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WordPress  had notified me of a spike in my viewership 2 or 3 times these past 2 months…. and the source of the spike are my “uncensored and unfiltered ” posts that question my  belief in the policy platform of the Democratic Party and my rants againts  the government of China, which I’m sure many of my ” progressive” readers find  discomfiting.  The enemy of my enemy is my friend, that’s the problem,  never mind that the ”  friend ”  has been violating freedom of the press and speech,  human rights,  brazen expansionism , ethnic  and cultural cleansing  in Tibet, Mongolia and the Uyghurs   minority  in China,   and destruction of  environment and wildlife. ( Not to mention organ harvesting going on in China )  Check out ,on my post,  BBC’s report on 267 Chinese fishing vessels in Galapagos Island.   They  cannot even spare that piece of  the vast ocean from their insatiable lust  for money.   Chinese vessels have also been vacuuming marine life in West Philippine Sea, and have been seen on Tabuttaha Reef in the Philippines, one of the most protected sites in the world.  There are almost no fish in the Indian Ocean,  and even North Korea  had shot  dead 3 Chinese  fishermen that were seen  vacuuming North Korea’s  marine territories . No more squid for you Kim Jong Un.  China has gone so low that even their most protected ally and friend, North Korea ,  is taking shots at them.   The worst. 

So, I’m asking the Democratic Party…. just because , at the moment, the Republican Party sees itself as the party that ” bravely ” fights   the  untouchable, will you now act as protector of  this country , and  welcome this country, once again, with open arms, and ignore the unbridled  theft of anything this country can get hold of, just because   the enemy of my enemy is my ally and friend? 

Now about the title of this post.  

Don’t be surprised at what I’m about to  tell you. 

I’ve just given my 3rd donation to the Biden Campaign, and my parents have just received their PIONEER Ticket /sticker from the Biden Campaign, as well. I don’t need  to tell you what getting  a PIONEER ticket entails.  Suffice it to say,  legal  “individual contribution ” is at maximum.  

So,don’t come here and comment what a bad person I am , throwing my  principles out the window.  I   just want you to know that I truly believe   the fate of this planet now depends on who  the next President of the United States of America is.  It’s important what a President Biden  means to America and to the free world. 

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  1. The intensity of the political correctness bugs me. We can’t talk honestly about China. Why not?


    • I don’t know, Ma’m Knoke. Look what happened in HongKong. They’re threatening an invasion of Taiwan, and just this week, there are protests going on in Mongolia. They’re harassing vessels in South China Sea, building military structures on other countries’ territories, and they do that brazenly because these countries cannot stop them. Good thing Japan can. But the world doesn’t know what’s going on. What they did in Hongkong barely merited a line on CNN… did the news here in the US report there was a border fight between China and India just a few weeks ago and dozens died ? Maybe the news networks didn’t because it involved China. Who knows? Maybe China invested heavily in CNN, like they did in New York Times and Washington Post. New York Times even publishes a separate news on China, the China Daily Mail. The extent of China’s soft power is mind-boggling. They’ve even gotten stranglehold on Hollywood. And Hollywood complies because it doesn’t want to lose China’s business.


  2. Reblogged this on Shechaim's News of the Day and commented:
    Boy am I in trouble with Word press my ‘good friend’!
    Please keep up the good (GREAT), work? 👍❤👌🤞


  3. Love the passion and I just pray Biden is successful. The alternative is too hard to comprehend


  4. Hunter Biden did some deals so if daddy is going to be president, would he rock that relationship? Sad as it is, the people can vote all they like on promises but once politicians get in, they can do as they like and we have to wait another four years to have another go. Not a bad job if you can get it, no wonder there is so much corruption everywhere you look.


  5. I think Joe Biden recognizes that China is not our friend. Some say that China doesn’t actually want Biden, they’d prefer he-who-must-not-be-named because it would damage the US even further, which would help China take over.
    I take the South China Morning Post so I picked up on some of the things you say our media hasn’t… but… I don’t think there’s any conspiracy to downplay bad China news– it’s just that there’s too much going on right now to give those things the attention they deserve.
    Hope China doesn’t dare attack Taiwan. That should be a red line with our military. I don’t think the Chinese are willing to start a shooting war because they know the casualties on both sides would be immense. They’ll just continue their creeping, bullying “soft power” attacks.
    Thanks for your support of Democratic Party and Joe.
    Remember that the enemy of my enemy is not my friend– at best, she’s a temporary ally and at worst, just another enemy.


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