the fact that I can type my personal stuff on somebody else’s website. That way I don’t clutter up my own blog with “personal notes”. Bye for now.


      • Ha ha Those long pieces of paper ! ! My Dad worked on mainframe since forever at Philippine Airlines ( still does to this day … he hasn’t retired ), from 1974 , and continues to work to this day as a mainframe programmer here in the US. His employer ( the government ) doesn’t want him to switch from mainframe because it’s still needed for large -scale job ( like RIS, DMV, NASA, Cloud, The Pentagon, ha ha ha ) Mainframe programmers are dinosaurs , Dad admits, but imainframe is still unbeatable. His employer ( the government ) tried to switch to Oracle , Adabas years ago, but , no can do… it’s still mainframe. That’s why Dad cannot retire. There are so few mainframe programmers here in the US.


  4. Glad you are wearing a mask. They are all the rage here but the number of people infected is rising again anyway. Don’t ask me about laptops. I’m just glad I manage to get mine to switch on. Stay safe 🙂


  5. Renxkyoko
    As you know, I am an expert at and in ‘Nothing’ that said can I help you?
    I have been stumbling with Word press for a few months and almost know what I am doing, it takes a lot more time but I might be getting the hang of it?
    If your old computer is a Sony I might be good there also?


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