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An incident in the Philippines, Aug.21, 2020.


The city government also found that the establishment is not approved by the Food and Drug Administration.


The beauty product  has in its label,  ”   Manufactured  for Elegant Beauty Products Inc.

 Address :  1st flr.. 707 Sto. Cristo St. , San Nicolas , Manila Province, P.R. China


Made in P.R.C   ( People’s Republic of China.) 


The label  brazenly says Manila is a province of China. 

Manila Mayor, Francisco Moreno , has called for the deportation of 2 Chinese nationals ( as undesirable aliens ) …….. they are two  of 5 owners that own the company (  the other  2  are  ” Filipinos ” with Chinese  last names, and one with Filipino   name , Lazada . )  They also found out that the  products have not been approved by the Philippines’ FDA ( Food and Drug Administration,} and immediately,  Manila’s Bureau of Permits closed 4 stalls  that sell these products  and closed and padlocked the building at the address indicated on the label.  ” I will write to the Bureau of Immigration to deport these Chinese nationals as undesirable aliens.”, the mayor said.



Chinese nationals and Filipino -Chinese are  notorious in  doing illegal and dishonest business in the Philippines. Fake products  from China.  ( In China, even Coke is being faked.)   Toxic food products.  ( Melamine in milk products , anyone ?} Sadly, and tragically,  they  can pass thru the  Bureau of Customs, the most corrupt agency in the Philippines.

Wait, let me tell you  a story…………..  My parents knew of a simple bodegero  (  a Customs employee who merely watched over stuff stored   at a Customs warehouse, called bodega. } ,but, from his measly government salary,   was able to own   3 SUVs and  a huuuge mansion.  In fact, we were invited for dinner at their  house when we were there on vacation.    In the house was an ugly, tacky , kind of  huge woody chandelier hanging from really high ceiling, and which I thought looked like the chandelier  at  Count Dracula’s castle.  That image of that chandelier  got stucked in my brain.


The Mrs. even bragged that  what she spent for curtains in her mansion was more than what she received from her lump sum retirement pension. Holy Molly !   He’s now deceased,  and unless he had confessed his sins  and  received the Last Sacraments before he bit the dust ,  I’m sure  where exactly he is now.   So corrupt.  Sorry, I digress


Moving on……..


Mayor Francisco Moreno is currently  the most dominant  political figure  in the Philippines, so I’m elated that he has finally conveyed  to his millions of constituents what he truly thinks about this grave situation  that is happening in the country ,  even mentioning the aggression  of  China in Philippine territorial seas in his Breaking News appearance on national TV, …..that is  in marked contrast to  President Rodrigo Duterte, who is  now clearly  seen as a coward, inutile ( how he actually describes himself when it comes to dealing with China ) and a lackey of  the Chinese Communist Party.  Because of his Build, Build, Build ambition, he is now owned by China. Debt, Debt, Debt.  He wants to surpass  the 75 -year achievements  of  past presidents  during his 6 -year term… he wants his Build, Build, Build programs  as monument to his greatness.  History will soon reveal that he buried the country with debt and sold off  the Philippines, literally, to a foreign country.  His remark ” Do you want the Philippines to be a territory of the US or a province of China. ? ”  That’s the origin of the Philippines, a province of China.  He’s now the laughing stock  of  Asia.  Filipinos smell treason. (   Idiotic question… the Philippines is the most pro-American country in the world. Take that with a grain of salt, but it’s a fact. I heard this on MSNBC…….. the  top 5 countries that love America. LOL   The notion of  the Philippine Armed Forces siding with China is laughable.  Take note :  In  early 2019 China sought  to lease 3 islands near  Subic Bay,  formerly the site  of the largest US naval base in the world. China said the lease would be used as tourist resorts.  *  snicker *    It was  vehemently rejected  and blocked by Philippine Armed Forces ,  saying that the country  should allow only  ”   close   Allies ” on   Subic Bay. .  What Filipinos do not know is that at least 100 US warships  every year still go to Subic.  So, instead,  it will be operated by an Australian -US  commercial venture.  To be honest,  I’m baffled by these developments. Duterte  sings the praises  of China openly but behind the scenes……. Philippine military and the US…….. you can speculate , of course.


Manila mayor Isko Moreno shares his personal life | The Bottomline ...


  • whisper *    I want Mayor Francisco Moreno  to run for President of the Philippines in 2022,  but…. * whisper *  I  pray  he’s not another Manchurian candidate.



Public surveys show that 77% of Filipinos want China to be held accountable for the spread of Covid, ” which has hammered the Philippine economy  more than its Southeast Asian neighbors and claimed thousands  of lives in the Philippines.  ”


I’m not stoking anti-something.  I just want readers to know what’s going on in some parts of the world. The news here in the US  are the  C-Virus and the coming 2020 election ,  24/7, and nothing else.  Even the nuclear-bomb -like blast in Lebanon didn’t make the grade.  Well, so okay, it was mentioned, but it sounded like an afterthought.   Americans should also be made aware  that’s what’s going on around the world will have a huge impact   on the planet’s future.


Do you guys know what happened in HongKong ? ? ?   My heart goes out to the people of HongKong.  But the world couldn’t do anything to help  HongKongers  because it is part of China.  The CCP  has taken over  HongKong.  It  has totally and  irrevocably lost its freedom ! ! !


Next is Taiwan.


And on-going…… the South China Sea, and all the territorial seas and sovereignity  of  the Philippines, Japan, Taiwan, Vietnam, Indonesia….  India, Brunei, Malaysia, the Himalayas,  are blatantly ,and brazenly being claimed by  Winnie the Pooh . China’s  Nine -Dash line encompasses almost 90 % of the whole area, running as far as 2,000 kilometers  from mainland China to within  a few  kilometers off Philippine coastline.





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10 responses to this post.

  1. Yes, the way Winnie Xi is carrying on throughout Asia reminds me of the way Hitler carried on throughout Europe in the 1930s.

    And we know what that lead to.


    • The CCP does believe it’s untouchable. China retaliates. It’s like , ” so, you’re banning our food products with melamine? Then we’ll ban your bananas. ” This happened in the Philippines, Van Helsing. They are doing this to all the countries, that owe them lots.

      If there’s one good thing that came out of this pandemic, the world now knows what China is all about.

      I’m still waiting for Biden-Harris ‘s China policy. Will their administration go back to the past administrations’ lame engagement with China ? Will they turn their back on countries that are being bullied by China?


  2. Posted by hiragana96 on August 23, 2020 at 12:41 am

    Hi Roxy meron ba u Facebook or Instagram. Gusto Sana kita I add. We have been friends here in WordPress for a decade.


    • I don’t have Instagram. I do have Facebook but I don’t want it public. I’m sorry . But, anyway, it’s nice that you’re back here on WordPress. Welcome back.


  3. Posted by hiragana96 on August 24, 2020 at 5:50 am

    Thanks.. Your articles are goosd


  4. That was sad to read but very informative and disturbing. I hope things are generally good with you


    • It is extremely disturbing , Peter Wells. Though I’m not a Filipino citizen, and thousands of miles away, it hurts to know that sovereignity of my country of birth is being trampled upon blatantly. Filipino fishermen are being harassed for years now. It’s making me extremely angry. I won’t stop letting people know what’s going on in that part of the world.


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