Ooops !

I’m posting using the new stuff here on WordPress. I’m confused.

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  1. Gremlins loyal to Voldemort have taken over the new stuff at WordPress.


    • He he

      I’m sure I’ll get used to this in no time. But how come there are so many instructions? Simple is the best ! Or maybe I’m just technology -challenged so I shouldn’t blame the techs for my stupidity.


      • I’ve been on WordPress since 2007 although I hadn’t been posting on a regular basis since 2013 and I’ve noticed WordPress has become more difficult to use with each progressive new change they’ve introduced.

        They seem to become less and less user friendly each time.


  2. He-who-must-not-be-named better keep his tiny fingers off my WordPress editor! The new editor is confusing and was buggy … but after I complained, it actually got better. I was shocked to see a change from one day to the next! It’s hard, knowing that things could be better and knowing that you know what to do, but don’t have the power to change anything. but I digress.
    You can use the old editor if you try hard and press the right buttons repeatedly. But I thought I’d give the new one a whirl and it actually improved, some of the bugs went away. I thought nobody read my blog but now I’m not so sure– at least someone at WP Admin does, once in a while.
    I haven’t had time to read much of anything except journal articles (and editorials about he-who…) but I did read your post about China claiming Philippines as a province. Melamine in your milk, anyone? The ingredients in that hair tonic curled my toenails. What is charcoal doing in a hair tonic?


  3. I’m still posting old school!


  4. I opted for the classic editor, which isn’t the original classic editor. There was a different on in 2012 when I opened my first blog on WP. I think the block editor is for some of the newest blog themes. Everything that looks pretty isn’t always the best at functionally. I still like the older themes where you can see snips of posts from the home page.


  5. I’m for simple too…so…one of my blogging friends made a great tutorial video. Best of all, it’s very simple and easy to follow. It really helped me immensely :
    Hope it helps😊


  6. Haven’t tried it yet.


  7. Is that the new editing stuff. I tried it. And said nope! Especially when I am using mobile. Ugh. It’s horrible


  8. Mas gusto ko yong classic editor. I’m so annoyed for this new one.


  9. Reblogged this on Shechaim's News of the Day and commented:
    It takes some getting use to my friend, just remember; if I can do it anyone can, just take your time?


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