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Just to let you know, fellow environmentalists…….




Do you know what the problem of the  so-called “progressives ” is?  Just because tRump’s government is in a “cold war” situation with that country,   they  ignore  the danger and the aggressiveness of this country, nay, they  even defend the stance of this country  ( I’ve read their blogs but if you’re reading  this, you know who you are ) …. because the ENEMY OF MY ENEMY IS MY FRIEND.


In the Philippine seas, Filipino fishermen are being harassed by Chinese militia  vessels on Philippine waters…. last year, a Filipino fishing vessel was rammed by a Chinese vessel, and sailed away ,leaving the fishermen in the the waters and were saved by Vietnamese fishermen…. then , just 3 weeks ago, the Chinese  again rammed a Filipino fishing vessel,  causing the death of 14 fishermen.


Also , last year, Chinese vessels vacuumed West Philippine Sea of giant clams  ( the biggest clams in the world are found in the Philippines ) ,and a Chinese vessel was caught on Philippine waters , at Turtle Island  ( Apo Island )   with hundreds of turtles .


And , they have been seen near  Tubattaha Reef, a UNESCO Heritage site, and one of the most protected site in the world.


Please, please , check out this video.  And please click the other video, too. If the Chinese  can go as far as  South  America…….. Truly unconscionable…. if they have their way, they will decimate all the elephants in the world,  for their tusks.. they take advantage of African people’s poverty.



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  1. A pretty scary scenario..


  2. Wow. I hadn’t heard anything about this. Unfortunately, the U.S. media is pretty much limited to pandemic-related stories and of course Trump and the election. Everything else has fallen by the wayside.


    • I’m glad that at least one has been informed about this. You. ^^

      It is understandable that the US media is focused on what is happening to our country, with hundreds of thousands dead , and millions sick due to pandemic… meanwhile, instead of doing something to stop this, tRump’s government has been doing the opposite, worse, this government even encourages people to defy whatever precautions are needed to keep the people safe, like the simple wearing of masks, for goodness’ sakes.

      Meanwhile, while we Americans are focused on our own problems, we are not informed about what’s going on around us….. there are lots of stuff going on behind our backs that are as worse and as concerning as the pandemic. I can say, bad things are happening while we are sleeping.


  3. The People’s Republic of China is a definite agressor and bully towards its neighbours.

    And it has definitely been an enemy of the environment.


    • And their state policy is retaliation , always. * Oh, you don’t want to buy our melamine laden food products? Then we we will not buy your bananas. ”

      Keep informed, Van Helsing.


  4. I’m confused- why is China’s belligerence/aggression the fault of progressives? The biggest problem I see with progressives is many campaign as progressive, then act at best as centrists, or conservatives at worst.


    • Being a centrist and conservative… are you, perhaps , referring to me?

      Kamala Harris is accused as a centrist…. I assume you have a problem with her, too ?


      • If you’re a conservative, then why did you say in a previous post that you and family always vote Dem?
        Kamala is indeed a centrist that leans too right IMO and some problems I have is that she fought against cashless bail as AG, so poor folks can be held in jail for weeks/months waiting for trial as opposed to the wealthy who don’t have that issue.
        I have issues with people that campaign as one thing, then govern as another. I prefer progressives as Trump wouldn’t have been elected had it not been for bad Centrist policies that cost HRC the presidency.
        You still haven’t answered the question that if we have a Republican President and GOP controlled Senate, how is it the progressives problem about China’s belligerence?


        • Where, in all my posts , in the 10 years that I’ve been on WordPress , did I ever say I was a ” conservative” ?

          No, Kamala is a strong, qualified woman, and someone who will not suffer fools and follow any demands blindly , just because…

          Do you know about cashless bail ? Nobody pays cash anyway.. Not even the poor. There are ” bondsmen ” who can do that for the poor ( Although there is always a colaterral, like your car, for instance, and if you don’t pay back, there is the dreaded bounty hunter ) The rich can pay cash… they can always go to the bank and withdraw millions cash ) So, what’s wrong with that ? It will actually affect the rich because their bail is always huuuge, because the courts assume they are financially capable of leaving the country . I did study Criminal justice .

          Hillary did not win because a big chunk of so called “progressives ” sat the election out , the Bernie Brothers, you know,, or voted for that other woman candidatate, or outright said they’d rather vote for Trump. Ex. Susan Sarandon.

          And what is being “” progressive ” anyway? Or for that matter , being a Centrist?

          The so called ” progressives” have been defending China againts the onslaught of this government’s anti-China policy. Oh, yes, China is very far away, and whatever it does, does not affect the US. What it has done to HongKong and Taiwan is their internal domestic affairs and the US shouldn’t meddle in internal conflicts of faraway lands. Ethnic cleansing of Eughurs, the Moslem Chinese, and forced harvesting of organs is their problem. It comes down to the enemy of my enemy is my friend.

          Don’t even mention that we shouldn’t trust tRump . We know that. we are sure he will flip and will not care anymore what happens , if heaven forbids, he gets reelected. But at this moment, 110 million Filipinos need the US help to deter a clear aggressor in continuing what it has been doing, brazenly , blatantly, and openly , and rTump , thankfully, is responding. Until the treasonous and cowardly leader of the Philippines is still at the helm, a leader who is openly and shamelessly selling off the sovereignity of the country because of the debts he had gotten from China, then as a Filipino -American, we would insist to know what Bidens policies are , towards the Communist Party of China . People have already died due to China’s aggression.

          China is open in their aggression because it thinks it’s untouchable.


          • You asked if my discussing about conservatives was referring to you. Why would you ask that if you aren’t conservative? Why would you think I was referring to you?

            Where the cash bail system is in effect, the poor suffer. First, the amount of bail put forth for crimes varies by area and judge. The poor do in fact have to pay the amount to get out of jail while awaiting trial – everyone does. According to a study (Human Rights Watch), among defendants arrested on non felony charges, and given a bail of $1000 or less, only 13% of defendants were able to post bail.

            For those that can’t afford the full bail amount, the bail bondsman service will allow you to pay 10% of the bail amount and they will put in a bond for the rest. Many time people can’t even afford that, so they remain stuck in jail awaiting trial. Also, that 10% that is paid, is NOT refunded at trial, whereas those who pay the full bail amount get all their money back. That’s yet another penalty on being poor.

            The system is bad because people have been arrested, unable to bail out, stuck in jail for several weeks, finally get to court and wind up innocent, yet now their life is destroyed because they lost their job and housing with not being able to work and pay rent. These are burdens that weigh heavily on the poor, and it makes no sense for Kamala to support such a system as AG. Her primary ratings dropped from a strong start when this news came out during the Dem debates. Even former Senator Barbara Boxer has recently stated (hinted) that Kamala should consider apologizing if she thinks she made any “errors in judgement” as AG.

            Hillary lost because she had too many ties to Wall Street and lost her progressive roots. She gave speeches for Goldman Sachs and when asked, refused to reveal what they were- that doesn’t establish trust with the working class. Did you know she skipped campaigning in the crucial swing states where she wound up losing? Took them for granted. She advocated TPP, which was viewed negatively by many as more US jobs being lost. Trump was able to exploit those weaknesses and paint himself as “anti-elite” populist even though he is as elite as they come- and it worked.
            By the way, more Bernie supported voted for Hillary (88%) than Hillary voters voted for Obama (76%) back in 2008 according to “youGov” stats.

            How would you define Progessive, Centrisy, and Conservative? You state that “progressives” are indifferent or supporting China’s bullying as if it’s monolithic to all progressives. I know plenty of conservatives that are isolationist and think we shouldn’t be bothered in international affairs- even more so if it involves “tan” or poor countries. It’s the progressives that are more likely to support the human rights movement against the abuses done by authoritarian regimes.
            It’s not just the Philippines that are under pressure. Ukraine has lost Crimea to Russia (who took it by force), who is also invading their country and sparking insurrections. Hong Kong is being stepped on By China with China’s new suppression laws. Belarus is fighting against a rigged election that is keeping one man in power for decades. Trump is more concerned with his own enrichment /power than world affairs.

            And I will mention Trump because I’m shocked you would even consider not voting in your prior post with so much at stake in the coming election. Do you know that Trump is actively sabotaging the Post Office with firing all the executives, removing postal sorting machines and even removing post boxes around the country to destroy voting by mail and put the odds in his favor anyway he can. The post office is now issuing warnings that they may not be able to deliver election ballots in time to be counted. This goes beyond “voting on issues” and is a threat to our very way of life. Trump is set on undermining our Constitutional rights and disenfranchising as many as he can from voting.

            I’m not a big fan of Biden/Harris, but there is absolutely no hesitation in my mind that they are far better than Trump. After all he’s done and continues to do, a ham sandwich would be superior. How many people are dying daily needlessly due to his bungling of the Covid response? We are a 1st world laughing stock. And now he’s inten on destroying entitlements like Social Security.

            If Trump gets in again, the US as we know it is likely finished.


  5. Truly menacing and horrifying !!


  6. Posted by amleta on August 12, 2020 at 2:07 pm

    Human beings are destroying Nature and the entire planet. It is truly absurd that these terrible things happen 🙁


    • You should have seen a photo of dead elephants…..elephants are killed for their tusks… so they can make beautiful ivory sculptures and expensive mahjong tiles. And killing thousands and thousands of sharks for their fins….. to make their favorite shark fin soups. Beyond words.


  7. I read an article about this recently. It’s so sad and distressing. I don’t know what people are thinking… that somehow they can survive on a dead planet? It’s the definition of insanity. Great post.


    • It’s all about money. t’s the insatiable lust for money = procure other countries’ resources thru debt traps = power= and the policy of dominating the world. I’m not speculating.. It’s in their secret handbook.


      • I know. And what people don’t understand is that they can’t eat, drink, and breathe money and power. They may not doom themselves, but they doom their children and grandchildren to a dead world.


  8. Geeat post , now here in USA we are having devastating movement of progressive , Liberalism. lawlessness , anti polce and anti Christianity movement , burning churches and destroying Religious symbols .Its sad to see UN is silent and the West busy doing nothing .Best regards


  9. Awful situation, what bothers me more is so many posts I see about this on Facebook and the like, the only course of action people seem willing to take is to pray…


    • Oh, my goodness, you nailed it, Ste J ! You’re so right ! The problem is, Duterte has a troll farm.

      It’s frustrating.

      Im hoping they can make a Part 4 of People Power. They’ve done it to Marcos, Estrada and Arroyo. My parents even think Duterte is worse than Marcos. They say, at least Marcos had never sold Philippine sovereignty to a foreign power.

      It took 3 years before Filipinos managed to kick out Marcos . And to think Filipinos then were so much bolder and courageous. Still, it took 3 years ! ( from 1983 … when Sen. Ninoy Aquino was assassinated ate the airport taarmac …to 1986, when People Power burst forth on EDSA…. millions went out and filled the streets of EDSA )

      I’m not looking down on prayers…..

      I just think this new breed of Filipinos ( according to my parents ) are unprincipled and just a bunch of cowards , especially the politicians.


  10. i do not “like.” this entire world is going up in flames because of greed and stupidity, Stay well and continue…


  11. Believe it or not, I had heard about this (China bullying Filipino fishermen and taking all the sea-food), but I can only pay attention to the most dangerous things to me right now… when my house is burning, I can’t focus on paying the bills…
    I’m hoping a Biden (keep fingers crossed until he wins election) administration takes a firmer stance on Chinese threats to the Philippines and Taiwan– like a “mutual defense pact” a la NATO.
    But the US media really isn’t paying attention. For example, I had to watch BBC World News to hear about the boycott of the Disney “Mulan” movie because part of it was shot in Xinjiang, where 10% of the Uighur population is in concentration camps (supposedly temporary until they get their heads straight.)


    • Mr. Conradseitz, This is the reason why I’m so distressed. I’m an American . My house is burning, too.

      Unfortunately, China is not only threatening the Philippines and Taiwan… it’s threatening the whole of Asia… from Japan , to India, to Nepal to Inner Mongolia. It’s gotten its way in Hongkong. It’s a Chinese tsunami. And Americans don’t hear of this. . China’s actions are threatening to dominate the planet.


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